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  1. Go to :45 into the video and @Chief bonehead Roy talks about the background on enclosing the backs.
  2. 'Fraid it's blue and gold.
  3. They are, almost, just like lps, but they order them tinted in black. For some reason theater chains have a preference for black.
  4. Per @Chief bonehead a proper paint job (no runs, drips or errors) will not impact the sound (he reccomends burnt orange for color selection).
  5. Ok, got this thing going North again after many requests to reorient things from Members. I appologize in advance if something you mentioned in response to the the OT stuff got eliminated. If anyone still has a hankering for discussing CPI, aural accuity based on gender, age, etc. or anything else unrelated pleaae find an appropriate section and post away. So speaking of building a house, or buying one, so your Khorns will fit, and sound great, who knows the story about Sherman Fairchild build his townhome/mansion on the Upper East Side? The Klipsch Museum has correspondence between the to pioneers, one aviation, one audio, regarding what was fundamental in having them sound their best. Travis
  6. The AL-5 is newest model of LS. Completely new tweeter driver and horn (modified Tractrix), obviously new network, reworked The price increase was to.$10,000. There was one pair of Museum Editions made that Klipsch donated to the Museum that are currently for sale for $12,000. There are a couple of Youtube videos Klipsch did about the new features. I will post a link to all of that
  7. I think that is the new home, so for sure no problem. She said she hits that couch everyday after work and enjoys the music. Radiohead, Wilco, indie rock. I got goosebumps hearing the story as she talks about having goosebumps the first time she heard them. Travis
  8. I have passed this astute observation on to the home office in Indiana.
  9. I do need to figure out finding,/outfitting a laptop with a great sound card with good quality output (HDMI?)
  10. Not Pandora.
  11. Pre-programmed hard wiring that prioritizes the avoidance of being eaten by a lion, tiger, or bear.
  12. Yes, Museum Plaques, signed by @Chief bonehead, they have hand matched AL-5 crossovers and drivers by Roy. These have the same new neodymium tweeter drivers and modified Tractrix horns as the AK-6 Khorns. Travis
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