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  1. I will try to make this as short as I can. I purchased an all 7 Reference series system and was very happy with it. Then I found the Klipsch forum. Since then, I have been trying to improve the musicality of my home theater system without spending an arm and a leg. First thing I did was purchase a Sony STR-DB930 (w/pre-outs) from EBay to replace my Sony STR-DE945 (no pre-outs). I figured it was a step up from the DE945, I could connect an external amp and the wife would still know how to operate it. The DB930 made my 7s sound bad. 2 dimensional, thin, compressed, bad, bad, bad. First time I had ever heard them sound bad. Purchased a B&K ST-140. Connected it to the DB930. Helped a little at lower volumes but still not an improvement. Sold the ST-140, moved the DB930 upstairs with bookshelfs. Not as bad with the bookshelfs, but it will be replaced soon. So, back where I started from, with a Sony STR-945 that I have been pretty darn happy with, especially after going through the above. I decide to go in a different direction after reading all the rave reviews about DeanGs replacement crossovers. So thats just what I did. I had Dean do my (2) RF-7s and my RC-7 about 2 months ago. I can not say enough good things about this mod. If you own RC/RF-7s I highly recommend you get this mod done BEFORE you spend ANY money on the front end, especially if you are relatively happy with what you already have. The statement that the difference is comparable to changing out a piece of gear could not be more accurate. I do not want to repeat everything that has already been said about his mod, wider soundstage, more detailed, etc., except that it is all true. It must be heard to be believed. Now I realize many may disagree with upgrading speakers first, but it worked for me. I also realize tubes are the way to go and a better processor may also improve the sound, however , it is not in my budget at this time. I do have a small wattage SE Zenith I am having rebuilt by Hot Glass Audio for low listening sessions. Cant wait to get it back and give it a listen. Thanks again Dean. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!
  2. Attached is a picture of RF-7's with spikes connected to the plastic feet. Getting the speaker off the carpet does tighten up the bass a considerable amount. However, as was stated, make sure your placement is final because moving the speaker with spikes on is a bear.
  3. Well I put the tubes in their correct locations, connected some speakers and fired it up last night. I listened for 3 hours and it seems to be working fine in spite of the mix up of tubes. Luckily, it was only 2 seconds that I had the tubes in the wrong locations. Thanks again for the input & advice.
  4. Thanks Craig. That's what I was hoping, that maybe I just singed something because it was powered for such a short time. I will try it again tonight with a cheap set of speakers.
  5. Please do not berate me too much. I know I screwed up. I'd just like to know how much. I recently purchased an old tube amp which which I received last night. It came with no schematics and 5 tubes in a box. There are (2) 6BQ5's, (1)12AU7, (1)12AUX & (1)5Y3.I put the tubes in the sockets but had the 6BQ5's where the 12's should have been and vica-versa. I turned it on for 2 seconds just to make sure the power worked. After that 2 seconds I smelled slight burning. I did not have speakers connected at the time. I now have the tubes in their correct place but have not connected speakers nor turned it on since. My question is, what type of damage could have been done? To the amp? To the tubes? And would it be safe to try it again with the tubes in their proper place. Is there any chance of damage to speakers after this incident?? I feel really stupid, and any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. That's for the wife. The ceilings too low for me to use it.
  7. The wall of respect....with a 7 and a 15....
  8. I swapped cables last night and did not notice a difference. The distortion still comes from the same speaker. It sounds almost like something is loose, but I checked the screws and everything is nice and tight. I will have more time over the holiday weekend to play around with different cables, different amp, etc.
  9. Thanks, I had everything except the speakers for a while, and I finally broke down and got all the speakers. So far I'm happy with them if I could just fix the little fuzzz.
  10. Good idea, I'll try that tonight and see what happens. Thanx.
  11. I have tried using different sources. It is most noticeable when listing to cable television. With the CD player it also noticable. When watching a DVD w/surround it is NOT noticable. I did just upgrade to the monster cable bi-wires from "regular" speaker cable, so maybe I'll try and put "regular" speaker wire back and see. I will also try to swap left and right and see what happens. They were purchased from The Little Guys in Glenwood, IL. so they are under warranty and when I say "return", I meant return to have fixed if broken, not to give up on them. Other than this problem, they are great speakers but this little thing is driving me crazy. Thanks for the advice.
  12. I recently purchased the Klipsch reference series speakers and sub. When listening at low volumes it seems one of the woofers of one of the RF-7's seems fuzzy. When listening at louder volumes it sounds fine, it is only at the lower volumes, and it's driving me crazy. The speakers are only a few months old. The speaker shows no visual damage. The speakers are connected to a Sony STR-DE945 (110w/ch) and connected with bi-wire monster cables. Anyone else have this problem? Should I return? Any ideas. Thanks in advance.
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