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  1. On 12/21/2021 at 9:56 AM, Shiva said:

    The search for a top tier car from the past can be a lot of fun, if you choose right and find a good one. Such as this 2008 Mercedes S600.



    — just be sure to have the equivalent amount of the purchase price in savings for future repairs. I had a certified MB master technician literally pull me by the arm and away from purchasing an S65. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Thaddeus Smith said:


    I think it's pretty obvious, given my tenure here. No need to read into anything too deeply.. just crapping on my own thread to try and move some product.

    Thad attended the Dale Carnegie school of salesmanship. Graduated with honors I understand- 

  3. My LS sound nothing related to “boxy, nasal”,etc. etc. Might it have to do with excessive volume where the room is overloaded or under damped?
    My Jubes and LS are positioned about 18 feet apart on centers, in a room about 26 feet back to front, I sit roughly in the middle of the room. Jubes are angled to cross at the back of the room and when the LS are brought in they are set directly in front of the Jubes, exact same crossing angle. Imaging is beyond reproach, no one would be able to say there is not a third speaker in the center (ghost speaker). Maybe I’m lucky with my setup or my hearing not as critical as others but the LS are every bit as enjoyable as Jubilees. The same presentation no, as enjoyable, yes.

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  4. 1 hour ago, EmilC said:

    Urbs is done coaching for sure



    Would any D1 program hire him now?

    Would he even want to coach

    Give it time. May not be a D1 school but after he has spent a year or two sitting on his azz and or hasn’t been hired as yet another “college analyst” for a network a school will flash enough cash to pull him back in. Won’t be the first or will it be the last that the disgraced have returned - 

  5. 3 hours ago, yamahaSHO said:

    Spent last week out at PRI 2021, where our drag car was featured in the Vibrant Performance booth.  It was a great time and went better than we had hoped...  Lots of traffic, interviews, and a good deal of sponsorships (without us even asking!).  The car was already in progress, but when we got the call to have it in the show, things had to be pushed up and it's not a running car yet.  After a quick break from all the go-go-go, it'll start getting finished up to where we can hopefully run a 7 second pass this year!



    My o’ my - what a big nose you have😄

    Think of the air you could funnel in with a 510 or 402? Helll, go big, stick a 402 on the front of that turbo - 


  6. 3 minutes ago, jason str said:

    They were reliable, maybe you guys got stuck with the Monday after New year's build date. 

    While not perfect odds are you will get 200,000 miles plus out of these. 

    Lightweight turbocharged engines will be more succeptable to breakage and more costly to own over the long run.

    Agree this was an anomaly, LS engines are generally bulletproof. Bought a used one for $500 with 150k and it runs like a top. 
    And totally agree with the engine of choice today - turbocharged 2 liter four poppers. Drove a few and found them anemic. That’s the problem after 6 years of 392’s and Hellcats. 

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  7. I had mentioned in a previous thread I was looking at 4 door sedans preferably a V8. But did drive a couple certified  Mercedes V6 with twin turbos. Called a buddy, certified MB Master technician, for an opinion. Absolute first sentence from his mouth “how much warranty does it have left”. I was done. It’s the same with the other German marques - warranty, warranty, warranty. 

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  8. 42 minutes ago, Westcoastdrums said:

    @dkalsi with a comment like that, you are making me think that I should keep this amp and give it more time.... 


    Maybe you should, at least reevaluate. Or maybe you’re just not a fan of true Class A. For me, that’s where I live. Although I do use Hypex nCores and Benchmark. Class A should sound as you described - sweet and smooth. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Racer X said:

    If you want to watch real racing, watch MotoGP.  ( Or Moto2, Moto3 or MotoE )   F1 and NASCAR pale by comparison.

    No doubt MotoGP is intense racing, man On machine opposed to man In machine. And agree with NASCAR being pale in comparison to both Moro and F1. But should we pit one against the other for “real” racing where will you rank the Isle Of Man race? I’m not sure how those boiz  mount the bikes with balls their size -  

  10. Appeared to be the toughest track of the year, by far. In car camera showed how damn deadly this track can be. We watch nearly every race and this was one to remember for sure.Interesting to see what the new hybrid power units will be like once they dump the overly complex and expensive regeneration units currently used. These power applications have zero use in production vehicles and F1 has finally had to throw the towel on this tech. Although I do wish for the good old days of the  V8/10’s singing at 19K. 

  11. 1 minute ago, A1UC said:

    Delta is a good entry point , Alpha is the best value , Sigma and Omega is for people with OCD emoji23.pngemoji23.pngemoji1787.png

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    not only OCD but $$$$ - 

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  12. What PC cable were you previously using - a stock OEM or a “name” brand? 
    And the main difference you noticed? I have some Japanese made Oyaide copper cables that due to their size are rather unwieldy so haven’t used them in a while. I may dig them out for my Hypex monos - 

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