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  1. As I understand it at some point they went to a computer system and as part of that system logging by hand, in a book, was eliminated and information was entered into a computer (no necessarily the same information). They eventually upgraded their system, were probably told "it will be a seamless migration" and it apparently it wasn't. I know they are missing two entire years somewhere around 89 to 92, that they have nothing on, zero. That could be the floppy maybe. But I don't know what that information was, what detail they included, like where it was shipped, the finish, the drivers, etc. The original logs seem to track "builds". Whereas when they went to computers they were doing it for "inventory control" and maybe parts ordering, and a host of other things. @JRH Jim would know about all of this, maybe we can get him to do an article about what he knows so far, and what is yet to be learned. Travis
  2. dwilawyer

    Outdoor TV

    Don't go for the huge money on an outdoor rated TV unless you have no shaded area. Put it in a covered area, if you can get a cover even better. In Texas weather you will get about 5 years out of it in a covered area. Travis
  3. He is insignificant. At.least he isn't doing it out of his garage. He did say one that entirely accurate, eq and limiting happens at every stage of recording process.
  4. She's in her 80s, nobody looks as good in their 80s. However, I would wager she is at the upper end of somebody in their 80s.
  5. No, not typically, and not determining specifications. They will listen to a pair speakers for voicing, soundstage, etc. but that doesn't produce specs. However, on the pro side they will test groupings of speakers, like in a theater, to determine if they are meeting design criteria for reference levels or certification specs like for Dolby and THX, and actual real coverage patterns (seats to the far side of a theater, seats in the rear, etc.).
  6. Should they let her take some photos? Edit: we to they, I don't speak for Klipsch.
  7. His photos are spectacular, the B&W stuff last year was "la magnifique."
  8. You are correct. I thought it was in the top of the section, but was wrong (below), apparently national origin wasn't included specifically. So the question becomes is it "a sensitive issue"? I don't know the answer and am too biased to give an opinion. However, be mindful that there a more than a few French-Canadians here, and a lot of Cajuns. I will go back and edit my post. Please find an appropriate snarky moving gif you are so famous for to point out my grievous error. NOTE: Topics covering sensitive issues such as race, religion, or politics have no place here and will be locked by moderators at their discretion. Please refer to the posted Terms of Service for more information.
  9. I think you have hit the nail on the head.
  10. There isn't any problem, hammer away, just leave "national origin" (that pesky TOS). EDIT: As Thaddeus correctly pointed out, my post was completely inaccurate, a prevarication, an outright canard; "national origin" is not in the TOS. I was wrong, he was right. I hate instant replay [The person who posted the video referenced has] 175K viewers on his channel, and almost 75K views of his very well done video, maybe the answer to to the seeming irony and contradiction lies there?
  11. Don't know, but it doesn't matter where he said it, the belt buckle of the bible belt, or in a Muslim community, it was stupid everywhere, a crime in fact in most of Europe that they actually prosecute. What it shows it that the person has a serious flawed or lacking sense of judgement that has no business being around elementary or high school kids. It isn't flat? Looks flat to me. I don't think you can equate those two statements at all. Travis
  12. Easily, and it does. Clear and present danger, and Civil Rights Act, no statement based on gender, race, religion, or national origin. But since there is no free speech rights in employment, with certain limited exceptions the protection doesn't apply. Each employer can set their own rules with regard to speech. Academic Freedom is really the right, protection that is more applicable here, but it only applies at college level. It has been in existing since the 40's. Put it is limited, anyone teaching neutrality would be gone, quickly.
  13. You can if you can keep it historical, or is pretty tough to do with an current admin, or in an election cycle. I have quotes numerous presidents, ot helps when they are dead. You have nothing to fear except fear itself.
  14. But Oldie can do it without hitting you over the head with it. Pundits = politics
  15. Yep. Nothing get by you does it?
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