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  1. Preston, I’d have to liquidate some of vintage treasures in the basement to swing the cost.
  2. I'm looking to take the plunge from my Heresies to try LaScalas. Thanks in advance. 07405 TommyK
  3. I jumped back into the klipsch pool a few months ago and picked up a pair of 1975 Khorns. They were sounding great. A few days ago I lost the bass response in both speakers. I swapped out amps and same problem. I have 3 teenagers in the house so my guess, there was a covid party to wake the neighbors and something blew. Now I'm trying to fix. I don't see any fuses. I pulled the bass bin panel and no fuses there either. Ideas on the next troubleshooting step? TIA!!
  4. For sale are my 1976 Belles and ALK extreme slope crossovers. Included are the original AA crossovers as well. Sonically they are perfect. Cosmetically they are in good shape; sides are perfect, tops have some patina. There is a drink ring and some scratches, see photos. There is one chip shown in the photo. I'd rather sell them to a Klipsch forum member. House is pet and smoke free. I am in North Jersey and can deliver within 50 miles for gas and tolls. Beyond that we have to discuss. More photos on request. Thanks!
  5. over at AA - http://www.audioasylum.com/forums/vintage/messages/18/186968.html links to: http://itishifi.blogspot.com/2009/12/brook-12a-and-pwk-mod-12a3ki.html
  6. Greetings, Hoping someone can help. I have a McIntosh MC2200 which supports "pass thru for home theater". I want to integrate HT into the 2-channel set up if possible. Searching on forums and the MC website, I still dont understand how the set-up works. Can I use a surround reciever and just run it thru the MC pre for the rears and the center channels? Thanks in advance - TommyK MC 2200 + MC 275 iv + Belles.
  7. Your sonos amp is your weak link. I also use sonos. The software is great. Try using a sonos zonebridge as a source into a different amp. The dac is fine, can be inproved, but need to spend a little cash. Peace, TommyK
  8. Speakerfritz, I hear you. No one right answer but its an interesting question: when is it a refurb and when does it become a clone? For me it is a spectrum when something becomes a clone. One criteria is how quickly the original part wears under normal use. For example, at classic VW shows you lose points if your tires arent original (50 year old NOS tires can be purchased - for a price!); but no one calls it a clone if you drove in on new tires. From your example, wood for a cornwall shouldn't wear out (and the age of the wood can be argued to effect the sound), so I would likely agree. But if someone replaces the speaker fabric off a pair of cornwalls, is it now a clone? Is the only reason we dont call replacing speaker fabric making it a clone because it tends to wear out and rip over time? It could be argued replacing fabric has a greater visual impact than new sides and top. I would love to find a MC30 chassis that truly looks like new, but even the mint ones these days would be discarded if they came off the factory floor. I am interested in hearing what you would feel is acceptable to replace without calling a component a clone - caps? tubes? rubber grommets? replacing a K-33-M with a later K-33-P? Peace - TommyK
  9. All things being equal, it will have a big effect. But But But, if you can find an MC30 with an original chassis that shines like new, you have found a full set of hen's teeth. So what you lose in original value, you gain in pit-free chassis. I dont consider replacing a chassis means it is a "clone" any more than re-chroming (and lettering) an original. Others will disagree. Its the iron that would cross that Rubicon. Peace, TommyK
  10. Wow. But what I want to know is: you can only have 1 system on the private island, what do you bring? Peace, TommyK
  11. The scalp prices for the NYC (MSG) show are over 1k for nose bleeds. Learn me not to mail order (though many mail orders were not filled). I'll just hope for a DSBD release on philzone or deadnet or archive.org. FWIW, there are some nice 3rd party shells for archive so u can play directly w/o having to download. Jerry melting a Dew at MSG - gives me chills: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca5N5kXAgrc Peace, TommyK
  12. So how about the example of the AIG insurance salesman. He gets a nominal salary of 18k and 3% of all term life sales he makes and 5% for all other insuracne products. Most AIG saleman from this pool average 50k in bonus. A few of them have the golden touch, truly great salesman, and are in the million dollar club. So again, do you stiff these guys? cap em at 20K? peace, TommyK
  13. My Carver M1.0t is a joy. It is the workhorse in the family room. Runs cool. Sound is sublime. Peace, TommyK
  14. Bryce, at some point you will meet the ONE. She will be into music. She will never mention the Khorns and all will be fine. You will think she shares your passion for music and music reproduction. You will be half right. And then it will happen. You will think that it was your decision to down-size the speakers. It will not have been. Women have jedi powers they do not share with anyone. Forewarned is forearmed. There is no one single answer to save yourself from this path. All I can say is good luck, and Sith are merely misunderstood freedom fighters. Peace, TommyK
  15. I have '76 belles. I replaced the stock crossovers with ALK steep slopes. I am happy. That said, I didnt do any AB testing, and I am of the camp that believes that aural memory is very short term. peace, TommyK
  16. Isnt that why some sites offer "knowledge bases" and "FAQs"?
  17. The one smiling up at you, dusty Mullards barely discernable, from behind the Lawrence Welk LPs at the Salvation Army.
  18. Both great options. In 5 years the refinished 6100 will have increased in value. If you are lucky, the parasound will have depreciated only 50%. peace, TommyK
  19. "Indecent" - by Texas standards means showing a little too much cleavage, which by Jersey Girl standards is never a bad thing.MC30 value is all about the amount of rust and pitting. Peace, TommyK
  20. Your sound will improve if you use a dedicated amp while streaming. Desktop space can be an issue, though there are some great vintage amps with smallish footprints. An Advent 400 comes to mind. Your amp doesnt care what the source is. I stream most of my music either as flacs off the HD, or internet radio. Using a nice DAC and making sure you keep it lossless are the first steps. Integrating a sub well for 2 channel at a desk is tough. Great for gaming, lousy for serious listening. peace, TommyK
  21. I tend to agree. Most of the amps and preamps from before 1960 are more work than reward for daily use. A bit like cars, I can drive a '66 VW bus all week long, but go vintage, say a '52 bug, and its a whole different ball game. More work than value (no gas gauge, 6 volt lights on the interstate, 30 hp as opposed to 90 hp, bus drivers flippin you the bird for only going 50, etc). So for me, if it isnt stereo, I'll take a pass for daily use. peace, TommyK
  22. re the early 80s Sony receivers. There are some early 80s ES Sonys that are no slouches. Find a Sony with rosewood side panels, is 2 channel and has ES in the name and you will be stylin'. There are so many great vintage receivers, my rec is to do an ebay search and sort by location. Find something you can drive to for pick up, and do a google search, or search on audioasylum's vintage forum to decide. Beware, vintage gear does not ship well regardless of how well it is packaged. Peace TommyK
  23. I dressed my Belles in matching dirdles and told my wife they were exchange students from Austria come to stay.
  24. http://www.microworks.jp/work/work16/work16.html Some 14 gauge creeping charlie please to match my winebottle candle holder and macromae swing chair. Peace, TommyK
  25. http://i.gizmodo.com/5142666/meet-ken-the-amazing-dancing-audiophile "There are the snobby, deluded audiophiles who troll internet forums all day arguing about the merits of acoustic cryocoolers and adaptive spectral perceptual entropy coding, and then there's Ken." Replace Ken's B$Ws with my Belles, and that's me many nights - except he has more hair and I listen to Jerry more than Keith. Peace, TommyK
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