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  1. I use my PS3 to play my cd's dvda's and sacd's... but i am getting a dedicated sacd player... onkyo sp506 with the lastest DACs. Onkyo also has a great cd only player, the dx7555
  2. LOL... it was a good one. guy was clinging to the back of a semi at 70-80mph... Highights http://www.woodtv.com/dpp/news/strange/offbeat_ap_atlanta_man_clings_to_truck_during_police_chase_200904281539_2353484 Another one of the end... http://www.tmz.com/videos?autoplay=true&mediaKey=ed797acb-3a52-4015-95f0-0fff195da36b LOL at the Atlanta Police dog... a Golden Retriever
  3. I am still a little confused by the addition of a Subwoofer(or two subwoofers) as they pertain to playback of audio. In conversation, some people have said they would NOT add a sub for music, and some folks add two(left right)... is this a personal preference or is this a setup issue in making sure that the subs do not over power the main l/r klipsch speakers. I was thinking about adding a pair of 10" subs to add some low end on my heresey fronts, but if its a waste of money for audio then I will forgo that addition thanks
  4. You know... I seem to be one of the only guys here that wants his cake and eat it to. I have come to learn that volume is a key factor in listening quality in that having to much can hurt your listening experience, but I come from the 60's/70's and I want my ears to bleed with both volume and crystal clarity. I think feeling the music concussion is part of the experience
  5. does this meet your criteria? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882115196&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-Receivers-_-Yamaha-_-82115196 it's on sale for another two days
  6. Think about a Onkyo sr806 in that price range. 130WPC and pre outs. I have been completely happy with mine. very very quite opperation.I got mine NEW from amazon for about 625 shipped. I wanted the nr906 with netwrok capabilites, but the extra price wasnt affordable at the time. Make sure you get the"S" version if you do opt for the onkyo Technical Specifications Power Output: 130 W/Channel (8 ohms, 1 kHz) THX Certified: THX Ultra2 Plus™ Amplifier Frequency Response: 5Hz-100kHz S/N Ratio (LINE IN): 106dB HDMI video up-conversion with DCDi Cinema technology Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD decoding DTS Decoder: DTS-HD Master Audio Music Optimizer: Yes Audyssey Dynamic EQ: Yes Faroudja DCDi Edge™ 192K/24 Bit DACs: Yes Multi-Band Speaker EQ: 5 Band Audio I/O: 8/2 Digital Audio IN (OPT/COAX): 3/3 Composite I/O: 5/1 S-Video I/O: 5/1 Front-Panel Optical: Yes Component Video / Bandwidth: 2/1/50MHz HDMI V1.3a repeater:: 5in/1out, 1080p compatible 480i to 480p Processing: DCDi Cinema 1080i Upscaling: DCDi Cinema 1080p Upscaling: DCDi Cinema Powered Zone2: Yes Zone 2 Line Out: Yes iPod Ready: DS-A2x, DS-A2, DS-A1 Auto Speaker Calibration W/Mic: Audyssey Multi EQ
  7. Can anyone else elaborate on the pre out scenerio please? I am using a integrated receiver now to that does nhave pre outs... how do I set up my system to use these feature?
  8. I regulalry still use a 1.44... but I have a unique situation. Point was well taken though as OWNING a physical item will soon be outside of market norm
  9. In the older days... the metalics were known to oxidize. this was a major concern in some Laser Disks
  10. What I hate is having to clean the Doohicky wihen it fully loaded with chochki's and covered in dust
  11. OP... check the import sources. They are making and selling sacd's by the boat full
  12. I see... I understand supply and demand and the consumer/market doesn't always choose the best solution. Frankly, no format is the best format... either streaming or download with no hard copy save for whats on your HardDrive. best get use to that, because that's where we're going for everything including TV, movies and music. the few high Def downloads I have bought are pretty good, but I still like a hard copy... for now anyway
  13. Onkyo user here to... 806(S model) for about $530 shipped. I am still wondering how to hook up pre outs... anyone?
  14. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2009/03/record_store_da_1.html http://www.recordstoreday.com/Home Record Store Day - a nationwide event created to support independently owned record stores - will take place on Saturday, April 18, 2009.
  15. Yes you can play CD's on SACD player... they are actually DVD players. Check out the onkyo sp506 dvd player. It samples 24bit @192hz and has three Burr-Brown DACs, and wil play most all your favorite formats... $215 shipped on B&H. I wont be using the dvd myself. I would even be getting this unit if someone could confirm playback specifications on the ps, but no one can so. Downsampling is the process of reducing the rate at which something is sampled. eg 2.8mhz is more than three times the rate of 44khz,which is where most player reside. The bit depth is also broken down into more pieces on sacd/dvda so in total you are looking at a technology that has more resolution... more bit depth and at a higher rate. Think of it as an X and Y axis... If bit depth is Y, on a CD this vector is broken down into 16 pieces...on SACD it is broken down into 32 pieces or bits.. The X axis is the rate at which an object is moving along or being sampled... CD will move along at 44hz... SACD will move along ar 2.8mhz So you can see that each individual picture being taken at any single instant during music sampling has much more resolution
  16. I may be inclined to agree... but your DAC is really important in this mater(obviously). I am still learning myself about all this stuff.
  17. That's funny because I see sacds commanding high prices. and while the manufacture of the disks is hit or miss.... over seas suppliers seem to be flowing with new title. The Pixies just released two new sacds, Doolittle and Bossanova and Genesis has the new version of Nursery Crime
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