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    Self-sufficiency, homesteading, grandchild-raising, chicken farming, bourbon, firearms of all sorts and styles.
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    Klipsch...LOTS of Klipsch (ain't that why we're here?) Oh and some tubes and vinyl too!

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I am a Klipsch Storyteller Contest winner.  Does anyone remember that?  The year was 2002 and the judges were Billy Bob Thornton, Henry Rollins, and maybe some other guy.  The grand prize was a pair of Klipschorns.  Second prize was a pair of Heresy's.  I can't remember what the other prizes were, they might've been sets of ProMedia 2.1 PC speakers.  The rules were simple: write a story about your Klipsch speakers.  Best story wins.  So I crafted a gripping saga of how my 1989 Forte II's miraculously survived both a hurricane (in Hawaii) and a tornado (in Texas) and won second place.  I was building my first Home Theater at the time so I asked for a substitute prize of equal value: the Synergy SP-1 powered towers.  I had to wait a few months while they restarted the production line to build one last pair for me.  While I waited, the fine folks at Klipsch sent me a set of ProMedia 2.1s.  I still have every pair of speakers I just named and use them all daily.  Do I regret passing on a pair of Heresy's?  Not really.  The Forte II is pretty much the ideal 2CH speaker and is superior to the Heresy in every way.  Unfortunately, the Heresy is really too large to use in a small bedroom system so I would've had no use for a pair.  The SP-1, like the entire Synergy line, is long gone but I have enjoyed using my pair in my Home Theater for the past 15 years.  They are the right height, sound great with matching SS/SC series center and surround channel speakers, and, as an added bonus, each one contains an 8" subwoofer in its own enclosure powered by an internal 200w amplifier.  I've never needed an outboard sub.  Do you know how much space that frees up in the typical living room?  Plus a pair of subs are better than a single sub at smoothing out standing waves and other room modes that can effect low bass response.  (In my Nigel Tufnel voice) It's "5.2" that's one better than "5.1", isn't it?

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