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  1. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    What PC cable were you previously using - a stock OEM or a “name” brand? And the main difference you noticed? I have some Japanese made Oyaide copper cables that due to their size are rather unwieldy so haven’t used them in a while. I may dig them out for my Hypex monos -
  2. Please specify the year these well-wishes are for - 2021 or 2022? You may as well wish everyone a Merry Christmas 2021 now so your ahead of the game.
  3. richieb

    crypto currency

    - setting a Very low bar -
  4. richieb


    Not to crap on your sale thread but I think the better comparison would be the Klipsch KPT 904 or 456 with a 402 mounted on top. Same basic ported bass bin more similar than the horn loaded Jubilee bin. And I bet the JBL sound great. I actually enjoyed the 904’s with an EAW horn every bit as much as KHorns. Good luck -
  5. Remind me to never disconnect audio cables unless I’m prepared to have them default to “reset” mode. Amazing what we are expected to believe. Although I have noticed if we lose power after a storm the electrical crews are out in mass “resetting” the power lines. You know - re-aligning the electrons for a smooth power transmission. The ‘fridge does run cooler after this is done -
  6. Looks tasty Micro. We have had unseasonably warm weather for the first of December - lower 70’sF. Absolutely perfect weather all week. But yes, dark Much too early, sunsetting around 5’ish.
  7. Oh you hi-tech coffee bean drinkers. I’m a simple man living a simple life, in turn I let Mrs. Olsen scrub my Folgers coffee beans. Mmm, mmm - that’s a tasty cup of Joe - ☕️☕️☕️
  8. It’s a common affliction - more than wow factor fading - a classic case of upgradeitis. And unfortunately your next move to H4’s or Forte, CW etc. will not cure what you got. A stop gap, yes. A cure, no. Upgradeitis generally shrugs any and all attempts at vaccination so buckle in. The journey to nirvana is a long and expensive road - enjoy the scenery -
  9. Wagons are still a thing in Europe - the Big Three German makers produce some killer wagons, of course at $$$$. I have always been a fan of the Dodge Magnum, owned one with a small V6 several ago. Wish they’d do an updated version with the 5.7 or 6.4 Hemi. Doubtful in this age of 2 Liter turbocharged 4 poppers.
  10. richieb

    Miracle whip

    So nine bottles of MW = one bottle of Hellman’s? Do you see the speaker/driver equivalence there ?
  11. I generally don’t read long posts but “thong” caught my eye and grabbed my attention. So with these new power cables how long are you able to sit in the “sweet spot” wearing only a thong? You might also find an association between quality power cords and hemorrhoids -
  12. Nor did I when my daughter worked her way through the Masters program on way to becoming a nurse practitioner. Incurred zero debt by working in the sponsoring hospital for the required three years after graduation. And I’m not sure what “tenured professors” and “tax payers expense” has anything to do with your daughters education and subsequent success. Me thinks the term “leftest” was the trigger for the out of context reply -
  13. The insulated world of academia has been going off the rails for years. FB/BB coaches are generally the highest paid state employees. Most schools have/are becoming easy landing spots for tenured leftist professors at the tax payers expense. Football/basketball programs played with “the student athlete” are nothing more than profit centers = NFL/NBA lite -
  14. For bug dirty windshields try 0000 steel wool using glass cleaner as a lubricant. Finish with clean glass cleaner, I prefer Sprayway, and a clean microfiber. As clean as my windshields have ever been. No, this method Does Not scratch glass.
  15. richieb

    Food Porn

    The Dragon at night? Glad you’re still with us -
  16. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    — because they are. Man lives in Wisconsin, gotta’ bring hoses inside before the first hard freeze. I’ve seen those at Home Depot, 50 and 75 feet.
  17. - much like Kramer and Seinfeld who got on the wrong side of Joe’s fruit stand - he’s been Banned. Banned I tell ya’! He was such the bad boy, sent to his room with no dinner, no TV, but still has his LS 2.
  18. How’s ‘bout this - gotta separate the bull from the shite - . Adds up to a steamin’ pile. Rare is the news reader that long to be opinion columnists. And it shows -
  19. Never owned Cornscala but owned Cornwalls and Belles/LS at the same time. For me, these are entirely different sounding speakers and not a lateral move. But my experience is with CW, not Cornscala. Since I feel these are “different” sounding speakers keep the LS and add the CScala. By all means keep the LS and have fun adding/subtracting others.
  20. Glad you found your KHorns, congrats. Although a drastic solution it is gratifying that in this day of gaslighting you are willing to pour gas and burn your pile of speakers. True gaslighting at its finest - burn on Bro Mudd 🔥🔥🔥
  21. - that must be quite the chore hiding a bill fold as Fat as yours - 💵💵💰💰
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