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  1. Put me down for the first Zephyronie that comes off the line!
  2. That's one thing I don't miss about North Carolina. Going for days without power and AC after hurricanes.
  3. bluesboy

    Dad's Engines

    Warther is amazing. And here I thought I was a woodworker.
  4. bluesboy

    Dad's Engines

    The props are roughed out on an end mill through an incremental process to achieve a 45 degree twist over the length of the prop using a 1" diameter ball end mill. So you would have to re position the prop 1/8" to 1/10" for each pass with a twist each time to get the overall 45 degrees. And all of that is just for rough in. The rest of the shaping is done by hand with a file.
  5. bluesboy

    Dad's Engines

    Engine blocks- Aluminium Heads- Aluminium Gas and oil tanks-Brass Push rods-Aluminium Piston rings-Cast iron Centrifugal flyweight governor (hit & miss engines)-Brass Cranks- Steel Pistons- Aluminium Cylinders- 12% leaded steel
  6. bluesboy

    Dad's Engines

    Yes he machines every piece of those engines including the gears. Too bad I can't talk him into getting on the computer to explain some of these processes such as machining gears.
  7. bluesboy

    Dad's Engines

    The flat six is the aircraft engine to the far left of the case. The last 3 photos are of the Victorian hit and miss engine that wipster posted the video of. This Victorian engine is the one dad just recently completed.
  8. bluesboy

    Dad's Engines

    Well I was to post pictures of Dad and his most current engines but can't figure out how to post the pictures.
  9. bluesboy

    Dad's Engines

    Yup Dad's 88 now and still going strong.
  10. Thanks Wipster for posting the pictures. It's been so long since I've posted anything here I couldn't figure out how to upload photos. I just got the Pioneer RT-909 reel to reel back last week from a restoration guy in Illinois who replaced all of the electrolytic caps and pretty much did a full restoration. The deck looks and sounds great. The Transcendent Sound equipment shown here are from kits that I built last winter. There's a thread over on Talkin Tubes I think that's asking for recommendations for for tube kits. I would highly recommend Transcendent Sound. Iv'e gone through a number of vintage tube amps and this is the best sound I've come across.
  11. This past spring I built the Mini Beast amp, the Grounded Grid preamp and the Transcendent phono pre amp to go with my Altec hybrid corner horns. The corner horns have never sounded better.
  12. Sorry, I'm not Bluesboy, it signed me in with the wrong name. I'll resend with my user ID shortly.
  13. I have an oak oiled Academy, nice condition. Located in Eastern Washington state.
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