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  1. Thanks! I tried pretty much every trick I knew. In the end, what fixed it was getting another Toslink DAC and just keeping everything 100% divided. Funny how light does not conduct electrical current I hope that rub has had lots of ribs under it! Your Welcome
  2. Thanks, yes it took a lot of years and work to get to this point. The PC I have is newly built by me just a couple months ago, I did go a little overboard too but it should last a good 5 years and still be viable. Games have a lot of music in them so it is not just bullet noises and explosions LOL! I am having a bit of a ground loop issue though. It is annoying when it is quiet but it is easily drowned out. I am feeding Toslink from the PC to a DAC (so it is not coming from the PC) where the audio is split to 2 runs of RCA cables, one to each amp. Both the integrated and the amp are plugged into the same power conditioner with each outlet fed through an isolation transformer. The hum is through the preamp to the Khorn run. If I seperate the RCA feeds then the hum goes away or if I pull the power plug on the integrated but leave the feeds connected it is gone also. I think my next move may be to get a Toslink splitter and add in another DAC so that each RCA run is separate and not electrically connected. Any opinions are welcome!
  3. I am sitting here in the semi dark, watching 2 4K, 42 inch screens, playing a video game on my computer while the audio is being fed through my 2 ch tube Pre-amp to my tube amp then to my Khorns while also being fed through a tube integrated and into my Quartets. I wonder what the other 99% play on?
  4. How true. We live rural Riverside county. Life is nowhere near like when we lived in Long Beach which is really just an extension of the city next to it and the one next to it and next to it. All in all there are 88 different cities in "Los Angeles" Except for a sign at each city border, you never know the difference ONE BIG city mushed together from 88. Looking at the state land mass wise, in an election and seeing which counties voted for the Elephant or the A$$, 98% of the state is RED but the big cities, LA, SF, Sac. are blue. THEY tell the 98% of the state how to live while at the same time the 2% land mass have NO CLUE how the rest of us live. Our son moved to Georgia about 5 years ago for a job at Lockheed, he loves it there while he was born and raised here, in So Cal, mostly in the country as we moved here when he was 5. That was 31 years ago and now we are moving to follow him. The state gov is SOOOOOOOOO rigged against other than radical left folks it is impossible to take the state back. For decades the voting districts have been carved out to give Dems every advantage. Many times, two sections of a district DON'T EVEN TOUCH EACH OTHER with a second district between the two parts of the first. Lets not forget about the BILLIONS of dollars wasted on the train to nowhere. It starts in the desert, runs through farm land and ends in a place that few want to go. It was supposed to be a high speed (over 100 mph) connector between So and North Ca. Now it is a slow speed, local to local train that will be supported by tax dollars as it can't possibly earn what it costs to run. The "new" Gov. did kill it but because if it does not actually work, even if poorly, the state must give back the funds to the Fed gov that were spent. Heaven forbid we take a one time hit and give the money back but no, we must live for decades and decades paying for a train that no one rides.
  5. Home depot, 14 gauge zip cord. Done!
  6. I have used black marker on my Fort'es, worked OK.
  7. Yep, turn loudness to off, adjust the volume to the loudest you want to play then back down the loudness with .... ready for it? ... the loudness knob.
  8. KG series have a small foot print with big sound. I bought a pair of KG4s for my son about 10 years ago and they perform awesom.
  9. Speaker size??? Resistance is futile, ..... I am using a pair of Quartets as computer speakers Even when driven by a very inexpensive monoprice tube amp that was only purchased for headphone duty, they are awesome with a good source!
  10. Sometimes when you want the best and are willing to pay for it, depreciation is just part of the game. Spend $250,000 on a new Mercedes and in ten years it is worth 1/10 of that or less. If you trade in just the next year you will take a $50,000 or more hit.
  11. If you are connecting via RCA cables, there are lots of switch boxes that will do that. Check Monoprice and you will see a lot of choices. To switch all 6 cables, you could use 2 or 3 switch boxes depending on how they are wired. A input switcher links L and R to a switch while a composite TV switch box links L R and Video so 2 boxes would switch 6 lines.
  12. As I said, YMMV! the "NEWS" media, both broadcast and print, try to out hype each other to get the advertising bucks. I have been to so many events in person and the reporting if there was any, was not even close to what happened and bore no resemblance to any actual events that transpired. DECADES ago, I switched off the news in all their forms. If something is going on, I will hear about it soon enough, then I do my own investigating. This is not the end of the world, this is as much of a political stunt before an election as the Swine flue and the Bird flue and the ...... name your epidemic just before an election. YMMV!
