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  1. Bump for price drop; PayPal fees are on me as well.
  2. Hi guys, The XMC-1 is in and stable, so it's time to let the UMC go. I bought this guy new directly from Emo, and his warranty runs until Feb 3, 2019. Emotiva warranties are fully transferrable, and I'll transfer the warranty to the new owner. It's been a solid performer and quite reliable. In the time I had it there was one repair required -- Emo had a run of bad power supply caps for a while, and they repaired it under warranty with no issues since. At different times I used it with HK and Emotiva amps in front of La Scalas or Chorus IIs and it always sounded great. One nice feature is the balanced subwoofer out, so if you have a pro amp on your sub, or your sub's plate amp uses a balanced connection, that's available to you with this piece. It also has an ordinary RCA connector for the sub channel. It will ship in the original factory double boxing, and it has all the original accessories.
  3. JC, it was a great pleasure meeting you and geeking out over our shared interests. I wish we'd had more time, but you had a killer round trip to make, and I appreciate that you did it. I hope those speakers bring you as much joy and they've brought me over the years. I'm glad they going to a good home or maybe even two.
  4. Olorin


    It's not just you. 😄
  5. Yeah a Quartet is at least a Heresy and a half, so figure three Heresys worth of space, but less flexible loading options than three Heresys. A rental could make sense if conditions are right. Like wvu80 mentioned some employers' travel plans have contract rental rates in place; my company will let us use the travel portal to get company rates, but mark the trip as personal and pay with our own credit card, and if you're a USAA member, they have a deal with Budget that's better than my company travel rate. Some credit cards have a similar benefit, and I'm sure other insurance companies do as well. Don't give up yet! 😁
  6. Sale pending. Thanks Westcoast, or do you prefer Mr. Drums?
  7. I hung RB-81 IIs on some VideoSecu wall mounts to replace Chorus IIs. I didn't think they'd be able to do it, but they do.
  8. Hi guys, The big speakers don't fit anymore, and I've downsized to wall-mounted reference bookshelves, so you can get yourself a full "Extended Heritage" 5.0 in one shot. I have a pair of Chorus IIs, an Academy, and a pair of Quartets, all in black. Owing to size, these will be local pickup only, and if there's interest in pictures (say you'd need to drive a few hours to get here) I'll take some and put them up. They live in Visalia, CA, roughly halfway between Fresno and Bakersfield, with me and the rest of my stuff. -- Chorus IIs -- These are in good to very good mechanical condition, and cosmetically fair. Grills are clean and badges are intact, but the cabinets suffered damage when they were shipped to me from Minnesota many years ago. If you're skilled with filler and veneer, or have a good relationship with someone who is, they are quite repairable. Cabs are structurally sound, and all drivers are original. No dented dust caps. $550 for the pair. -- Academy -- Cosmetically good, with a clean grill and badge, and normal scratches, wear, and patina on the finish. All original components. $300. -- Quartets -- Clean grills and badges, good finish with normal wear and patina, no dented dust caps. $450 for the pair. Pricing is fairly firm, and if you want to take the set all at once, it's $1200. This would be great for someone who has a dedicated space or a large enough room to give them the space to breathe that they need; pair them with a competent sub or four, and you'll be out of reasons to go to commercial cinemas. 😂 Thanks for looking and hit me up with any questions!
  9. Hi Nick, Thank you for replying -- I'll work on getting a box large enough for these guys and I'll get back to you.
  10. Update: Heresys are gone, horns are still here.
  11. Guy on AVS has a quad of UPA-1s -- http://www.avsforum.com/forum/209-audio-gear/2991222-fs-emotiva-upa-1-mono-amps-x4.html No affiliation.
  12. EDIT: reading comprehension fail. PM sent.
  13. Hello again, I have two K-400 cast horns from some late 70s or early 80s La Scalas, suitable for use in La Scalas, Klipchorns, Cornscalas, or whatever else you feel like putting them in. $200 plus shipping from 93292. ____________________________________ EDIT: Heresys are sold ____________________________________ Also have a pair of black Heresys, serials 150X598 and 156Y150. They have grills that need new velcro, no badges, and the cabinets have seen their share of bumps and scrapes in the 25 years I've had them plus the ten years the original owner had them before. I refreshed the caps sometime during the second Bush's second term. $300 picked up for these guys, not going to ship them. Thanks for looking!
  14. https://fresno.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-klf-30-speakers/6611499557.html
  15. I own a UMC-200 now and other than a warranty repair for a couple of bad capacitors in the power supply, it has been rock solid. Since I purchased it new I became a member of the "25% off upgrade for life" club so I'm strongly incentivized to stay in the Emotiva line for future processors, and the XMC-1 is likely my next upgrade. Still kind of debating on the best path forward with that since I don't need 4K or Atmos and won't for a while. This means that on the one hand I don't need the upgraded boards or the features of the upcoming Gen3, so I clearly can not choose the wine in front of me, but on the other hand buying a used Gen2 right before the Gen3 upgrade is likely to cause resale issues down the line, so I clearly can not choose the wine in front of you. First world problems. Meanwhile the UMC-200/UPA-7 combo is a nice little performer than came in for less than $1,200 all together and it just keeps on keeping on.
  16. Yeah editing the title is fairly non-obvious on this forum. Edit the first post, and then there is an option to edit the title itself.
  17. True statement fuzzy. I had to delete a suggestion on AVS that someone get a BasX, based on my experience with a UPA-7. When I reviewed the specs, it was clear that the BasX is no UPA. Nice amps OP, GLWS.
  18. Olorin


    Heck, keep 'em and just let them loaf, unless there's some financial or other incentive to downsizing as well. Headroom is a good thing!
  19. Olorin


    Just the right amount of power for my application, but way too nice for it. GLWS, those are some great pieces.
  20. Upload the pics to imgur -- each one will have an address and when you view the pics, imgur will even offer you the bbcode with a "copy" button so you can paste the links here. Images will appear inline in your message and they'll be pulled from imgur, bypassing forum storage limits.
  21. Upload pictures to imgur, then link using the IMG tag to put images in-line with your message.
  22. If you're handy with the wood tools and run out of patience waiting for a set to come along, they're easy enough to make out of baseboard. Would just need to veneer the flat face and paint the accent.
  23. I was thinking more like 80 miles, so we're off by about a factor of two and an order of magnitude. So, almost in the ballpark.
  24. @DrWho mentioned having one in the thread linked above.
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