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  1. Guy drove up from NYC with a UHaul van. He was so stoked to have them that it made me happy also. Another Klipsch fan is born!
  2. Mine is actually a little smaller. They simply disappear in the corners, and take up much less square footage than most box speakers.
  3. Selling my 1983 oiled walnut Klipschorns. Consecutive serial numbers 20Y193 and 20Y194. AK crossovers, all-original. In perfect operational condition. Cosmetically just about perfect save for small stains, as seen on photos. Stains are superficial and can be buffed off. No chips, gouges, scratches, missing veneer, torn grills or other blemishes. The finish of matching walnut veneer on these speakers is just superb. Pick-up only. Sold
  4. In excellent condition throughout. M.Deneen just updated the power supply from rectifier to solid state. Tubes are: gold-pin Sylvania 6922, (2) Sylvania 12AT7s, GE 12AX7. Tubes have some hours on them, everything sounds great. Two awesome MM phono stages in this unit. SOLD
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