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  1. Definatley the Monarchy Class A mono blocs are great!! Cannot beat them for the money.
  2. ---------------- On 8/8/2005 10:39:57 PM jbsl wrote: I fixed the preamp last night and tried it out with mixed results so far. Still have to try the SM 70 Pros and a Cayin TA 30 tube amp. Once I try the other amps I'l post the results. Xman ---------------- Cool, let us know what you find out.
  3. ---------------- On 8/7/2005 12:59:27 PM jbsl wrote: I was planning on trying what Klipsch RF7 does using a tube preamp with my SM 70 pros and compare the 70s to my tube amp and see which sound I like better. But Fedex decided to deliver the Ground Grid tube preamp damaged so now I have to go through the claim dept and try and get the whole mess cleared up. It's hard to tell if the package got bounced around so much it loosened over half of all the screws or someone was trying to steal the circuit boards and had to through it back together quickly so they would not get caught. It looks like it needs a simple soldering job for a loose wire but until I find out what Fedex wants to do with the claim I have to leave it alone. Klipsch RF7 what tube amp or amps did you try? I would like to try your Monarchy amps also. Xman ---------------- Xman, Sorry about your shipping woes, I hate when goods get damaged in shipping, its a big hassle and headache. Ive tried the Dynaco Mark III's completely rebuilt from the ground up with all new components. It makes a diffrence going through a nice tube preamp, I use the Audio Experience Symphonies Plus preamp hand made by a audio guy in china. I paid $650 shipped for it and its great, all point to point connections, uses 3x 12ax7 preamp tubes with a 6x4 rectifier and has 4 inputs and two left and right outputs, for the price you cannot beat it at all. Them SM-70's are mighty fine amps, the SE-100's are basically the same thing but Mono only and more power and better Mosfets and caps. Here is a link to the preamp i use. http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?preatube&1128136593
  4. ---------------- On 8/7/2005 6:37:45 AM Speedball wrote: Hey K.-RF7, Sounds like you really like them..... ---------------- oh yeah, they are great! For the price you cant beat these bad boys and they sound Great with Klipsch! Smooth detailed top end, I run mine through a tube preamp so that helps with mellowing out the tone and giving it that tube warmth, but the slam and detail of solid state.
  5. I have had the Monarchy's for 3 weeks now and they sound Awesome!!!! Just as warm as the Dynaco Mark III's they replaced, more bass slam and detail. These things are beauties. I am done with tube amps, biggest headaches known to man. Work for one month and then there down for 3 months for repair. Just flip the switch on these bad boys and they are ready to roll, no tubes to swap, or bias or break down.
  6. Yup, here is the link to the amps. They cost $750 a piece. http://www.monarchyaudio.com/SE100.htm
  7. Hi Guys, I just purchased a pair of brand new Monarchy Audio SE-100 Delux SS mono bloc amps, they are Class A and 100watts per channel in 8 ohms, 200 watts in 4 ohms. So far they sound real good going through my YS Audio tube preamp. I was just wondering what your experiences were with the Monarchy audio amps.
  8. Guys, Arman isnt running a reciever, but a Scott stereo tube amp for his mains and Scott 99-d mono amp for his center. We have the left and right outputs from the DVD going into the left and right inputs on the tube amp, the center output of the dvd goes to the mono input on the Scott mono amp and we are running the Subwoofer out from the DVD into the RSW-15.
  9. ---------------- On 6/1/2005 2:34:55 PM sivadselim wrote: just curious, how are you managing "volume adjustment"? ---------------- I have a tube preamp that the left and right channel go into to run the left and right main mono amps which are Dynaco Mark III's. The center channel amp has its own bass and treble and volume control, its a scott integrated 99-D mono tube amp.
  10. Thanks alot for the tips! I currently have left and right from the DVD going into monobloc tube amps feeding RF-7's, I have the center channel output going into into a Scott 99-D vintage 60's mono tube amp with volume control for the Klipsch RC-7, Now i just need to run the sub output to the sub and we are good as gold
  11. Hi Guys, I have a Denon DVD-2200 and it has the seperate outs for the multi channels. Can i run the RCA out from the subwoofer output from the back of the DVD into the RSW-15? Where is the single input on the sub located? And will I need a regular RCA cable to achieve this? Thanks
  12. High end speaker would be Lowther's, B&W 802b's, Bang & Olufsen. Speakers that have real wood instead of cheap particle board. B&W 802's are a sight to behold, blow the RF-7 out of the water in terms of build quality and engineering, they look so beautiful with the seperate midrange on top and the tweeter on top of that. and they are HEAVY sob's too boot.
  13. ---------------- On 3/4/2005 12:20:05 PM NOSValves wrote: Same thing isn't it ---------------- LOL!
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