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  1. The Corrected Classic plans found in Chris Roberson's website was based on the same Classic plans found in hifilit.com. Factory built Classics (University) used a different set of plans which can be found in this thread below. This revision of the drawing (after 1956) added a center brace behind the doghouse and additional bracings inside the doghouse.. I added those to my pre-1956 Classic, plus a throat section center divider, which improved the bass even more.. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/67136.aspx?PageIndex=1 Please note: the corrected plans is INCORRECT..I have a redrawn version in AutoCad, based on the factory plans, and a factory built Classic.. Regardless, the Classic beats my Speakerlab K-clones. Some prefer it over the real deal. Like Longdrive03 said, the bass is awesome. Q-man built the corner version, the Dean, which he says performs better than La Scalas. It's 37 inches wide and can accomodate the K402 on top, no problem. (The Dean in the picture is not the one that Q-man built).
  2. Bill Cain suggested this same idea (pointing the LaScala towards the room corner) two years ago. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/66310/748330.aspx#748330 page 4. You're probably the first one to really try it, Greg.
  3. Greg, As always, great job!! They look very nice. I've always wanted to try this same setup, I'm glad that you did. And it works. Another setup to try is pointing them to the floor, like Edgar's Monoliths (Floor Horn).. It should work well on your concrete floors. Wooden floors will just absorb much of the bass. If you want to try this floor horn setup, start maybe 12 inches off the floor in the room corner, and about 16 for a wall horn. You may have to fabricate some adjustable legs for this.. AJ
  4. I like to get a copy, Bernie, to add to my collection. I'll send you a pm.
  5. No, when did you send them? Try armando_senson@amsec.com (there is an underscore ( _ ) between last and first name))
  6. I'm debating on what to use for the top section, too. Guys, don't hold your hopes too high on seeing this built completely in a short period of time.. This project will progress at turtle speed, and this turtle has not fully recovered from a shoulder injury. BenGay applications will be at maximum! I'll start in a week or two, but I won't post any pictures until I get the project somewhere near completion.. Tom, I can send you a complete copy of the plans, if you want. Send me a p.m. and your home address. I also have a new horn design, it's almost complete, and it's expanding like a Jub ( faster than / slower than / 40hz mouth ). And yes, I put in a channel divider. Thanks to you and Doc for mentioning that. This one, again, is the same size as the Jub, uses two 15's, but not bifurcated.. I just wish carpentry is as easy as cad. AJ
  7. TNx for your interest, Tom. Just waiting for the weather to cooperate. AJ
  8. bigd, check out rigma's. www.jubilation.ws aj ps you have a p.m.
  9. Here's another one from Rob (Formica). I'm an autocad person myself, and I like his drawings.
  10. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/156/2007.aspx#2007 it's a great thread, Q, but the pictures don't load.
  11. Years ago, I trashed a Karlson, and carelessly dropped the University 315 woofer and damaged the cone. Back then, I didn't know what it was worth.. Here's another page showing the access covers and crossovers..
  12. The crossovers are supposed to be inside the rear chamber. I'm not sure if this picture is trying to show the interior side of the access cover or if the builder chose to mount the crossovers outside.
  13. The back panel is removable, so you can access the smaller covers, bottom left and right.
  14. Harry, those might not have been factory builts. Here's a quote from "How to Build Loudspeaker Enclosures", page 101, describing the construction of the Imperial, also showing the plan that Boom3 had attached.. "While not shown in the sectional view, the access openings to the speaker and network compartments are covered with 3/4-inch plywood panels about 2 inches larger in each dimension and which are held with screws."
  15. they were thinking. for some people, that's a handicap.
  16. Big D, Need a snail mail address. AJ
  17. Chris, I found the cad file (your email attachment), it's on its way, saved for 2000 version. Let me know if I need to save it for an older version..
  18. "This should have a beautiful look. It shoudl look just like teh picture of PWK next to the Jub with the wood horn on the top." What I was thinking of has nothing on top. Simply because I have the middrivers, tweeters and midhorn. EV's, but nothing against Klipsch. I'll use Klipsch components if I have them. This is a poor man's system (below).
  19. That's another VERY GOOD idea from you, with the sliding bass bin. It shouldn't be that hard to do. It'll make construction easier too, since you can build the bass bin (and move it ) separately from the outside shell. The only CAD I think I have on my machine are the ones I posted on that thread, but I'll check if I have a copy of yours from an older hard drive. I just want to go high enough to go two-way, since that's one of the goals of the Jub. Above 600hz, it is easier to find high freq drivers that will cover the rest. I will do a three-way, though, because of the drivers that I have. Also, I can send you the cad files for this design, if you want to play with it. It is really complete, minus sheet 8 (posted), which is a just nice-to-have sheet. The drawing is done with CNC in mind. Let me know if you are interested.
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