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  1. i found this thread while searching for a match for a 260 gold label i purchased at an estate sale several months back. Looking to acquire a match or sell this one. Anyone with an interest let me know. gk
  2. I recently acquired a Fairchild 260 with the factory EL34 modification. Looking to find a match. thanks
  3. A well deserved win. [D],[D]. He's a straight shooter, one that other drivers could learn some manners from, that's for sure. ps I still don't like the new, "car of today"
  4. Sounds like you've had one too many of these. See Dr. Roy for the cure. [D]
  5. Must be too young to remember Lucy! Ohhhhh Rickeeee. [D]
  6. Are these CWL or CWO as I think it makes a difference on how you restore these. If these are lacqer you'll need to do more prep work. If they are oil finish then bringing them back to life is much easier.
  7. To add to above replies, refinishing isn't all that hard. Materials can be simple such as sanding block, sand paper, exacto knife, your choice of glue, heatset or contact and a straight edge and your in business. I've tried both glueing methods and have been more pleased with contact cement; course that's my opinion only. Look at these threads, http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/78221.aspx , http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/78617.aspx, or search heresy reveneering and you'll find a few projects to review. Bottom line, if your refinishing "beater" speakers then you ain't hurting anything. [D]
  8. And as my Dynamics professor in college used to tell us students; "you aught to take to this like a chicken on a June bug" "follow what I say now?" [D]
  9. I'd say this myth is BUSTED! [D]
  10. Steve, You ever sell that pair of Belles?
  11. It's on the Discovery Channel right now!
  12. Nice work! Get these tuned in and you should enjoy them; nice WAF too. [D]
  13. Nice work, looks like cherry. How did you come up with your dimensions? [D]
  14. I have a JVC Pro 61" 1080p rear projection LCOS, liquid crystal on silicon, no spinnings mirrors and have been very pleased. It's only 18" deep. When I was shopping around the lcds and plasmas screens had too much reflection and in our living room we get a fair amount of sunlight that would create problems. the rear projection screen is much less reflective. It will all boil down to what you prefer so have a good idea of your viewing environment when you go shopping. I picked my set up from Tiger last year for around 2 grand. Check this web site out. http://www.hdtvmagazine.com/
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