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  1. Sorry for speeling. Possted two quicklly and diddn't chekc. My apalogees/ Rich
  2. Reminds me of my visit to a high end stereo shop while on vacation in San Diego several years ago. The shop featured B&W speakers as I recall. Beatiful sounding and elegant in design and well they should be at $8000 the pair. I started talking of speakers I had owned and made the comment I had always loved the sound of one speaker brand in particular. Before I gave the brand he cut me short and said "you mean Klipsch? I was surprised that he guessed correctly and said yes, that I had owned LaScalas in the late 70's and always loved the sound. This clown new what brand I was referring to yet proceeded to tell me what a piece of junk they were. Horns this, horns that, a marketing gimmick with poor quality and design. But somehow he must have known many people favor this "sound". His problem was he had no Klipsch to sell. Poor baby.
  3. How in the world does this seller find all these Klipch speakers in such excellent condition. One week ago he had a beautiful pair of Belle Klipsch and Chorus, this week it's a stunning pair of 1961 Klipschorns and some nice LaScalas. How does he do it? Just curious.
  4. The search for Heritage is over, 5 hours north of KC, 5 hours back, 1976 WO Cornwalls have found their last home. Overall the cabinets are in very good condition, drivers are perfect. Veneer matches nicely, risers nearly perfect. For going on 30, I couldn't ask for much more. Soundstage is huge, much more so than the Fortes, really no comparison. Everything is a bit brighter, more forward, but not fatigueing. Forum threads have talked of excessive mid-range, boomy bass, too much top end. I find none of this. Obviously front end equipment can make these differences. Cayin TA-30 tube integrated is an excellent piece; I have spoken to a couple of Forum members who have both the Cayin and Scott, and prefer the Cayin. Bass is deep, tight, no bloat at all. Bass is as tight as my last Triangles with twin 6.5 in. bass drivers. I'm sure some of this can be attributed to the Pioneer Elite PD-93 Reference CD, an early 90's 47 lb. brute of a unit. All copper chassis, dual Burr-Brown 1702, 20- bit DAC's, external-mounted R-core transformers, this baby is built. Musical Concepts in St. Louis then added their own magic with Schottky rectifiers, BlackGate caps and several analog stage mods. Very pure, solid, nearly vinyl in sound. Electronic Specialists line conditioner plugged into a hospital grade Hubbell cryoed duplex, Kimber double-run of copper 4TC and cryoed copper inter-connects. With the Fortes, the music is the star. With the Cornwalls, they take center stage, they make the music. There are no speakers, just a huge soundstage, you are there. Brings back memories of my 1976 LaScalas. These Corns are here to stay. I would have to say I am back in the fold.
  5. I hear you on Formula One, been to the United States Gran Prix in Indy 3 times. Will be there again this year. You must be there to see and HEAR those machines, it can't be described otherwise. Rich
  6. Thanks for all the great answers guys, the Corns are mine Saturday morning. Rich
  7. Also own TA-30 and tried running SET by removing tubes 2 & 4. At the time I was using Triangles Celius speakers rated at 90 db. I did not like what I heard. Did not sound nearly as good as normal (PP). However, I did not re-bias as some of you say must be done. Not being a tube amp expert, I called Paul at BzzyBee to ask about the bias settings. He told me I had to do nothing but pull the two mentioned power tubes, that the amp was self-biasing, and enjoy. I like everything about this amp and it is killer with my Fortes. I will see how it performs when I pick up Cornwalls this weekend. Have not tried SET with Forte but was not impressed with the French made Triangles. Rich
  8. Picking up 1976 WO Cornwalls this weekend, finally. Stepping up from Forte. Question - on the attached photo you can see a small area of discoloration on the woofer. Is this something of concern. The seller has been very upfront but has not had time to answer my question as to what this may be. Could it be a natural occurence over the years. Photo of the other speaker looks perfect. Any suggestions? Rich
  9. Check your e-mail/ massage. Interested. Rich
  10. HELP! I need to move fast! I have found a pair of black, new in the box RF-7's at a dealer going out of business, asking price is $1350. I WILL get them out the door for $1300! I assume this is a good buy? I now have Fortes with a Cayin tube integrated. I wanted to move up the Heritage line to either Corns or LaScala. How will the RF-7 compare to my current Fortes, Corns and LaS. Will I be totally abandoning the Heritage sound with the 7's. Is it just another tower speaker with the Klipsch name that is lost in that crowd. This is for 2-channel only, mostly jazz and light rock. Thanks a bunch. Rich
  11. If I am not mistaken, Dared is manufactured in China by Spark Electronic Equipment, same company that markets the Cayin brands. Good stuff. Rich
  12. What does everyone think of Speakerlab K-Horns. A rip-off, an improvement or a company playing of the Klipsch name. Thanks Rich
  13. What exactly is a decorator cornwall. Can you have both a decorator and vertical in one. Are there any advantages to the vertical for 2-channel only. Thanks
  14. Owned two differant tube/ss hybrids, Jolida and Unison Research Unico, 100 and 80 WPC. Jolida build was average at best, sounded no differant than my Denon seperates. Unisons build and looks were excellent, top notch sounded swell--until my tube CayinTA-30 integrated arrived. Absolutely kicked the crap out of the Unison which was three times the money, Italian you know. Check out the Cayin, it is built like a brick **** house, excellent fit and finish, all point-to-point hand wired, can use a variety of output tubes, self-biasing; the sound from my Forte 1 is so satisfying. Go all tube, don't stop with a hybrid.
