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  1. Trust me its not coming from anywhere else, I've had these for 6 months now. I did everything i could think off, ok, and besides, everybody knows its the preamp. That thing doesnt look like its even worth a dime. I bet it was made somewhere in like Korea, and the rest of the speakers in the US.
  2. Oh ya, one more thing. If places such as Maximum PC, did a review of these that lasted 2 months, or an update, after 2 months, they wouldnt get no 10, but a 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are loud, but that cracking is !!! No other speakers I had did the same.
  3. These preamps are pieces of for making static, and whoever said its normal then thats !!!!! I'm on my FOURTH (4th) Pre-Amp, and getting another one this week, from the local store, the owner keeps getting new ones for me from new boxes, so whatever, Klipsch made a preamp, and now they're losing lots of money, and the company is run by some dorks that dont know anything. Ie: "ya, just turn the knob fast for about 2 minutes, it should go away." it does for a few hours, but then comes back, am i some kind of retard that will be doing this every few hours? NO!!!!!!!!!!
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