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  1. I LOVE the word resonance... because that is what acoustic instruments do.
  2. this from North Reading looks VERY VERY interesting... built to your specification. I bet they would make your La Scala's SING!
  3. don't most newer model cars have hdmi inputs? that would be a simple usb-c to hdmi connector, like you would use for a wall wart. I've used 'boxes' like you showed above for somethings... they work reasonably well.
  4. I'd be MORE THAN willing to give them a try...
  5. Proper hearing, the golden ear, is a learned skill set... good luck with your hearing.
  6. Dynamic Range DB keeps me honest
  7. OP... what you should be asking is, does the doghouse shape act as a kind of Phase Plug for the low frequencies...
  8. Everything resonates to some extent... even my teeth resonate.
  9. 1250 is smoking, working or not.
  10. Concentrate on getting a girlfriend first... then get a subwoofer.
  11. My personal favorite vintage Klipschorn... raw birch decorators are awesome. run and get'em!
  12. Shannon Parks has a new vinyl dsp called the waxwing... full digital output (coax and optical), but I dont think it has a software package, not sure. JRiver would do the job for software. There is a mobile phone app for control.
  13. There are Hornloaded subwoofer mobile solutions... look into that.
  14. Schu


    those MEH's are the nuts!
  15. how hard is it to sand that black finish down to raw birch? Ive always liked the pro model with raw wood and aluminum banding.
  16. I am sure that i formation helps in some way... I am just not sure in what manner.
  17. Best way... do a wire swap. I did that for years.
  18. Schu


    What controls it all...
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