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  1. What clue tips you that he, she, it is Russian? Or is this the tip of the iceberg malware attack of Dark Side and/or REvil? Fledgling CSI investigators need to know — 🥸🕵️‍♂️. — We Must Protect This Forum —
  2. No irony then that he just stepped down from CEO. I wonder what a Amazon Prime member pays for a Blue Origin flight? And I’m paid in full, sooo —
  3. Yeah, what a lucky guy - falling through a tile roof —
  4. We’ve had folks “drop in” for dinner but this is a bit much. If you’re not going to knock at least use the front door —
  5. - very cool ‘Heel. A great thread indeed. - yep. Has there been evidence the actual toaster exists? - no multiple posts? No one would dare post thousands of meaningless posts, even for the coveted toaster — would they ?
  6. Married to The Kimono King and still able to win awards for her job? Women must be a Saint, or thereabouts 😇
  7. Nice sticks - 🥁
  8. Four channels of amplification = two stereo amplifiers? And from what I’ve gathered the Jube setup is “simpler” using two of the same amps in order to keep the same amount of gain although many do/have used tubes on the 402 and SS on the bins. After a few years of using passive networks I soon plan to go active using either Hypex nCores or Pass First Watt F3’s —
  9. I own Hypex NC400 monoblocks which tested to have the second lowest noise floor ever tested on Audio Science reviews, bested only by Benchmark. I also have Pass First Watt F3’s run as monoblocks and change the two out every month or so. As damn good as the F3’s sound being single needed, single gain stage solid state amp(s) the Hypex don’t lack far, if any, behind. Both amps are “stick your head in the horn quiet”, virtually silent on both LaScala and Jubilee w/402. It’s hard to beat silent, powerful, efficient and affordable in today’s hi end market.
  10. - I consider myself between a old fart and old coot - put me down as a coofart - when kids with generally no manners call you Sir you’ve reach old status - farts still smell but not needing the nightly toilet call = the ideal road to old(er) - The Definition of truly being old = Mr. Tarheel
  11. Year 2 for this sponsorship -
  12. You deserve shredded t-paper if you own a cat -
  13. Just my ice cube at the tip of the inflation iceberg - hearing that fireworks prices are 30-40% higher this year with limited supplies, yesterday I hear this at our “kid” friendly display. One of the largest fireworks distributors in the area, in business for decades, said he had two containers at the west coast, $25K in each container. Waiting for shipping to the Midwest, no truck drivers, he was forced to pay THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS EACH CONTAINER to ship here. So do the math - $70K in shipping $50K of goods = inflation and shortages as many will not and cannot pay the extortion in order to ship. And to hear, no end for the the foreseeable future. Happy Fifth of July -
  14. Good Gawd. If that were the case in the US of A the network nightly news shows would have No sponsors - . Although that does paint a rosy picture -
  15. The 4th was so much fun as a kid (many years, decades ago). Just the excitement of lighting Black Cats all that was needed as you tried to be “safe” as possible. Now most city governments have deemed fireworks unsafe and the excitement for most kids isn’t there anymore. Now as “big boys” we use a little more firepower, move the show from the July heat to cooler October, head to the farm and it’s ballz to the wallz. Several days of prep, word of mouth to friends and family brings 1000+ people for a display that rivals many small cities and any country club. About 45 minutes of non-stop firing, from 3 to 8 inch mortar shells, handmade pieces (several of us have pyro license and are registered with the FTF) and water set pieces in the lake. And a plane may even fly over simulating a bombing run as he attacks the lake where a rather “large” device is deployed. And Black Cats, yep, we still fire a few. A couple “super strings” of 10,000 per string. Happy 4th - in October. 🔥💥☄️🧨🧨
  16. — only to grow up and become money grubbing pigs - . Destroying and consuming everything in their path in pursuit of the American Way they once despised. The makers of Suburbia -
  17. richieb

    What Is Wrong

    Maybe the pandemic is, was, prelude to The Forever Purge? Hence the shortage of firearms and ammo —
  18. - Is it Diz or a cow pissin’ on a flat rock ?
  19. That is true but irrelevant in dealing with any particular current spikes. People need to deal with the effects on their wallets in real time. Difficult to compare energy prices to a time before the US existed - people are concerned as they stand in front of the pump today.
  20. I think you’d see better reception from fully dressed dogs - mustard, ketchup, relish, onion, than an embarrassed string of naked dogs. Or maybe this guy only has AM and a cassette deck —
  21. Agree with both the above. Last time in a “hospital” was for hip replacement surgery. Hospital is a misnomer as it is the building my surgeon has his practice and does hip replacements on a 12 bed second floor, exclusively for hips. Extremely attentive care, basically any food you would want, other than the pain of recovery I hated to leave the place.
  22. I believe Diz is in the hospital after a “procedure”. Me - healthy as a horse but so disappointed -
  23. Oh maan !? Just when I find an entertaining thread to read here you come to put out a potential fire. And right after sliding my LS in front of the Jubes to listen to a new to me King Crimson CD. Thanks a lot for harshin’ my mellow -
  24. richieb


    Nothing like the sanctity of the Dr. / patient relationship -
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