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  1. — Should wait to hear this direct from a Klipsch price schedule (and/or Paducah) or take this at face value to be fact? Although Upscale is a reputable seller -
  2. Hows ‘bout you concentrate on a standard toaster, bagel ready of course. I’m still waiting on mine from 15 pages back. I’ve recently seen people waaay out over their ski’s and things haven’t gone so well. I’d hate for you to be criticized on all front no less -
  3. richieb

    Thanks Chad

    Jubes and LS make for fine elixirs -
  4. richieb

    Thanks Chad

    Must have been a hair puller reconstructing the Forum while battling bots from foreign soil. Bang up job -
  5. — “where will the Jube stand”? Proudly -
  6. — you know what they say.- “if you have to ask” -
  7. No, you’re right. There is a speck of dust I noticed - mint dust.
  8. Reluctantly selling my First Watt F3. Damn near mint, I truly cannot find a nick anywhere, face plate or heat fins. The early FW amps were hand built by Nelson Pass this being one of those. More recent FW designs are built by Pass Labs. Fifteen watts, single ended, single gain stage, this is as pure sounding solid state was you can get. Pass considered the F3 the finest sounding solid state amp on the market until his SIT series. Factory box, papers. She be SOLD— Thanks
  9. richieb

    Price of steel

    Started pricing materials for a small project in my music room and will need several feet of Romex. Menards has posted signs telling customers that the price we are seeing for copper is the highest they, Menards, has seen in 10 years. I guess the sign acts as a “don’t blame us for these prices” warning prior to stomping to the front counter to speak with a manager -
  10. — I believe the same effect when you put the needle IN a ballon — 🎈💉
  11. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    Don’t feel bad Dave, A1 has a way of killing most of us — but always with a smile on his face - 😃
  12. Five Grand for pre-owned Jubes (if recall is correct)? Someone, anyone better run for those if that price is indeed correct. In today’s market I think $5K for Jubes is a pipe dream. When LS asking price is $2-3K, CW $2K +. And I quote “ I pity the fool” who believes $5K is fair market today. I know when mine go for sale a 5 (or lesser number) will not be the first digit in the price.
  13. I recently bought a very, very nice Mc6200 integrated from Andy at Saturday Audio. Seems a nice fellow. Had a good conversation on audio in general and Klipsch specifically. I believe he said the store stocked a few Heritage line and the new Forte.
  14. The New Jubilee now has me thinking - what might the interest be in pre-owned traditional Jubilees?
  15. Or to quote The Chief - “it sounds okay” -
  16. Alert RP, Alert. You’re coming very close to the third rail - ⚡️
  17. Interesting theories for sure. Political? You don’t think the collapse of civilization wouldn’t be political? Look how well the “non-politicization” of a relatively “mild” virus has done. Now inject a true, population kill down virus, lack of food, water, fuel etc. and yeah you might see a form of political persuasion.
  18. No doubt they do run “warm”. But hey, it’s Sunday morning and bacon and eggs seems appropriate. Bacon on the right channel, eggs on the left. And Miles Davis providing the “heat”. It’s very Zen like —
  19. I have the nc400 monos and a pair of FW F3’s used with passive Jubes and/or LS1’s. I can easily live with either and do rotate them when the mood strikes. Currently nCores with LS + sub. While not a Jube performance I really like this combination. Overkill, yes but provides the LS with added oomph on the bottom. Running the F3 as monoblocks brings their 15 watts to a whole ‘nuther level of bass response, pronounced midrange and much more authority a soon the entire band. F3’s are had to come by - grab one if you can. A tremendous sounding SS amp that so closely mimics single ended tubes. I read where Pass said this remains one of his favorite FW designs and at the time one the finest sounding SS amps in existence.
  20. - and as I recall the nCore nc400’s were a very close second?
  21. — it’s a family affair —
  22. Watching Carl follow a dance rhythm - now That would be priceless and worth the price of admission -
  23. Can’t argue with that. Although Corona is a very, very close second. The lime/lemon routine is not just trendy - makes it palatable.
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