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  1. Hi all, After a month of listening to systems and figuring out what I could afford I ran into a deal on an older 5.1 Klipsch speaker set-up. It is comprised of KSB-1.1 mains, KSC-C1 Center, KSB-S1 rears, and a KSW-100 sub-woofer. I will be pushing these with a Yamaha RX-V1400 7.1 Receiver and so would like to add two more speakers to realize the full potential of this system. I would be interested in feedback from everyone regarding the best sounding way to go. One option is to add KSB-3.1's as my mains and move the KSB-1.1's as the side surrounds, another would be to just add another set of KSB-1.1's as the side surrounds, and still another is to add something like either the KSF-S5's or SS-1's or .5's as the side surrounds. Please let me know the reason for your recommendations. The room is fairly small at 15x15 and I don't tend to listen at high volumes ( very often ), as a matter of fact what I want is a system that is very clear and detailed even at lower volumes. Many thanks is advance, -harry
  2. I have heard the "S" series speakers at Best Buy and like them more then any other brand I have heard. Now I have been reseaching on ebay to see what I can afford for a 7.1 HT system and it looks like the three that keep comming up in my budget are the KG, the KS, and what I am assuming are the Best Buy "S" series. The reference series is just out of my range for the time being. My room is very small, roughly 15x15. In your not so humble opinions which of these series of speakers is preferable, why do you feel that, and what characterizes each. Many thanks, -harry
  3. I am running 7.1 with some pretty marginal speakers at the moment, but the effect I am getting is truly fun. The advantage to 7.1 over 6.1 is that the human ear will sometimes hear a single source from behind as being in front of you. But in the 7.1 there is enough information matrixed in from the left and right sides to "place" the rears firmly behind you.
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I definitly want to stay with Klipsch, I have listened to quite a few different brands so far and these seemed the clearest and cleanest to me. Now for the questions. I noticed no one mentioned the Quintets are the bookselves that much better? If I did move up to the KG series would the SC center still be best? If I stretch the budget a bit, would a pair of SS.5's make sense for the rear channels? I had heard the Yamaha at my daughter and her boyfriends house and was really taken by the full effect of the receiver (which is why the suprised me with one). He has some audiophile speakers that fill most of the room and which I have never heard of, sounded great, but my guess is they cost a fortune! He suggested that I listen to as many different brands as I could and then build a system around the ones I like, unfortunatly he doesn't know much about Klipsch. Again I appreciate all the help so far, -harry
  5. Doug, I really don't even know what a small budget is in HT. It would be great to keep it under $500.00, without the sub-woofer, but I don't know if that is reasonable. I would have no problems going with all/partial used components to get started, however I do not know what would work together well in such a small space. Thanks, -harry
  6. Hi all, I am looking to put together a starter HT system. I already own a Yamaha RX-V1400 receiver (a gift), and would now like to assemble a 7.1 speaker system to go with it. In 4 years my youngest will be going off to college and I will get a nice sized home theater room, until then I have a little 13x14 room that servers as our library, our music room, and the HT room. What would you folks recommend as a good intro system for a limited budget? I do suffer from a bit of a high frequency hearing loss so a bright set of speakers is a good thing. Thanks, -Harry
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