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  1. an additional note, I am having to dial back or turn off the 115 for vinyl playback, it's simply adds to much bass extension for my tastes when playing back thru my turntable. I am sure bass loading is occurring, but to be honest, my turntable/preamp has never lacked any bass. for CD or iPod play back, the 115 is doing a wonderful job even though I really need to control how much I allow teh sub to integrate. it can easily over power my system. a little is a lot for my tastes.
  2. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    I bought three more bottles of this to squirrel away for the future.
  3. very nice... thank you for sharing
  4. I think I have the unit pretty much dialed in for MOST of the duty. it seems the LPF and indeed the sub works best at or near 120... and I do have the x over at 80z for now. it's SEAMLESS with the cornwalls in musical terms and the sound is natural and integrated... it's not standing out as a source and timbre seems good. I tried the LPF back and fourth and it just rolls on so smoothly at any point you use it, so I prefer close to 120. one thing for sure, this sub is strong... it can easily overwhelm my system, I prefer it to be natural and smooth... I have found that position makes a BIG difference with this unit but for now, I am leaving it in the spot it is at basically for aesthetic reasons. certainly $600 is a smoking price... I dont see how that is possible, but good on you mate, you WILL NOT be disappointed.
  5. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Nice... I've been jonesing for a Danny Gatton from the custom shop for years to replace my es335. but I don't play anything buy acoustic anymore. telecaster is about the only Fender I would own.
  6. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    just ordered from Germany...
  7. this thread is over a year old... I am sure you would be MORE THAN happy with a Pioneer elite and 82's/64!
  8. I just tried to make a video with a glass of water sitting on top, but my video resolution was horrible and it didn't show any diaphragm movement despite the long throws. water barely moves in an extreme movie scene, so at least the cabinet seems pretty stable. I pumped up the xover to 80hz from 50hz and it seems to be putting out more useful sound... and I tried small speakers to force the unit, but I prefer large settings for now.
  9. ^Exactly my point for purchasing this unit, and also to support the factory... so far so good on the 115 for $700. it's more than I hoped for in my application. Surely I can see where Klipsch was saving money on this sub... the finish and perhaps in one or two aspect of the electronics, but it does function... and functions nicely. It's no way built as well as my new 64ii, any knucklehead can see that, but I can live with what compromise Klipsch has done with this unit. Until you've tried it or tested it on your own... I suggest you hold off judgement MikeAK
  10. WOW.... 600 bucks is a steal for sure!
  11. I just got it... I need to build a shelf for it under the monitor location. as a matter of fact, that monitor is going away and another (64") is going in it's place... so there is a lot of work to do as yet.
  12. Here it is... helped the fedex guy move it off the truck barely an hour ago. All I can say for now is, use half gain settings for your initial set up as I thought this thing was going to literally shake my foundation apart... and I am not kidding either. nothing is balanced or set up correctly, but it is preliminarily set up and thoughts are "NICE!" For music I still am preferring no sub probably because I am running Cornwalls which have an abundance of low frequency response... but remember this thing is not set up correctly. for movies, it add's tremendously...phenomenally... exceptionally. But it needs to be used carefully otherwise it will overpower everything else in your system. As far as LFE reproduction goes... if LFE is supposed to scare the shyte out of you... Good Job Klipsch!
  13. We can't wait to hear your thoughts on this sub. Some pics would be awesome also. My thoughts are this unit is... OVERWHELMING! it seems to move a massive amount of air and during preliminary setup, I had to power it back considerably otherwise it seemed my walls and foundation were going to crack... and I mean literally. this is just a rough set up as I need to get a shelf built for the center and my new monitor up on the wall. for Home Theater, I can simply not imagine EVER needing anything more... and indeed, I probably over bought. I am sure the 112 would have been fine for my application. this unit at 1/2 max gain will rattle the walls and windows so severely it actually scared me to play it at that intensity. Surely I am still setting it up and trying to get the balance correct, but for music my initial impressions are that I prefer my music thru the cornwalls only. However, if I play music thru the surround sound mix of my pioneer, I prefer fronts with center and no subwoofer. I am sure this has to be taken with a grain of salt as the sub is not set up as yet and my speakers were still on the "large" setting. As far as LFE reproduction goes... if LFE is supposed to scare the shyte out of you... SUPERB Job Klipsch!
  14. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    here ya go! All I can say is Boom Boom
  15. Godspeed Dick... you've lived well.
  16. welcome to the forum... CL is definitely a great way to discover and try different systems for much less money that full retail. there is so much for sale out there.
  17. Mine should be here this afternoon...
  18. would you not want to set the sub Xover/roll off at the lowest setting possible (that your mains will still cover) so there is as little interference as possible with the mains? Or do you want some over lap? which in the case of the 82's is around 33hz
  19. that is slightly worrying... OP check one thing for me please. go to c drive/windows/system32/drivers/etc/locahosts. open local hosts with wordpad and the very last thing on that list should read # localhost. if there is something other than that there, your computer is being redirected by a remote user.
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