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  1. I'm thinking mostly of the limitations. Sure, I have a nice tv on the wall, but any type of speakers would be waking up or disturbing any of the surrounding bedroom occupants. I don't do theaters unless I can listen at tactile levels, otherwise the tv speakers do just fine. I can't say I even use the main theater more than once a month now that we have 2 little ones. That'll change when they're much older, but until then the bedroom is for sleeping and shenanigans only. I don't really like laying down or sleeping to begin with I suppose. Ick, I'd rather be outside. It seems to sort of creepy to me to hold up in a bedroom during the day; like, "Hey kids, guess what we're doing, wink wink." Ew.
  2. Curious. Why do people put home theaters in bedrooms? I've never really understood it. It's as strange to me as putting a bed in the living room.
  3. It's probably been over a year since my last visit, but after reading only one post I'm guaranteed that the Ear is still at it!!! Lovingly put...the ego of a 16 year old boy, the charm of a fence post and the almost-autistic drive to needlessly fill a room with as many useless "thunder-makers" as can annoy the neighbor 5 blocks over. The hapless visitor to your house is likely to walk out quickly with an awkward excuse that he "left the iron on" while he turns to his wife and asks what mental illness this poor rain man is suffering from and why he isn't under the supervision of his parents! DD18 post = successful Ear contribution = null DD18 reply= annoyed Ear hijack = successful
  4. It's been a week. Any updates?
  5. To those who say records sound better, to those who speak to each other in person instead of through hotmail, and to those who drink plain black coffee instead of coffee flavored sugar foam...to each his own.
  6. Although you can get a much more accurate reproduction from a sealed design, I understand what you're talking about. A sealed sub is less able to hide it's capabilities when push to its limits. It takes a lot more headroom to produce the deepest of frequencies at high volumes with a sealed design than does its ported cousin you're used to. That being said, seeing as I'm not a gigantic music buff...personally I would keep my big ported daddy, too. P.S. If I would audition it with no idea of its price point I'm sure I'd be impressed. Soon after the sticker shock I'd giggle a little and walk away. [Edit] I was thinking we were talking about the Gotham. The Fathom isn't too terribly priced.
  7. But to answer your original question it's all about application. What are you looking to do with this noisy appliance?
  8. Are you sure this is the sub you said is excellent for movies? I think there's probably more fed power and air being moved by my very humble mains.
  9. I've run mine across the attic and down the wall right next to the electrical...without the costly cables. Clear as a bell.
  10. Ouch, maybe not exactly 3 times the sub but it could be close. The Ultra is definitively the digger in that group.
  11. I originally built the stands to keep the small dog from getting fur in the grill cloth, but it ended up significantly improving the imaging. You're absolutely correct, the tweeter is now exactly at ear level. The SF-2 (sorry, mistaken with the new model F2) is only 36 inches tall which means the tweeter is probably around 30" off the ground. With the extra foot it's right in line with the ear. Amazing difference.
  12. Apologies, this should go in the home theater section. No offense if I get bumped to that category.
  13. We just built a new house and the entertainment family room has khaki walls with one cholcolate colored wall. Anyway, it all looks outstanding with the new samsung LCD on the wall, but I was wondering if it would blend even better if the speakers up front were the same color as the wall. Across the front I have black Synergy F2's on custom 12" stands to match the height of the screen and a black Reference RC-35 center channel. Reason for even considering? With all of the equipment now there are just soooo many black components it seems like black is all I'm looking at now. Not that I'm a decorator or overly influenced by the significant other, but I think it would be neat to match at least the floor standing speakers to the wall (not including the grills). What's wrong with me?
  14. Yeah, the human ear has it's limits. After that it's just ego.
  15. If you do decide on sealed remember that the big hardware stores can make the cuts for you (I think a buck a cut after the first 2) if you don't have the tools. You'll just need drill and a jigsaw minimum to make the hole cut for the driver and amp. They'll be off a tiny bit based on the skill of the employee and without a router your edges may be slightly off...but it'll do in a pinch.
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