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  1. being locked into a corner at 45º is a bass bin thing
  2. I was serious... i would love a mono system with a horn nearly room size.
  3. Something like This is my mono goal...
  4. Those are the two choices I am considering right now... Unfortunately the research I have done is that the dells can get a little loud when pressed.
  5. thats true... it is different than the other signatures.
  6. Schu

    intelligence logo

    damn it... I wanted this to be legit.
  7. this thread is from 2019
  8. Schu

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    They took it down already?
  9. I Spec'ed out a dell i9 liquid cooling with 3080 Nvidia and 38 inch wide screen for about 4k... Seems it should be less.
  10. I got 2k if he's interested for .25% of a pair of used speakers.
  11. Schu

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    I'm not kidding... 😛
  12. I already have an i7 surface...
  13. Schu

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    Anyone see the new intelligence organization logo...
  14. Ive had HORRIBLE experience with lenovo... mainly around their lap tops... Ive stayed away since. never owned any towers from them
  15. I AGREE COMPLETELY... i need low db or silent functionality.
  16. what causes it? because if it's excursion fatigue, a horn loaded unit with have less of that would it not?
  17. I am wondering if it's time to consider buying a new desktop tower? it's been SEVERAL years, if not a decade or more, is it time to upgrade my CPU and operating system... the computers runs perfectly right now. 1.8TB standard HD about 20% capacity. and if so, what are the recommendations for replacement... Current is HP and I think I want to move to a super wide (41") monitor.
  18. jesus... i've been posting about Realhorns here for a LONG TIME.
  19. you guys are still stuck on the wrong subject?
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