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    What I Got Today!

    Chuck you got a hell of a deal on that Masterpiece. Those Shuguang 300B tubes are worth $500.00 alone.
  2. Hey Chuck how's everything in Wilmington? Good to hear you're going to be firing up the LaScala clones. Try to find a used Transcendent Sound phono preamp to use with the ATI amp. You will not be disappointed. I loaned the one I built to my buddy Bob to use with his Mac 225 and Cornwalls. He says his high end Micro Seiki TT has never sounded better.
  3. Weren't you part of that reel to reel tape swap we did years ago?
  4. bluesboy


    Lady friend says to Man friend: You know I'm just not happy with my breast size. I wish they were bigger. Man friend says to Lady friend: Here's what you do. Every night before you go to bed take a handful of toilet paper and rub it between your breasts. Lady friend says to Man friend: How in the world is that going to help? Man friend says to Lady friend: Well it worked on your a** didn't it?
  5. Are any of those decks 15 ips? I've never listened to 15 ips. Wondering how the sound compares to 7 1/2 ips.
  6. I've got a Teac 3300 SX and a Pioneer RT-909 that's been in a repair shop in Illinois for over a year. Don't know when I'll see that one again. Same as Coytee I make compilation/party tapes. I know Tarheel still has a couple of reel to reels as well.
  7. These are record temperatures. It can get into the 100s around here in the summer but never this hot.
  8. Where I'm working in Moses Lake Wa it's supposed to get up to 114 degrees today and 116 degrees tomorrow. Brutal record high temperatures.
  9. Altec 511B horn Beyma CP-25 tweeter.
  10. Ha Ha! You've only listened to them about a 100 times.
  11. Yeah I think you're right Mike. I'll hang onto the Jenson transformer.
  12. Well Mike was right. I got 4 feet of separation between the slider and the mini beast and the hum is gone. With the volume turned all the way up a very slight hum can be heard but that's probably normal. Anybody need a Jenson Iso Max?
  13. Transcendent Sound Mini Beast amp Transcendent Sound Slider preamp JE Labs 2A3 SET amp
  14. Last night I hooked up the 2A3 amp to the Slider. The phono section is dead quiet even with the volume turned way up. Tonight I'm going to swap positions of the Slider and the TT to get even more separation between the Slider and the Mini Beast. That might eliminate that slight hum altogether.
  15. It's the biggest one I've been up close to. Most of the dust devils around are as you described "personal sized"
  16. The trucks are fine but it sure shook the job trailer.
  17. Talk about weather we are building a equipment center in Moses Lake Washington. By Monday It's supposed to be up 114 degrees here. This afternoon a couple of big dust devils blew through here. It's like being next to a mini tornado.
  18. I separated the amp and preamp as far as I could. The hum seems to have been diminished. You can't really hear it until both the volume and the gain are at 3 o'clock.
  19. All of the line level inputs in both preamps are dead quiet.
  20. Yes the GG pre with the Transcendent phono pre behaved the same way.
  21. I tried the IsoMax between the amp and preamp and between the TT and the preamp. The hum is still there with the power amp shown. But when I hook up the 2A3 amp (on top of the corner horn) the phono section in the preamp is dead silent.
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