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  1. Thanks mOOn. It certainly does look like the old speaker tweaks forum.... Good to see a lot of the same old crazy characters still posting here! Rock on legacy Klipsch!
  2. Hello everyone. I've been gone awhile and just now visited the Klipsch forum for the first time in some time. I seem to recall that there was a forum for speakers or speaker tweaks. Something like that. Has there been rearranging of the forums going on?
  3. One of my favorite topics to discuss is music. I would post more often if there was a section devoted to music, without having to look through the movie posts. I'm sure the movie guys would prefer thier own section as well?
  4. The new one from Black Label Society, Hangover Music Vol VI is very good. Anyone that wants to hear some guitar mastery will love this CD. Zakk Wilde is amazing on this release. The songs are all top notch. Anyone that likes old school rock with a new twist must add this one to their collection.
  5. I just listened to the latest CD from the Cure. It's a self titled release. The lack of name is a clue to the lack of direction and relevance of the music itself. What makes this album even more disappointing is that it follows Bloodflowers, released in 2000 and considered one of the best Cure CD's from their collection of great and exceptional releases. If the Cure album disctography was sex, then Bloodfowers was the climax. The swirling, surreal, trip into Robert Smiths head is mostly gone on this album. In Bloodflowers Smith sang of the end of his career with such desperation and intensity and in the process conveyed his inner soul as well or better than ever before. The result was a pinical the bands career. I can't figure out the purpose of this latest release other than to prime the upcoming concert. Disappointing.
  6. The primary reason that I visit/post here less lately is simple. There is too much bandwidth. Too many here are eggar to talk when they have nothing to say. How many threads break down into useless comments that have nothing to do with the topic? How many flames and personal digs does one have to wade through? I wonder why the Klipsch "moderators" don't ban about %30 of the members here?
  7. There are two songs that stand out: From the CD The Cure, Bloodflowers - the song "39". This has got to be the sadest song of all time, ever recorded. Bloodflowers, the latest album by the Cure recorded in 2000, also believed to be the best recording ever by the Cure. Robert Smith in "39", sings with desperation and sorrow unheard since their Pornography album recorded many years earlier. The entire album is an amazing piece of work. Watch out, this album can mess with your emotions like no other that I have ever heard, or heard of. Smith, the king of melancholy From Lynn Andersons album, All The Kings Horses - the song "Long Long Time". To hear Lynn sing this standard is to love Lynn. She has a way of convincing you of every word said in the song. A love gone wrong, sung with the kind of conviction rarely heard. Passion, hurt, emotion, a very good performance indeed. What are some of the sadest songs that you have played on your system.
  8. I recall that two of the best systems that I heard in the late 70's, early 80's used Vegas. Some may want to slam them and the reason may be similar to why some slam Klipsch speakers Vegas tend to over accent the bass. Klipsch tend to over accent the midrange. But, does it really matter? To each his own. If I wanted a rock only system, I would be looking closely at that auction. For classical and jazz, you may want to move on.
  9. Black Sabbath. No question. Iommi is no doubt one of the best guitarists ever.
  10. Congratulations on the 83's. I too have 83 oiled walnut. One fine year I must say!!
  11. Folks that know me are familur with my record purchases and some may wonder what the heck I see in much of what I listen too. After all there are the likes of artists like: Billie Jo Spears Brenda Lee Eddy Arnold Gale Garnett Connie Smith Glen Campbell and on.... and on.... But I just came to the relization that I have 5 Kid Rock CD's and countless others that rock as hard or harder that Kid Rock. Man can he sing with soul! Talk about contrast. How about you? What kind of diversity do you have in your music collection.
  12. ---------------- On 5/29/2004 9:44:40 AM Rdmarsiii wrote: No ones mentioned Celine Dion... ---------------- Not to familur with Celine Dions newer stuff, but I have one of her early French recordings, Dion Chante Plamondon. Its very good. She has a wonderful voice on it.
  13. ---------------- On 5/28/2004 10:18:31 PM tillmbil wrote: Do not know who she is so I guess my opinion is worthless. I like Dianna Krall myself, oh well what can I say. I am a victom of the current times. ---------------- Lynn Anderson is a country singer that recorded and performed mostly in the 60's and 70's. Her voice is incredible. A couple of her most well know songs would be Rose Garden and I Dont Want to Play House. I really like her rendition of Johnny Cashes Sunday Morning Coming Down. We are all victim's of current times.
  14. lynnm - you are absolutely correct. I wasn't very specific. So thanks for hte great response. I thinking of the female with the most beautiful voice. I agree with your choice of Sylvia Tyson. Liona Boyd is an exceptional guitarist. Another great, yet perhaps less known classical guitarist is Antigoni Goni. She does a haunting version of Koyunbaba by Domeniconi that is one of my favorite guitar performances. She plays with emotion every bit as well as Julian Breem or Franco Platino.
  15. The most beautiful female vocalist of all time..... and the winner is..... Lynn Anderson. Are there any others on the forum that would agree? If not, then what would be your vote?
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