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  1. I'd be interested in (2) original RF-7 grills.
  2. I know it's a long shot, but I would like to buy (2) grills for original RF-7's if anyone has a pair for sale. Thanks.
  3. I'd like to purchase this if it is still available. Please contact me at your convenience. frank.p.hess@sargentlundy.com or fhess111@gmail.com. I'm local. Thanks.
  4. Unit has served me well but I'm remodeling the listening space with a new audio rack, so this is for sale. I thought it performed admirably with a tube amplifier on it. Don't see many of these for sale. All packed up and ready to go to a new home. Tempered glass on ball bearings. Maple and black as shown. $150 plus shipping. Local pickup ok too, Homewood, IL
  5. The double horn bens are the ONLY reason I'm selling the Abby's. Just don't have another space for them. I'm all full up!
  6. Dont really have a close up, but yes, these are Super Abby's with the Fostex FT96H Alnico super tweeter, facing backwards. Thanks, Joe. untitled.bmp
  7. Excellent condition, rear firing adjustable super tweeter. Solid maple cabinets built by Terry in 05. Serial #'s 552 & 553. Have new "normal" Fostex driver, FE166En treated by Planet 10 hi fi currently installed in cabinets. Have older Fostex "nearfield" FF165k also treated by Planet 10 hi fi. Normal and nearfield drivers included. Used only with high quality tube amplifiers. $850. Original shipping crate included in purchase, but Local pickup only, no shipping. Located in Chicago area. Contact me for additional photos. Thanks, Frank. Sold.
  8. Holm Audio in Woodridge - They sell new and used tube equip http://www.holmaudio.com/ The Little Guys in Mokena - Some high end stuff, no tube equip http://thelittleguys.com/ Decible Audio in Chicago http://www.decibel.com/
  9. Good to know, thanks. Enjoy that 300B, looks great!
  10. Yea, I'm familiar with Sophia Electric,. I tried some 2A3's from them which were terrific, but now I'm in need of PX-25's which aren't that popular and since KR Audio's US rep (http://renaissanceaudio.com) has them priced at almost $800 I was trying to find a little less expensive alternative. The only place I've seen the TJ Full Music PX-25's is from a website called diyGene which seems to be in Hong Kong but apparently sells to the US market, which may be absolutely fine, but of course I'd prefer to buy from a US address. I think Sophia is the best way to go. Thanks.
  11. You are absolutely correct, however I couldnt find TJ tubes any cheaper, I looked. Dave Where would you reccommend buying TJ Tubes?
  12. I'm not sure how long I can stick around Saturday night, I can probably do an early dinner, but looking at the map, Gibson's looks like it's right next door to the Double tree. It's supposed to have great steaks and seafood.
  13. I may still have some. I'll check tonight and let you know tomorrow. If I still have some I'll send them to you. Otherwise, BOI Audioworks seems to have some in stock. See link below. http://www.boiaudioworks.com/KT88VA_KT100_MatchedPair
  14. I still have a 3 channel B&K ST3140 available. Below is the link to the original post. http://community.klipsch.com/forums/t/166089.aspx
  15. Here are the plusses and minuses of the two modes per Mark: LoZ + drives very low impedance loads such as 5KO + drives cables up to 50 feet long with no ill effect + drives multiple amplifiers such as main and subwoofer + or — has a slightly more extended (really slight) top end. + often perceived as having tighter bass control, (although that's not my personal opinion.) HiZ + Is the shortest possible signal path (passive components), and least active components between input and output + Has the lowest distortion + Has the lowest noise + Has (IMO) the most clarity + Has the least interaction with the PSU — "Ideally" should be driving modest length cables (6ft) and into a load of about 47KO or more. Even better at 100kO + or — has a very slightly less extended top end.
  16. 60 Ultra Linear / 30 Triode http://nosvalves.com/vrd.htm
  17. I purchased a pair of Cornwall bases from a forum member, and he said he had them made by Timbernation in PA. Link below. http://www.timbernation.com/index.cfm
  18. I'm a big fan of decoupling speakers from the floor. I've spiked RF-7's and a RSW15, as well as some others. Spiking the sub showed the most impovement as it kept the bass in the room and no longer shook the whole house. When it was sitting on the floor, all the energy transferred to the floor and the walls. Once up on spikes, the bass is much tighter and you can hear the sound from the driver and not the cabinet resonance. This being said, I do prefer to actually connect spikes to the cabinet rather than just put the speaker on a base. Below is a link with some other type outriggers which may be another option to consider. http://www.oregondv.com/
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