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  1. I have the opposite advice... get the Onkyo. I am sure both are really good options. I love onkyo products
  2. For for the album is the only way I know how to find them. it's been hit and miss so far, though there are some areas in the world where sacds continue to be offere and catalogs continue to grow
  3. Happy birthday Bob, another successful trip around the sun. I just had a short conversation with bob about speaker repair... []
  4. Thats a pretty complete and thurough description.[Y] FYI... the SP506 Onkyo unit I talked about above is only 200$ shipped from B&H... i would skip the purchase if I could find that teh PS3 was giving me all that I wanted out of the sacds... but I can not get a straight answer on play back, so I am going to make the dedicated player purchase.
  5. I am just a newbie here, but one thing I do know is that sacd's sound great on my onkyo sr806 and heresey conbination... so much so that I am buying as many sacds as possible and investing in a SP506 dvd player that will have sacd and dvda capabilities at 192hz in 24bit depth. I just got Fragiles by yes in sacd on friday... I played it this morning on my ps3... awesome sound quality. I cant wait for 192hz and 24 bits
  6. You know what I just discovered, is that if I switch my playback type from my ps3, I get tremendous mum and buzz. but If I keep it off 7.1 my system is very very quite. not sure if this helps... but I didnt notice this about playbeack choices just this weekend
  7. I buy ALL my stuff online, I have yet to be dissapointed by anything, but I do a fair bit of research prior ot buying. Post Script..You're going to love your Hereseys
  8. I think I am into that DVD.^^.. My personal fav is Pornography
  9. Nice.... I am learning something new everyday
  10. thank you... quality in which way, frequency response/range? I was looking at older analog units... highend maybe pioneer vintage. What I dont want is to add hmm or hiss to my set up.
  11. Thanks for all the responses... the main reason I was asking is I am looking at some vintage highend units...I am thinking that it might be better to go with new digital units though. any input from anyone?
  12. Beautiful... though I would never buy a dodge product
  13. Are Graphic Equalizers Obsolete? I see many system descriptions and many times they do not include an EQ... in this modern age are they obsolete with modern pre sets that are availible? thanks
  14. You know what... I was wondering about that. I did use really heavy gauge multifilament wire, but I always wondered if there were better options availible. looks like my hunch may be right.
  15. Where are the rest of the technical drawings? I love that stuff
  16. Thank you so much all so far... more info. I just bought a onkyo sr806... it's 7.1 130 watt.... outputting through a pair of original Hereseys, so it should be and is good but am I missing some sound or range or warmth? I am using it in sterio mode right now but I will be adding at least another set of hereseys or cornwall/lascala for the fronts and moving th existing units to the back. I also wanted to add a new gen turntable... so any help is really appreciated. Movie application for me right now is not as important as sound quality and clear volume. To be honest I have been very happy so far, but I wont know what I am missing until I hear it Specs: 130 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.08% THD THX Ultra2 Plus certification new THX listening modes for optimized surround sound at any listening level Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, THX Surround EX®, Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES™, Pro Logic® IIx, and DTS Neo:6 decoding XM Satellite Radio Ready (requires XM subscription and optional XM Mini-Tuner package) SIRIUS satellite radio capable (requires SIRIUS subscription and optional SiriusConnect™ home tuner kit) iPod® integration (requires optional DS-A2x iPod dock) Audyssey Laboratories' MultEQ six-point auto setup and room calibration system (microphone included) Audyssey Dynamic EQ™ for fuller sound at lower listening levels dual-room/dual-source audio (powered and line-level stereo audio output for 2nd room; using powered 2nd-room output allows 5.1 home theater in main room) RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI) control via HDMI with compatible components (HDMI-CEC) back surround speaker channels re-assignable for bi-amping front left and right speakers 192kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converters for all channels Pure Audio mode high-current amplifier designAm I looking at two systems? one for av and one for audio?
  17. That was my initial thought... daisy the analog in front of the digital. I wonder if I would experience enough of a difference to justify the purchse of a tube pre or amp
  18. is there anyway of increasing the performance/sound quality of an integrated receiver? I have been happy to date witht eh dynamic range of the unit, but I think I have been bitten by the upgrade bug. What would happen if you stuck a tube amp in front of or behind a receiver on a chain? thanks Schu
  19. I'm running Hereseys off an Onkyo sr806 integrate 130w... they completely rock, very clear and LOUD. As a matter of fact I want to add two more hereseys to the set up or move my currents backward and replace in front with lascalas
  20. I was thinking of picking up another pair of heresys. I still am quite new to this so I thought I would ask some of the more knowledgable around here.. are these woofers OEM? Do you any reason to not buy these? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=330316890698 thanks schu
  21. awesome... thank for the clear response. I have a pair of original units, but I want to add a second pair... I dont know, for the rears? but I live the sound and power.
  22. Thanks for the replies... I think I am scared to over power my heresy's with the sr806... the meters wil allow me to see the peak. I dont know why they do not include meters of some kind with high powered integrated amps these days. Right now I can barely turn up the onkyo sr806(130 rated) to half way and not be running out of the room... I have no idea how much wattage is going through my heresys at that point. schu
  23. hello all, I am fairly new here and I am OBVIOUSLY a newbie, but is there a way to add analog meters(like those that are found on stand alone amps) to my new digital sr806 integrated receiver? I love looking at those needles bouncing back and forth thanks in advance. schu
  24. I did a quick search but didn;t see any clear answer... can someone give me a quick rundown on the differences between hesery variations/generations? Are the older versions more desirable in that produce a better sound? thanks in advance
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