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    What I Got Today!

    Better known as an “infinity fence”. Goes on forever, like most fencing that enclose a property. Wood and creosote went the way of the dodo 🦤 bird. Along with most things of our past — you know, the good ol’ days.
  2. ^^^^^ Yes, I’m the same way. And when shuffling two or three speakers in and out I mark the corner placement on the floor with small pieces of painters tape so I don’t need to measure each time.
  3. - truth be told if I were hit in face today, even by you, I’d probably cry - 😭
  4. When Carl jabs, I weave. When Carl punches, I bob. It’s so easy and apropos with Carl - get him where you want him and “rope-a-dope”. I follow closely the form of Mohammad Ali - just sayin’ .
  5. — the best haircuts from Mayberry to Mount Pilot
  6. Cool your jets, Sir. I believe a toaster is already in transit to a palatial estate in the Great Midwest — Tarheel, correct me if I’m wrong.
  7. Islander you forget we are a bunch of Wild and Crazy guys. Moderating yet another offshoot of CCCC is akin to herding cats - can’t be done. Ask Carl - look what being a moderator did to him. Bless his heart —
  8. - To the funny boiz- babadano and dtel. Carl ain’t that funny. The last thing you want to do is encourage a mediocre comedian - 🤡
  9. — And I like how you count. I prefer a bagel capable toaster preferably with four slots. Something nice, maybe from Williams Sonoma or the like. And nothing used or “tested” containing crumbs. With your healthy eating habits a toaster full of berries, bird seed and wheat husks is frowned upon. Brushed stainless will do nicely —
  10. The word for a tobacco/dope smoking apparatus widely used around the word is censored? Wow - a bit touchy we are? Or is the word too intellectual for the word police software - ?
  11. No doubt. Our current group of incompetent fools make these two fools look like geniuses. Maybe a ****** capable of handling a couple pounds with a few dozen hoses attached is what this current group of ineffectual idiots needs. — I take that back - that would be wasting prime vegetarian on USDA Grade Stupid human beings -
  12. Oh my - you need to raise your standards my friend - 🧟‍♂️
  13. Is it the slushies or the slushie maker that gives you a headache? I’d wager it’s the later -
  14. Of course they do. Particularly with two scoops of French vanilla ice cream — 🍨🍨
  15. How long before they go after the Chiefs? You know they are on the PC radar -
  16. A classic nautical design - The Don’t Know if it’s Coming or Going Ship.
  17. One thing I ain’t gonna do is get involved or give opinion on cables, off any type. However it appears WBC use Mogami and Canare wire, both considered high quality. And if these cables are actually made/assembled in Switzerland than they’re a steal. Swiss assembly vs. made in China is a tremendous cost difference.
  18. Carls preferred method of a “hands on” exam -
  19. I thought it was de rigueur that pre-owned Klipsch Heritage came with water stained tops. So much so that value decreases when no stains are present. The previous owner had to have been up to no good -
  20. At first glance it read “shoplifter”. Which in today’s world seems quite okay. Just keep it under a Grand and you’re good to go. Pat the little babes on head, ask them to be careful, point them to San Fran and send them on their way. Now ‘round these parts that would more than likely find you starring down the barrel of a 9mm - at the least.
  21. Whether you want to call it “climate change” or follow the earth’s evolution over eons it does seem the SW drought is for real and reaching a breaking point sooner rather than later. Phoenix, LV, LA and all points between will be in a world of hurt without steady rains and heavy snows this winter. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but the continuing wildfires, levels of Lake Mead water and pics of Hoover dam seem all too real. I don’t complain about too much rain anymore -
  22. — accompanied by smartly attired support staff. Russian military must be outfitted by Old Navy these days - or Aeropostale.
  23. Not to diminish Micro’s disastrous storms, we just had a thunderstorm dump 2.5 inches in a little over an hour. We’re out with large plots of land where some now look like ponds and ponds like small lakes. Glad we just bought two kayaks - 🚣‍♀️
  24. All gifts are good - don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. If she said it was a sarong rack you would have giddy - ease up Son.
  25. Whose keeping score? Santa Claus of course. He knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, good or bad, lucky or not. Hope you enjoy your lump of coal this Christmas -
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