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  1. Online. Starting October 25. Klipsch's own website is selling them for $960, so I presume this is a pretty good deal.
  2. I'm going with Mary Ann because I met her once, at the opening of a restaurant. I was of friend of the owner and she was a friend of Mary Ann. Mary Ann kindly agreed to be there to help launch the place.
  3. Fun music from a special era. I salute you my Commander!
  4. From Jubilees to Heresy's. Sad. So sad. It's terrible when one of our members suffers from EBAWS (emasculated by a women syndrome). Granted this affliction is more common than Covid, but still one cannot but hope that someday, after dropping a needle on that seldom played song" "Born Free" a mental shift will take place that will bring our errant friend back to the right side of the speaker size equation.
  5. Also the man behind the A-10 and other ground support aircraft. I hope you all have heard at least one of his pressing in your journey to audio nirvana. Pierre Sprey, a 1960s Pentagon “whiz kid” who was a formidable intellectual force in military analysis and weapons development, often tangling with top defense officials to improve U.S. military readiness and weapons development, died Aug. 5 at his home in Glenn Dale, Md. He was 83. The cause appeared to be a sudden heart attack, said his son, John Sprey. The French-born Mr. Sprey (pronounced “spray”) was a multilingual polymath whose interests encompassed history, engineering and literature. A Baltimore Sun profile declared that he “may well be the most fascinating person you’ve never heard of.” In later years, he established a recording studio and jazz record label in a tumbledown house and produced dozens of recordings known for their exquisite high-fidelity audio. He devised a homemade recording system that employed extremely thin wires, battery-powered microphones and a two-track Sony reel-to-reel recorder weighted with lead. He had a restored 1911 Steinway piano in the front parlor of an old country house called Mapleshade in Upper Marlboro, Md. He had made amateur recordings of Washington jazz singer Shirley Horn, who came to Mr. Sprey’s house to play his piano. “One night she was sitting at my piano and fell in love with it,” he told The Washington Post in 1996. “She said, ‘P. baby, I want to do my next album on this piano and I want you to be my engineer’ … I enjoyed recording Shirley so much, I decided to hang out my shingle.” Mr. Sprey named his record label Mapleshade and recorded primarily jazz and blues musicians, including saxophonists Clifford Jordan and Hamiet Bluiett and pianists Walter Davis Jr., John Hicks and Larry Willis. He placed rubber baffles on the walls and ceiling and turned off all the lights, refrigerators, furnaces and electronic devices to obtain as pure a sound as possible. "Something important is happening in Upper Marlboro,” a CD Review critic wrote. “To sit down with a small stack of your very first Mapleshades is a revelation.” A 1997 recording of New York’s Arc Choir singing the gospel tune “Walk With Me” was sampled on Kanye West’s hit “Jesus Walks.” Mr. Sprey said the royalties were enough “to support 30 of my money-losing jazz albums.” Mr. Sprey later moved to two other “crumbling old wood and brick farmhouses” in Maryland, his son said, and often cooked for visiting musicians, who were welcome to stay overnight.
  6. Hey Rich, I'll take all the Pink Martini's, the Melody Gordot and Vivian Girls. Give me your email and I'll paypal it over. On another note, Steely Dan's going to be in B'more in October. Interested? I'm going to contact Gary about this also. Marty
  7. Now that Toyah and Roberts video is truly titillating.
  8. Then there's the Beatles and the songs they covered:
  9. Yup. I've used them several times with great results. Remember, Paul Klipsch used PIO's in "voicing" his various creations.
  10. Some of the greatest songs ever sung are covers, the singer or band outstripping the original recording. However, like everything in music, it's a double-edged sword. All too often covers suck. The band, or singer, has run out of original material but needs to put out an album, so scrape up some tunes and record them. Often, it something by The Beatles, so from simply awful to execrable. Think Peggy Lee trying to attract a younger crowd. However, this one has to take the cake. The talented Brian Ferry of Roxy Music fame, covering, and I'm not making this up, "Amazing Grace". I'm attaching a link so you can see for yourself , but I advise listening to it with your hands over your ears. So anybody else got a world class stinker of a cover song?
  11. Looks great Joe! I do have a very good LOMC setup with Craig's NBS pre.
  12. Wonderful speakers, I actually like them more than their big brother, the 5.5. Very smooth and coherent, which is not something you always get from Klipsch. Unless your broke, keep them. Even if you park them for a time, eventually you'll haul them out and boy will you feel good the first time you fire them up again.
  13. One to make me larger, one to make me smaller. I always thought that medicine came in liquid form. Although, I was being really funny with one liners one night and this guy called me "a pill".
  14. thebes

    Kids these days

    Probably his parents, nor anyone else, took the time to show him how to fish and how cool it can be.
  15. It is a creative approach to house building. However, it's obvious the architect never heard a corner horn
  16. Stay away from the Craigslist Cornwall's with the cane grills. They have been for sale for months and months. Overpriced for sure but perhaps an ongoing scam
  17. Well maybe "great" is a bit overblown. Interesting though, but: No corners https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/5939-Fieldstone-Rd_North-Chesterfield_VA_23234_M62130-09032
  18. I'm about a hour away. If she needs help when she relist's I'll try to lend a hand.
  19. So Klipsch has stopped using "Monster Cable" in their speakers? Gee, I'm sure they only used Monster Cable because it was the bestest there ever was, and not a marketing juggernaut. Does anybody in the cable world even realize that RCA cables are a specification? That speaker cable is a connector? I've said it before and I'll say it again, anything outside of the specification is simply turning a connector into some form of attenuator. Sure you can hear a difference, because they are deliberately messing with the signal. Yes I'll pay a few bucks more for a cable made with better copper, but anything beyond that is goofyville.
  20. Lost the auction, but back in the day, just the thought of her (quite frankly never knew she also sang) would send me into erotic bliss (hee, hee).
  21. You're going to enjoy them. Listened to a pair purchased a few months ago, about two weeks ago, so broken in, and in my ftiends home. I loved them. However, the sound shades more towards the old LaScalas than the old Cornwalls, so not as much of the old "phat' sound, far more accurate and altogether enjoyable. Oh yeah, owned a pair of '74 Cornwalls until 3/4 years ago when, thanks to this Forum, I ended up with a $500 pair of Khorns. (which I drive mostly with my $50 Marantz8b, same as with the Cornwalls).
  22. So at 5am I gotta figure the fish are so startled they just jump in the pan.
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