  15. Texas Interested in the Cornwalls. Can you post photos or e-mail me. I also have a TA-30 with Forte 1. I absolutely love it. How is it with the Cornwall. Any problem with controlling that big ol' woofer. Forte bottom end is very tight, no bloat. I live in KC, how far would you drive to meet for a Cornwall handoff.
  16. Owned pairs of 4312s and 4311Bs myself. Had the 4311 side-by-side with pair of Heresys, all powered with Denon seperates. The Heresys were much smoother than the JBLs, tighter on the bottom but did not go as low. The JBLs were brutal with the Denon, listening fatigue set in quickly. I now have a pair of Forte 1 for the last month and really enjoy them. Have upgraded to a tube integrated which is so nice with the Forte. In my opinion, the Forte kill the JBLs, but then, my entire system has undergone an upgrade. Now on the lookout for a nice pair of LaScalas. I must agree with one reply that much of the forum is directed toward Klipschorn, LaScala and Cornwall and I suppose, with good reason. However in my room the Fortes are excellent and bested a pair high dollar, "audiophlie" Triangles. It also seems that us so called "newbies" are sometimes ignored, , maybe looked down upon. All I know is, this "newbie" owned a pair of 1975 LaScalas IN 1975, in my very early twenties. I knew then a good sound when I heard it. Traded a custom pair of JBL S7. Now I obviously regret selling both. Some of us "newbies" are not so new after all and maybe deserve a bit more respect then we get.
  17. So I do not continue to bother eveyone with questions, is there a site on this forum where serial numbers can be matched to manufacturing dates? If so, does this also tell what drivers and horns were used in that series. On this same topic, LaScala with serial numbers LSBR- 31Y745/759. Is there something wrong if the numbers are not in sequence. Each cabinet was also tested by a differant individual. Does this indicate they are not a matched pair and if so, is this a bad thing. Are the above numbers a good year with the birch cabinets and alnico drivers. Help is always appreciated. Rich
  18. Charlie I am considering both the Lacala and Cornwall. How do you compare the two? Sorry you made the change? Miss any bass? I really want three-way horn loaded but the LaScala is such a deep cabinet that the CW will fit the room a bit better. Since you have both, should I bite the bullet and find a way to deal with the extra depth. Or should I consider your CWs'. Mostly jazz, female vocal, some country and light rock. Thanks. Rich
  19. Can anyone tell me date of manufacture on LaScala 13R190/191. Is this a year worth pursuing? Seller does not respnd to my inquiries.
  20. It appears no matter how much I would like Klipshorns, placement remains an issue. I CAN fit Cornwalls or LaScalas, my two remaining choices. Although a newbie, my past threads have told of LaScala ownership some 20 years ago, stlll a pup, of but even then, knew a damn good thing when I heard it. One thing led to another and of course the LaS were sold. (I know, I now realize what I did, I need no more grief from wiser forum members.) Now after several years of "audiophile" speakers, I have come full circle, back to the real truth in sound reproduction, Klipsch and tubes. My newly acquired Fortes are incredible, particularly placed in corners. Bass is deep, yet remains quick, mids and highs have good texture yet no harshness, soundstage is very good to my surprise, I find it hard to stop listening. Now I want to upgrade, CW or LaS. I really want the three-way horn load design (true Klipsch heritage) but I see the Forte goes much lower than LaS and is about on equal to CW. Will the horn-loaded bass of LaS be closer to that of the passive loaded bass of the Forte with regrads to speed as opposed to the reflex enclosure of CW which may be more difficult to control. Or will the lower register of the CW remind me more of my Fortes. This is for 2 channel only and I have no desire to add sub-woofers. What is my best Forte upgrade. Jazz, female vocal, piano, soft rock, country. Really not interested in the obvious upgrade, Chorus. All answers appreciated.
  21. Thanks for all the input fellas. I attached a photo of the problem room to Marvels post. If Khorns will not work and I want an upgrade from my newly acquired Fortes, within this available space, which Chorus would be the most simliar to the Forte. I assume the Chorus 2 with its passive bass driver like the Forte. Love the Fortes bass particularly as positioned in the corners you see in the photo. Will the bass be tighter with passive Chorus 2 vs. ducted on the Chorus 1. I prefer a tighter, quicker bass rather than lower and bloated. Power is a Cayin TA-30, EL-34 based tube amp. Thanks
  22. Thanks for all your help. Here is a photo of the problem, I really do not want to build false walls at this point. The entertainment would be moved should this set-up work. And yes , the Fortes were playing as this photo was taken, Fourplay I believe. Rich
  23. It can be extended to match the opposite side at 36". Wall is nine feet tall. Thanks
  24. Before I jump for some Khorns, will this room set-up work. Could use some thoughts from the experts. Rich
  25. The back wall of the recess is 9.5 feet wide with walls extanding 24" on one side and 36' the other. This opens to a 25 x20 foot high ceiling living space. It is this recess with short side corners that concerns me. Thanks.
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