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  1. Sorry, I'm not Bluesboy, it signed me in with the wrong name. I'll resend with my user ID shortly.
  2. I have an oak oiled Academy, nice condition. Located in Eastern Washington state.
  3. If you are still looking I have a grounded grid pre amp that I would let go for a reasonable price. If interested send me a PM.
  4. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I disconnected the ground the ground wire from the turntable to the phono preamp and the hum got really loud then reconnected the the ground and the hum is still there but diminished. So I'm thinking that the new grounded grid preamp might solve the problem.
  5. I'm running a Micro Seiki turntable into a Juicy Music Tercel phono preamp to an old Eico preamp (using until my new Transcendent Sound grounded grid preamp gets here) to a Transcendent Sound Mini Beast amp. The system is making a hum that I thought was coming from the Eico preamp until I disconnected the the Tercel from the Eico and the hum went away. I had the turntable ground run to the ground post on the Tercel assuming that that would be the best way to ground the turntable. I tried grounding the turntable to first the Eico chassis and then to the Mini Beast chassis with no luck getting rid of the hum.Any suggestions?
  6. I just bought the Tercel. Hope you're doing alright Chuck. I'll call you this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  7. I just got a text from Chuck's lady friend. They are both fine although they are a bit worried about possible flooding at Chuck's house. LF says her house is on higher ground and should be alright. I'm hoping to hear from Chuck this weekend providing he has a line to call out on.
  8. Good, thanks for the info.
  9. 100%. These are the same tubes Vlad uses in all of his tube gear!
  10. I just bought a quad of Russian Mullard EL 84 for one of my amps. I was wondering if any of you guys have tried these tubes. How do they stack up say with Sovtec or Electro Harmonix? Did the Russian company just buy the name and logo or are they manufacturing replicas of the original Mullard tubes?
  11. Hey Chuck! I wish I was there right now. I'm in Gresham Oregon doing a job. Right now it's 41 degrees and raining. How's the Keb Mo tape coming?
  12. Yeah it's tough to view the pics with all the pop ups.
  13. Keith, Good to hear you've still got the corner horns. I thought you had sold them. I'm in the Tri-Cities Washington now and doing well. I wished I had known you were in the market for a turntable as I've got a buddy here that has a Rega that he wanted to let go of.
  14. Cool. I would love a new tape. I have a couple of buddies here who went to a Keb Mo and Taj Mahal show. They also said it was a great show.
  15. Hey Keith and Chuck! Those were the good old days. Wings and new speakers. I hope the hybrid corner horns found a good home.In fact I wouldn't mind knowing who has them now.
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