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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the LF. Trust me - she looks nothing like that —
  2. The only three things older than Carl - dust, dirt - - and me -
  3. “White Glove Delivery” offered at no extra charge to all Jubilee Heritage owners. As well it should be -
  4. richieb

    Car Thread

    A good friend of mine is a Mercedes Master Technician and has left the dealer network to open his own shop. I drove a couple certified used Mercedes at a dealer, twin turbo V6’s. I called Jeff to get his opinion on a certified dealer purchased Benz, the first sentence from his mouth - “how much warranty does it come with”. That did it for me. Not only did I want to stay away from turbo cars, ( just had to drive the MB regardless) especially the now ubiquitous inline 4 turbos. Give me a naturally aspirated V8 any day -
  5. — and I bet the Jubes were only used every other Sunday, playing church hymns through 2 watt single ended amp. Oldest story in the book -
  6. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    What - 6 months?😉
  7. My agent lives down the road, about 1/4 mile away. Been with him a little over a year, told him if my rates rise after one year I’d kill his dog. Rates haven’t changed -
  8. You should know better ‘Heel. Both of us are too old to risk a ladder mishap. Although I did climb my 24 ft. extension ladder for some interior work, I not only didn’t like doing it I knew I shouldn’t have. If you can buy fancy Dan tubes for your hi-end tube amp you then can pay someone for your high wire work. Much, much cheaper than a catastrophic fall. And beside, you still owe toasters to several people, me included. Falling from a ladder is poor excuse to get out from under a toaster debt. .
  9. richieb

    Miracle whip

    Gave Dukes a try vs. Hellman’s. Hellman’s won but Duke is more than acceptable. A sleeper Mayo is Heinz, damn good, equally on par with Hellman’s. Tried Kraft - terrible stuff. Avacado mayo? California dreamin ‘ that is - where one eats toast with avacado slices, a $9 cup of Starfuks and a pinky raised as a show of good manners —
  10. Poor Schu - no sooner than your “new” Jubes hit the driveway here comes Chief Bus Driver Roy with one of those flat nosed buses 🚌 taking direct aim at your Jubes. Not only a center punch but insult to injury, threw it in reverse and backed over them, again. Now for mine, bring on the bus. The “newness” has worn off - but like Cheif says - they sound okay.
  11. Yes, have an automotive wrap applied. Hundreds of option, might be able close match the bass bin. When you want a new look, peel it off and go again. Once painted you’re pretty much stuck with color. I’ll try to post pics of mine wrapped in an iridescent blue.
  12. - and I find myself caring less and less - old(er) age setting in I ‘spose-
  13. ain’t nuthin’ wrong with a Black and Tan mishmash either - 🍺
  14. — and a very nice presentation when poured correctly -
  15. A great glass of beer is the Black and Tan. And that’s how it’s done. I’ve never had an issue ordering this in a US bar. Most bartenders/waiter/waitresses know the term. Never heard it called “half and half”. Might have received a coffee with a splash of Half and Half? Would have been returned -
  16. Bring a toaster with you - the least you can do —
  17. I am currently comparing nc400 monoblocks to the Benchmark on passively crossed Jubilees. I’m nearly finished with a modest room remodel so I’ve had little time with either; the Hypex took their position this morning after about a week on the Benchmark.
  18. richieb


    Don’t blame ya. How does that go - you can lead a horse to water and then - - - it drowns.
  19. Preach to me brother - —and much appreciated. Refreshing it was —
  20. I would never insult Uncle Eddie in that way — at least Clark was offered a beer, backwash included. I was plain ol’ turned away -
  21. Mr. Carl has good intentions but don’t extend your glass for too long. Chances are the well will run dry when your it’s your turn. Speaking from experience - 😉
  22. richieb

    First Watt

    The topic was First Watt as such I didn’t mention Pass Labs. I also owned the XA 25 which knowing I could sell for what I had in it, sold in favor of the F3. There is something special about single stage, single ended designs whether it be SS or tube.
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