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  1. A friend has a small collection of VHS tapes that he would like to be able to watch, but his VHS deck blew up recently. He doesn't want to make new VHS recordings, so I suggested he check out a combo DVD/VHS machine. I really don't know much about them though. It seems there are straight playback only decks, and also decks that will copy VHS to DVD. The prices are quite variable, and I'm kinda stumped. Does anyone have any experience with these things, and can give me some recommendations or advice. He doesn't want to spend a lot of money on this, since he only watches the recordings occasionally. Thanks. ???
  2. I'm trying to get into this. The whole planet goes crazy except for the US so there must be something to it. But watching games that go for 90 minutes and end up as a tie makes me feel like I've just wasted 90 minutes They need to make the goal net bigger or something, so that the poor guys can score once in a awhile. Anyway, I was wondering, does anybody know why there is a team for England, and not Great Britain, like they do it in the Olympics?
  3. Yeah, you're right about that. I sometimes wonder how they came up with some of these bizarre sports. Curling seems like a cross between shuffleboard on ice, and sweeping your kitchen floor.
  4. Travels To The Edge With Art Wolfe Masterpiece Classic 24 Smallville Nova
  5. Yeah, 24 is the only show besides Smallville that I watch religiously. Nothing quite compares with its nonstop action and plot twists. The only complaint I have is that it can get fairly farfetched, and it's hard to believe how stupid some of those Directors of CTU and US Presidents are.
  6. How many inches have fallen so far?
  7. This might help you: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1213795
  8. A recent article from NPR about the current practice of compressing the dynamic range of recordings so they can be recorded at higher levels: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=122114058
  9. cmdridq

    LCD TV

    Yura, I notice the Z series and XBR use a 10 bit panel versus 8 bit in the W series. Does anybody think this makes any difference in the real world?
  10. It converts everything into 1080i, regardless of format?
  11. cmdridq

    LCD TV

    Also, do you know what is the difference between the Bravia 2 and 3 processors? Some sets use 2, some use 3.
  12. cmdridq

    LCD TV

    I've made a little headway in my TV search. I think I want to go with a 40" Sony LCD set. I don't need 240 Hz, 120 is fine, and 1080p is mandatory. Internet streaming would be nice. I've looked at various sites like Consumer Reports, Cnet, Crutchfield, and Amazon. I'm a little confused by all of Sony's different model numbers and "series" for what seems like the same thing in some cases, but often with huge price differences. If someone is familiar with how they name their stuff I would appreciate a little insight. There are a bunch of different XBR sets ranging in numbers from 3 to 10. Are the highest numbers the newest models or do they make some of them yearly and update them with new technology when needed? Then there are S, V, W, and Z "series" models? I just want to make sure I don't buy an old design if newer stuff is available, but I can't find anything at Sony or any of those other sites that explain it.
  13. The opinions of the pundits are no indication of future NFL worthiness. There are plenty of QBs that came from small schools or were 'too short', etc., that went on to play well in the NFL. I want Tebow to make it big in the NFL so that the public will worship him like Tiger, Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez, etc. Then when Tebow gets caught blowing a doob at the bunny ranch, the media will have enough fodder to keep it going for a couple of months.[6]
  14. cmdridq

    LCD TV

    Do you use this TV as your main computer monitor, or just for games? I'm thinking about getting a new computer system also and was wondering whether it is a good idea to try to combine to the two monitors/systems? Are there any drawbacks to doing this? Can you have the TV picture running in a window so you can flip back and forth, etc., or how is it setup?
  15. cmdridq

    LCD TV

    If it's around 40#, I would not trust it to a center stand. That could be knocked around pretty easily. Wall mount or screw down would be needed. With cats, if there's a way to screw something up, they will definitely find it before you do.
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