  13. @BigStewMan Hi! ya, I have been back a little, checking things out.. again! I don't say much but I read a bit. Still love my Klipsch, have not bought anymore but have not sold any either It is nice to see some familiar names and read from them again!
  14. Take this for what it is worth. We are looking to get the HE## out of C.A. I get an instant 20% bump in buying power simply by moving out of state. There is a near dollar tax on every gallon of gas to "fix the roads" when they were already getting thirty cents a gallon which was supposed to do just that. They diverted the first tax to the "train to nowhere from nowhere" BILLIONS of dollars spent on a HIGH SPEED, no er, limited stop, no er, milk run train that starts in the desert and ends noplace close to anywhere. No one is going to ride it but because the state took fed money for it, they have to at least make some part of it work or give back the money to the feds. Oh, the new pile of money to fix the roads.... ya they "diverted" that too, how is this for gov logic. They are going to build public housing with the money under the excuse that more housing will reduce the traffic thus it is being spent on roads. UH well until you consider that no one who is on the road will use the housing, the traffic will still be the same and the roads will still go down hill. I could keep going on but there isn't enough space on the internet.
  15. I really feel this is so overblown. Last year, in the U.S. alone from the common flu from a report on CBS citing a CDC study, "The report estimates that flu has caused at least 4.6 million flu illnesses, 39,000 hospitalizations and 2,100 deaths since the season began in September. " That is 4 months. You don't see panic in the streets over the flu yet it is much worse. YMMV! https://detroit.cbslocal.com/2019/12/30/cdc-flu-deaths-rise-2100-nationwide-2019/
  16. Feeling a little bit like the Red headed step child. I ONLY have H1 and H2s, Fort'e 1s, Quartets, CW2 and 1978 K honrns. All the OLD stuff LOL! I never went with Plannar speakers but you will need a good CLEAN amp with a CLEAN first watt. When you consider that Klipsch run from the high 80 DB to one watt to well over 100 DB for the first watt, most of your listening will be at LOW power VS the plannars. Just a thing to think about.
  17. Looks OK to me side to side. My room is 12 x 12 and I sit 8 feet back, center. not much in room treatments but there is acoustic ceiling, carpet floor and a whole pile of books in shelves on the sides. No not perfect and likely not great but they do sound awesome! Do keep them, adjust them and the room as needed to make the best of what you have and enjoy!
  18. @dwilawyer Hi! This being retired is a whole different thing! The BEST days of the week are Mon to Friday because the stores are way too crowded on the weekends The wife .. well I am glad to be home to help take care of her, just a progression of her medical issues, with luck we can slow down her regression. I have been fine, working in the shop, teaching blacksmithing, working on hotrods and now getting into electronics repair. Still a very big NOOB at it but I am about ready to tackle my first recap and alignment of a table top radio. A 1935 Philco. I plan to add Bluetooth and an input jack to it so that even though it is an AM ONLY radio, it can live a new life with modern programing. I hope to be here more often. I can so easily be distract..........SQUIRLE ........ uh, what, uh oh ya, distracted and go on different tangents. I see a lot of new people, that is great! They are going to wonder just who the heck I am though
  19. I went to the download site, played the demo tracks.... WOW!!!! It only goes to show what ... S#*$ I have been listening to! PC to a China tube amp to my quartet "PC speakers" and I was blown away. Both by the recordings AND as to the outstanding quality reproduction Klipsch provides!
  20. Mine are about 12 inches from the wall, crowded next to the Khorns and supporting my TVs/computer screens, tube amp and are used as PC speakers. HEY ya make things fit how you can.
  21. Hi all, I know it has been a while since I last visited, sorry about that.. life happens. Anyway, My 78 Rosewood Khorns have a little veneer seperating. It is on the bottom of the hat sections, just a couple of bubbles and one small chip. I have tried using an iron to see if I could reactivate the glue but no joy. I have some new veneer sheets to fill in the small chip ( about 1 inch wide and 1/8 inch high) The sales guy at Rockler said to just use Tightbond 3. I admit this is a great wood glue but before I start, if someone has a better idea.. I am willing to listen!
  22. I have used pretty much everything from 40 year old 16 ga zip cord to 8 ga, O2 free pure copper. Both are pretty much the same. By the time the cables can be switched, you will not remember exactly what the other cable sounded like. Human senses are like that. YMMV!
  23. Great looking TT, I am happy for now with my Regga but a matt would be an instant sale to me. Much nicer than what is on my TT.
  24. I own and use a range of Klipsch, my Fort'e speakers are in use constantly serving duty as media speakers in our TV room. They are awesome and they sit angled into the viewing space, about 8 inches from the wall to the center of the passive. They were my first Klipsch and they have further fueled my acquisitions
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