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  1. Well slap my head! Duh. It's official, I am senile.
  2. Somebody finally got around to making a documentary on the vinyl revival called Vinyl Nation. Starts streaming this weekend I think on something called TV-14. I have no idea what this is or if there are other ways to view it but I thought I'd pass it along. Here's a link to the trailer: tv-14
  3. Friday night at the historic Lincoln Theater for Cat Power. Great concert.
  4. Either someone here has my landline number or it's a totally odd coincidence, but last evening I got two calls on it, one from Big Bear City, CA and one from Sturgeon Bay, WI. How weird is that.
  5. If there already is a sealant on the rest of the concrete get some Goof Off, dribble a little on the sealed concrete and rub it with your finger. If it's sticky and some of the sealer comes off on your finger it's water based, if nothing changes it's oil-based. Then go to Sherwin Williams or a BenMoore store and get the right product for the surface it will be mating with.
  6. Well there is a Big Foot, Texas, but I thought Big Foot was from farther up north.
  7. Ok, it would appear that one of the reasons the thread was pulled was because someone posted a naked butt. I did not see that. Makes sense to me. Still, I personally think it was a fun thread until it went off the rails. It was also an observation on marketing and trip back to a different age.
  8. Sorry you took it that way. Before killing it, I'm sure you checked with some females and got their opinions, which would have mostly been that special look they all have they give you when men act like boys. However, if you had read the beginning statement when I started that thread, you would have also noted that is was partly fun and partly a commentary on sex in advertising when applied to album covers from back in the day, and the oftentimes disconnect between the music and the cover. ie The cover featuring a scantily clad woman to advertise orchestral music. But hey I'm not out to offend anybody, don't want to act crude like those people who use words like bullshit and pissing off. Besides there are more hot ACR receivers to be carrying on about. Boy are these stacked or what!
  9. Will you look at the knobs on this one:
  10. Not just locked but completly purged from the Forum. It was a fun thread I started years ago to highlight the cheesecake covers of vinyl mostly from the Golden Age of records in the 1950's and early 1960's. Nothing even near x-rated, and nothing stored in the back room of record stores of the day. It had garnered almost 10k in views (you ten guys know who you are). However, it is clear that The Klipsch Forum Continuing Committee on Pornography met in Special Session and voted to kill the thread. The panel is composed of Imam Killthemall, Bishop Buggerme from Rome, and the Right Reverand Bill Sendmemoney, of the Greater Superfluous Bible Church of Whatchamacallit, Alabama. They fumed, fulminated (twittered a time or two as they perused the Jane Mansfield album cover) harrumphed with righteous indignation and in a victory for censors everywhere restored the Forum to it's geeky glory. Here's the formal statement they issued: At what point ESR becomes too high for use in a network cap, maybe .5 ohm? I ordered twice what I needed so I could experiment with different configurations at the same total capacitance. None of these measured higher than .31 and when paralleled that reading came way down. But am I chastised? Repentant? Not on your life! To prove it, I'm turning this thread into a celebration of Sexy AVR Cases. So there censors. Hubba hubba, check out those LED's:
  11. Dillon, Co. Named after the singer?
  12. It's got to be Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. But I could be wrong, what do you suggest?
  13. Glad it worked out for you (not that I'm at all surprised). Now granted, I've never tried them with the later, more complicated xovers, but wherever I've put them there is a noticeable improvement, and sonically they present a full and compelling presence. Hell, I even stuck a few in Marantz 8b! Seems weird discussing Russian caps right now, specked and built for the Soviet military, but so it is.
  14. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/ele/d/fairfax-klipsch-khorns-vintage-walnut/7466434254.html
  15. Been awhile since I had one of those. Tell me more!
  16. Are you referring to ultrasonic cleaning machines? Yes they do work well on cleaning records.
  17. Poets and push/pull. Could be interesting. Here's a couple of quotes from reviewers: "A poet's audio obsession, from collecting his earliest vinyl to his quest for the ideal vacuum tubes." "Garrett Hongo's passion for audio dates back to the Empire 398 turntable his father paired with a Dynakit tube amplifier in their modest tract home in Los ..." The review in my local paper (Washington Post) mentions he got together at some point with none other than Michael Fremmer, soo it should be an interesting read, and supposedly there are some great pics of classic audio gear thrown in.
  18. I like the smaller venues and concerts these days, but I may change my mind because later on this year near me there's Santana and Earth, Wind and Fire on the same bill!
  19. Hadn't heard any live music in awhile, but last Tuesday I got to experience a sold out St. Paul and the Broken Bones concert at the historic black venue, the Lincoln Theater in Washington,DC. Great concert and it always amazes me that he has not blown out his voice the way he sings. Then last night I went to a packed house at the Brihcmere in Alexandria, VA for a Motown Review, which was 9 piece band with a total of nine singing performers. Only shortcoming was no female covers from MoTown's vast female repertoire.
  20. Good one Marvel! Somewhat similar. The jazz group Crusaders keyboardist, Joe Sample, also played on Steely Dan's "Aja" album.
  21. Just dropped a couple of tunes in the Right This Minute thread. Started with Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat", and was floored when I read that it was engineered by none other than Alan Parsons. Well that explains everything I thought, and coincidentally, I have just stashed a cool, granted nerdy, factoid in my head, which will probably dwell there, unused, until I forget it, or incipient senility takes hold. In other words two to three weeks from now. Now we may all know all sorts of factoid stuff about gear, speakers, tubes, the coefficient of a 40 hertz signal from Mars, in delineation to a modulation of a 13uf capacitor. So I'm wondering just how many nifty musical facts does this place have at our fingertips, suppressed from out Teen years until now. Filed away until now, awaiting official Thebesian permission to let it run free across the internet of Klipsch. So what say ye, my friends? Are ye with me? (No Beatles factoids allowed, of course.)
  22. https://frederick.craigslist.org/ele/d/clarksburg-klipsch-khorns/7441062684.html
  23. There's also two pair of LaScalas listed in the 2nd day auction. Some pretty cool stuff mixed in with a lot of lesser stuff.
  24. Wedding present from a friend of the family. She painted it in Thailand some 40 years ago.
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