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  1. It's been a long time since I have seen Cornwalls sitting in Wood paneling and treated concrete floors.
  2. http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8444/7753070484_9c673e1a10_b.jpg About 22' apart
  3. RF82's or RF7's with a RC52/62 center... done. you may want to check out a KLF30 also, but I dont think they will be as crisp.
  4. Schu

    Hyabusa Anyone?

    Hyabusa is a waste unless you can pick it up for a song. I bought my first NEW road bike in 1980... I've been riding for nearly 33 years, on road and on track. I think when people choose bikes, they don't realize that unlike most vehicle purchases... motorcycles are designed and perform based around specific purposes of usage. if you want balance, you choose a trials bike... if you want duality, you choose a dual purpose/motard... if you want to tour, you choose touring... if you want to look pretty or portray an attitude, choose a hardly Ableson The Hyabusa serves no purpose other than to go fast... IN A STRAIGHT LINE. it's a open class motorcycle that is better suited for the dragstrip if anything... so if you like a BIG HEAVY BIKE to go from stop light to stop light breaking the speed limit, go ahead. if you like to ride, you are better off choosing something more akin to a standard perhaps a sport touring bike if you like distance as part of your equation... if you like to go as fast as you can in the canyons, choose a narrow focused sport bike... and if you like to ride great distances, go with a touring bike. bottom line, do not choose a motorcycle based on stats and/or claims of outright performance. My last three bikes... sadly, I am without a scooter currently [:'(] Daytona RD250 Nera and RD Nera Me... FYI, learn to cover []
  5. you might want to spend some of your time downtown then... it's old, but it has character. the casinos are really top of the line in as far as design details and architectural ques.they all have something a little different to offer. the MO is in a great location to experience everything on the south end of the strip... I really would not go past NY NY/MGM if I were you, luxor and mandaly bay dont have anything really unique to offer unless you like to drink and see bands.if you could get a car and go out to red rock canyon you will like it. it's part of the national park system and if you already have a card from another park I am pretty sure that it would work there... otherwise it's like 5-10 bucks. here is a good resource for shows at hotels in vegas http://www.lvol.com/lvoleg/lvshows.html also... the star trek convention is in town this weekend at the RIO hotel. good picture taking oppertunity.
  6. they need to dump tae kwan do... that is a worthless sport.
  7. I've done Vegas and Tunica(I live in vegas and I lived in memphis)... there is no comparrison. you are going to be surprised by how expensive eating in on the strip and in hotels.a typical buffet will be your wet dream, but will set you back at least 25'ish per person. when you get here, try and get as many players cards as you can... they are free and will help you get discounts on eats. the vegas buffets are, for the most part, world class if you go to the bigger hotels(Bellagio, Vennetian, Mirage etc etc) and the buffets at the cheap hotels can be very bad(excaliber, circus circus etc etc) so pick your poison as you like. it might help if you could tell us where you are staying? what do you like to do? are you going to be driving a rental car? if so, you dont need to be on a tour to get to Hoover... just pay for the tour at the ticket booth when you get there. for the most part, the damn is free... buying a ticket gets you a breif presentation and a quick trip down teh elevator to where the generators are housed... thats about it. evenif you dont buy the tour, teh damn is EXTREMELY impressive. also, dont forget to stop at the bridge parking lot and walk out to the middle of the new fly over freeway bridge... it's pretty high up there.
  8. Abbey is the road to the olympics?
  9. Godspeed MH... I loved that work in "the informant"
  10. the more I look at it... I think it is only a computer generated images.
  11. I find that room, and it's decorations, disturbing.
  12. I'd be pretty pissed off also... AT THE REAL CRIMINAL. Police did there job, no one was hurt.
  13. the orleans and rio are pretty much second tier casinos... the rio is in the news because of the WSOP tournament, but the Orleans is a great place...if you are looking to save move, it's the place to stay. the orleans will have much higher foot traffic and be much more energetic than the rio and the orleans has great shows and conventions, specially conservative slanted conventions. Rio does have one of the better buffets, but that's not enough for me to stay there... I an jump in a car or catch the free shuttle from orleans if I want. Unless you are wanting to stay at a top tier casino(aria, wynn etc), these places are fine... clean... and well staffed.
  14. Rio's okay... a step up from the IP fo sho. I play quite a bit of poker at the rio during the wsop this last month, and you will be happy unless you are used to upper scale casinos... which the rio is not(but still nice). the strip will be about 2-3 minutes away by car(10-15 walking) and you can always catch the free shuttle service. if you are looking at the cheap end and nice, take a look at the Orleans. if you are out here doing the hiking thing, take time in red rock canyon. if you need to know anything about poker or such things let me know.
  15. if you need an address for shipping... PM me, I can help you out. I am about 10 monutes from the strip and about 5 minutes or less from either the 15 or 215
  16. Not in mine... it's wonderful./
  17. very much... congratulations! I am curious... how much... ball park is okay.
  18. if you are new to HT... buy used and save $$$ The SC is outstanding... specially the ICE based amps found in the SC 35/37
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