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  1. I’d say the equal of a similarly powered AB amp. Although it’s been some time that a class AB has been in the main rig. And I’m sure you’ll point out my fading memory? Seriously, all I listen with on Jubes and LS is the First Watt amp, twenty watt single ended tubes and nCore. I can’t remember when I’ve used a “standard” amp.
  2. If you have an opportunity I’d give a listen to a high quality chip amp before you funnel your choice to nCore or Pascal. Or B&O Ice for that matter. I have not owned any Pascal designs but own Hypex nCore monoblocks (twice) and have owned Wyred4Sound mAmps using the B&O Ice technology. I also have a 3875 chip amp that leaves me hard pressed to say one stands head and shoulders over the others. The 3875 sounds fantastic, quiet as hell, cool running 24/7. Listening to it as I type. However, several of the Pass First Watt Class A amps seem to have better top end extension than all the above. Ditto for single ended triode tube amps. The trade off is heat and power consumption - if that concerns you - .
  3. Pray tell - who might that be? I’m all ears -👂
  4. Well damn. Was hoping to get “in before the lock” in this politically charged Quartet/Forte pricing debate. Seems moot now —
  5. Of? What? This same scenario played out daily in a dozen cities across the country? The “news” wouldn’t lie about these “peaceful” protests now would they?
  6. Violent protest is here and now, and elected officials are not only taking note but voicing “concerning” projections around the upcoming election. A county commissioner in my county issued a FB post about the possibility of civil war if the election goes the wrong direction according to those already in “peaceful” protests. He sites the blatant shooting of police, burning city blocks, violent harassment to those with opposing views etc. He advises to prepare for this uprising with stockpiles of ammo and guns. Of course the remaining commissioners are aghast with this statement but he stands by the words. And yes I live in Kansas but not the backwater Kansas that is generally portrayed; this commissioner oversees a top 15 wealthiest county in the country. Which goes to show how these violent protesters have resonated far and wide.
  7. Reminds me of Jethro Tull —
  8. Maybe rent a car and drive to Cali. A few hours of seat time for some last minute pondering. If your gut tells you I can’t do this hit the next exit and head home. Once you strapped in the the flying tube your decision has been made —
  9. It seems these days all topics, political conversations start - and end - with lies — . Allowing for zero accountability—
  10. Government lying? To the now ever popular with cable news “American people”? Just say it ain’t so, say it ain’t so —
  11. One reason at months end we are - “going up the country, baby don’t you want to go going up the country, baby don’t you want to go goin’ to a place that I’ve never known before” —
  12. richieb

    Lest we forget

    As it so shall be. After all, it Is politics —
  13. richieb

    Lest we forget

    So true. Stand in Baltimore and cast your gaze to DC. Yes, there is a slim rising just over the horizon of the Chesapeake Watershed —
  14. richieb

    Lest we forget

    In Chicago for a trade show. Watching news at the hotel as I preparing for the day, which never happened. Called a couple associates as I watched the news that none of us could believe. Elected to go the McCormick Center anyway although after finding out all air travel was canceled the weeklong show basically cancelled itself. Of course McCormick, due to its size and the then Sears Tower were quickly evacuated. Luckily we had rented a van for transportation and commandeered the van for travel back KC. Remember it like it was yesterday.
  15. Is a “non-violent” fire the equivalent of “non-violent” protests. If yes, then all is forgiven —
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