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  1. David lynch has many albums... I have been a fan of his music for years! some of whcih are very hard to come by.
  2. League of crafty guitarists will tranz your arse into another relm!
  3. wow... you have access to some nice equipment there.
  4. a smarter man the I once told me to not put my SS amp on top of a pulsing source, so I moved it.
  5. I got it... did you guys wire them using pre outs?
  6. thanks... can you guys further expound on the trigger issue? I am not sure I fully understand
  7. I know i have seen a few of these Maranz Monoblock individual amps sell in the garage section... how do people feel about these marantz ma500 and ma700 amps? has anyone run these before and what did you think for music? do they impart a sound or hum? thanks
  8. if you mount the heresy from the back instead of trying to rest it on that shelf, you would be better off!
  9. Rather ironic that you use two digital photos to try and illustrate the difference. how in the world am I suposed to illustrate continous tone on the computer? the idea should resonate, if one can open his mind.
  10. OP, here is an simplification that graphically depicts what happens during most rasterizing/digitization that is not based on vector but rather bit mapping. you can up the rate and depth at which something is sample, it's all about the resolution. the bit depth and sample rate can be so deep that the human being can not distinguish the difference but it will never be continuous tone... left side analog/lp... right side cd/digital...
  11. IF, you could find everything on sacd you might have an argument. but what we do with our expensive TT's then? Is there anyone who owns both the LP and the SACD and doesn't prefer the latter? I admit, I haven't played the 2-channel version but after discovering multichannel music I haven't had the desire to go back.Fwiw, one of my favorite LPs was Electric Warrior by T-Rex and that is another one that is outstanding on DVD-A and I never remember it sounding so good (although I remember it being" great" at the time).
  12. the question is... WHY NOT VINYL! analog is your friend, unless your sample rate and bit depth is off the charts~
  13. I wanted to ask about the all to frequent covering of cornwalls, seemingly being covered in Formica... was this an issue that was prevalent/popular back in the 1970's(1962 here), or did Klipsch actually provide Formica covered heritage series speakers back then? the reason I ask is, I have seen others with Formica covered cornwalls, and I also have a single set of cornwalls that have been covered in Formica... in what appears to be a mock Brazilian rosewood. it's very very well done and even the face is nicely mitered and covered completely, and could fool an eye(if you were a fool that is), but was this something that was popluar to do back then on the aftermarket? I've seen how much work it would take to restore the speakers, for now I think I will just leave them as is.
  14. ^ Interesting... one pair already has C125's, the other still has 77's. is recapping that difficult?
  15. I back up the KLF answer,I loved my pair... it's just that CW's are much better
  16. agreed with above... how about trying both, optical and RCA, and decide for yourself which you like better???
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