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  1. very much... congratulations! I am curious... how much... ball park is okay.
  2. if you are new to HT... buy used and save $$$ The SC is outstanding... specially the ICE based amps found in the SC 35/37
  3. is that special damping tape?
  4. so then face value is the best we can do when a manufacturer says a speakers specs are BLA BLA BLA?
  5. How does one test, or figure out, whether or not a speaker is operating within OEM Specification? I am not specifically talking about crossover function only, but driver assemblies also. I am understandably curious for those that have purchased used or B stock items.
  6. I leave mine off(sub and center).. except my cornwalls because they look so good in either black or cane... whch I swap out every other month or so.
  7. "Dead" not dying... all medium, regardless of type, is pretty much a dead idea.
  8. Zu audio has upscale solutions... My Pioneer has an OEM wireless solution that I use on occasion.
  9. I have to say that I have been EXTREMELY impressed with my 93 unit... coming from a PS3 that would play sacd's, I have to say there is no comparison between the two units in that the Oppo blows the sony unit out of the water in play back and especially BD play back.I have less to say about the umc issue... as my 93 goes directly into my Pioneer sc35. I did have the 93 linked to my emotiva pre amp for a while but was NOT impressed with that mating. One additional thing to considertis that there is a huge support mechanism for OPPO's through consumer groups. all in all, I think you are going to be VERY happy with the 95 if you get it... there are also audiophile 95's but they run much more $$$
  10. the upgrade bug is coming... I can feel it. welcome to the forums.
  11. there were a pair of black painted LS's here in vegas about two weeks ago on criagslist... $300 and you pick them up.
  12. it definitely looks like a giant pile of stuff... but all of it absolutely necessary. I can't wait to see finished pictures.
  13. ugh... why would I post the actual Vectored files... this is the internet. My work is digitized to the ten thousandth and those previous designs are over 13' in size. when you can find better more precise work, you let me know. here are some more of my designs... I have probably more than a thousand designs/projects credited and produced. http://s3images.coroflot.com/user_files/individual_files/original_305273_ynk56xvrCbJvXIG60ELTNmS0R.jpg 192"x192" http://s3images.coroflot.com/user_files/individual_files/original_305273_EYnszb62hAQz4Z6nYbahwNk_u.jpg 150"x192" http://s3images.coroflot.com/user_files/individual_files/original_305273_PXJynwmrXezTAUVwytAXUT0eG.jpg 245"x348"
  14. those motorboards are beautiful!
  15. very nice... enjoy! pictures when you get them in place please.
  16. Schu

    RC 64

    RC64II... not RC64. I think that is where the confusion lies.
  17. Schu

    RC 64

    about 700-800 is a good price for b stock new.
  18. KB is an afterthought on the world scene. there are so many more talented drivers than he is... but the promotional machine behind him is vast. I'm just sayin
  19. Schu

    RC 64

    474 for an rc64... I have to call BS on that one.
  20. SKG... no thanks. glad you enjoyed it though.
  21. Here is an Autocad file I both designed and digitized... 2000i. Just incase you wanted ot know what is possible in autocad. 156"x156" Design: http://s3images.coroflot.com/user_files/individual_files/original_305273_uzApscwpKDQaVPyzTI96WJr_x.jpg Digitized File: http://s3images.coroflot.com/user_files/individual_files/original_305273_1HPa8EzvKIsFb_asdRuIRwu5z.jpg
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