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  1. Thanks again, everyone. Before updating crossovers, I will wait at least another month, minimum. They sound so good, that I'm actually concerned about doing this.... Halloween was A BLAST. THE KIDS ENJOYED CREEPY MUSIC, and I recieved numerous compliments..... Thanks all again....
  2. Thank you for the responses again. I should point out, I have an Emotiva 12" sealed 500w RMS sub. Honestly, it's not needed with these. ( unless listening to HT, explosions, etc). The "Pure Audio" setting on my Reciever bypasses the sub and EQ settings. It's PHENOMENAL for any kind of music. I had to eq the Heresy 1s plus sub to get what I wanted for music. These EXCEED THAT BY BIG LEAPS. Based on my research, the Chorus II are more desirable, but I'm just grinning every time I crank ANYTHING. No DISTORTION. CLEAR. CLOSE YOUR EYES AND IT'S A CONCERT. Can someone point me to the port mod mentioned? If cheap and easily reversible, might be fun to try.... FWIW, it's been 5 years since I've been on this forum. I hope to reconnect with those of you I knew.... Thanks so much
  3. Thank you for the responses. I'll probably get the capacitor kit from Crites in a few weeks. ( or have them do it).... I've found that for placement, flat against the wall is what I like best so far, but will try the suggestions. I'm definitely not trying to change everything at once. These really are the best speakers I've ever owned. I'm fortunate.... Even the Wife agrees they sound great.
  4. So after a few days of having these.... I'm blown away. They're like Heresy on steroids. Bigger sound stage.... Natural chest thumping bass ( no sub)... I use " pure audio" setting on my reciever now and it's like they DON'T NEED EQ ing.... Besides a crossover recap ( should I? They sound so good now against my re capped Heresy 1 speakers, it's crazy).... What else can be done to enhance their performance? Best placement? Toed in like Heresy or straight against wall? Ideas? Thoughts?
  5. I would think that there is vicious completion in the PC market and many people want to pay less than $200 at Best Buy or the like. E.g., this is made of plastic and can be sold off the shelf of BB and are small compared to the typical monitor (from years ago). Of course you know price points. Maybe $300 is the top of what anyone would pay for a better system in that type of sales situation. Maybe there is a market for a $500 system. I was looking at RM-14 which are a little large for a "next to the monitor" system but not so large for people running larger screens these days. The smallest Klipsch sub seems to be the SW-110. The total of those two are $500. However, the buyer would need some sort of amp and USB interface. But my point is that a super PC system could be cobbed together (almost) out of existing components. WMcD I agree; except one point..... Gamers will want a pc speaker system they can plug and play; not try to assemble on their own. Make it sound PHENOMINAL; make it under $300 and make it simple. "If you build it; they will come"..... (hehe.had to throw that in).
  6. I'm glad to have come across this thread. I currently run Heresies (3 way) downstairs and RF52's (2 way) upstairs. I think each has its own strengths; and they both sound really nice. I was considering KLF 20s or 30s at some point (not exactly easy to find; patience needed). I'd be interested in your final comparison in a few weeks. If you decide to part with the 30s; I'd be interested; so would many others. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I will say that I've owned 2 PM 2.1 sets. The original set (my ex got them) was really good (~2002?). Its what got me into Klipsch. The second set was equally good. I happened upon some RF52's cheap (~$70). I initially paired them with the PM 2.1 amp (mounted in the sub). WOW what a difference. This was a bedroom PC system btw..... Soon after; the PM2.1s were sold. I still have the RF52s; powered by an HK AVR 500 in our Master Bedroom (different house)..... Point of my story.... The PM 2.1s got me started into this. There are systems by Creative; Logitech; etc at every retailer. There's so many gaming systems with high end sound cards; etc; you can't design a great sounding speaker system for these pcs? Why hasn't Klipsch responded; as this will lead to other speaker sales...... You're telling me that a $225 system can't be created that will blow the doors off of the competition? The amp reliability thing (and volume knob issue) can't be addressed (finally) over 10 years later? I too am disappointed. I'd buy a set right now for the kids PC if they were available; but the current iteration needs an update and redesign. Klipsch; I love your products.... get with it.
  8. Someone got a heck of a deal......
  9. I concur; your AVR is running out of gas. To confirm this; you could try different source material; and therefore eliminate the router. (CD or 3.5mm to rca plug). Good Luck.
  10. Bryan, Welcome to the forum. I believe you can acquire another control pod on Ebay for ~$20. I suspect your issue lies there. (Maybe the solder on the headphone jack is cold soldered or cracked?) My only other thought is maybe the DIN plug itself could be contributing. The next time it happens; gently wiggle the plug and see if it clears immediately. If so; there's your culprit. I am no expert, but have replaced the DIN plug on my pod of my now retired PM 2.1s; similar symptoms. (Retired them for RF 52s in the Bedroom). Good Luck.
  11. MIT, Welcome to The Forum. I can tell you; Klipsch customer service has always bent over backwards to help me. They looked up drawings and manuals on a set of KG 5.2 speakers when I was unsure how to remove the plastic rings on the woofer; to recone myself. That's pretty unheard of where I come from. (Sony will tell you send your PS3 in for $150 to repair it; not assist you with disassembly). I suggest giving a CSR a second chance as mentioned; and escalate to a Manager if necessary. Good Luck.
  12. Congrats. Nice to see your persistance has yielded dividends. I had a set of the KG 5.2s. They were capable of incredible volume; they could knock things off shelves. They could do this while still sounding clear and were GREAT speakers. I sold them in favor of my Heresy Is; and miss them, but would make the same choice in a heartbeat. I have a set of RF 52s in the bedroom that are capable in their own right. ( They replaced Promedia 2.1s; and are like Promedia 2.1s X10 on the soundstage). Enjoy the fruits of your efforts; and thanks for sharing!
  13. Damon, They are gorgeous........ Boxx.... C'mon man! Pony up with some pics! []
  14. I have a completely different setup, but there are similarities........ I always sleep better after listening. Sometimes I can sleep while listening. Many times my lady comes home to find me asleep on the couch....... This is because I can put all the work stress on the side and just LISTEN. The other difference (besides equipment; etc) Is I do not drink alcohol anymore. (It's ok; to each his own). Music is a big deal to me, and I would go nuts without it........
  15. http://silverpioneer.netfirms.com/integrated-amps.htm Looks like it sould do the job well, but I have no direct experiernce with it.
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