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  1. ismail

    need help

    any recommendations about excellent stereo headphone and ht headphone (supporting dd and dts) regardless of budget currently i have denon 230 i want to change it. it is ok hp but i want more detail and clear sound thanx
  2. which is better for both music and movies klipsch ksw-10 vs rel accoustics q401e and also rsw-10 vs rel accoustics q401e any idea.....
  3. what is the max lowest bass frequency for the movies i have heard some movies go to 20hz is it ture if so then i have a a ksw-10 it goes to only 29hz according to the specifications. am i missing some of deep bass or frequency? or is it ok? i have also heard that normal human ear can't hear below 20hz and if a person is of 20+ in age then he can't hear normally anything below 30hz it is a scientific theory ...is it true? any one has any idea.
  4. hi guys will u let me know your favourite hifi or hometheather magazine....
  5. for a small room what is better in terms of sound quality and detail seperate amp or av receiver how much difference will be in sound quality?
  6. please tell me some of reliable and trusted hi fi and home theather magazines and publications. for genuine reviews and should be on neutral basis. i have heard there are magazines who get the ads from manufacturers and then they publish fake or praising reviews to promote their products.. is it ture? if so then name some of the magazines too. i normaly read home theater mag and sound and vision but not sure wheather they are reliable or not
  7. any example movies or scenes in which u can test whether your sub is a boomy one or not.
  8. does every movie in commercial theaters is released with dts sound? or some are released only in dolby digital? becuase in dvd's some movies having only dolby digital and some both dts + dolby and how much the picture quality of dvd is equal to the theateratical release of the movie.? equal or less? any sample movies with best picture? mine is autin power gold member
  9. ismail


    what is hd-dvd? any movies or music available on it ? do i need another dvd player for playing hd-dvds? if so then will it work better than my normal dvd player on to my 66hz philips 25" analog television? thanx for any help
  10. ismail

    bose am-5

    bose am-5 vs klipsch quintets(fronts only) ksw-10 which are better and why?
  11. what about the kenwood do they make good subwoofers? better than klipsch?
  12. which are better speakers and why ?american made speakers like klipsch, bose, paradigm etc or japanses made like technics, akai, kenwood, etc or british like b&w etc. what do you think and why? any details or any website about the article thnx
  13. yes they are japanese made "madein japan" heard from some newspaper classified ad but not seen yet any further details please these are sattelite speakers with stand and subwoofer is it a good brand or bad one
  14. any one know about nippotec speakers or subwoofer any details please?
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