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  1. The internet 'MAGNIFIES' the detritus that has always existed in most of modern humanity and in fact, it has accelerated such behavior with it's ability to viralize such content. nothing will change, because people won't change. Web3 is coming which will further incentivize and monetize behaviors that can garner the scale and crowd funding properties of abhorrent behaviors. It is very like being brain washed and hypnotized in that personalities that would normally be unwilling to act in such manners, begin to partake in behaviors that have become 'Normalized'... no matter how unhealthy that behavior is. The adverse is unable to garner the same velocity of adoption because it appears 'standard' and 'normal'.
  2. I got a NEW HDMI cable and I had to test it out... Such a fantastic film.
  3. I'm tempted to buy them just to sit them on a shelf...
  4. Schu

    Heresy IVs SOLD

    wow... those are definitely beautiful
  5. Network builders need to eat to
  6. I'd love one with no amp... but I am okay with a class D plate
  7. if you need something now... I suggest a Rythmik servo subwoofer
  8. dont wait... these do not come up to often
  9. There very well may be a new 20Hz subwoofer coming soon from klipsch if the tea leaves are to be believed... I would wait if I were you.
  10. can we delete this thread please...
  11. not really... there is a lot of competition and some really good sellers out there
  12. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    I hope they sound good for that price...
  13. International Bald Guy Day...
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