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  1. I think Christy has a couple or three more drawings and then the big one on 12/15. Travis
  2. I was hunting around for some examples of how Roy teaches and explains things. I remembered this: He talks about specifics of the product, but he also talks about general concepts related to drivers, crossovers; he talks about what Paul wanted to do; he talks about Paul's notebooks, "M Derived" filters. and a whole lot about the importance of crossover design for specific drivers. I don't know that Roy will talk about any of these things in his class in October, it is just a general example of how he can explain things so even I understand it. He starts talking about technical concepts @1:30 into the video. I thought it was a good reminder of how Roy packs a lot of information in short statements. If you have never seen it, or it has been awhile, it is worth a look. "It has Paul's fingerprints all over it, I'm just his right hand man. I wish he could have heard it. I think he would be pleased." Roy Delgado, aka Chief Bonehead.
  3. @dtel's wife can help you with that. I think you can go to https://www.klipschmuseum.org/membership And then "Select membership" it will take you to Membership portal and you can log in and it will tell you status etc. If it doesn't let you in to check status let.me know and we will get someone to help you. Travis
  4. Oh, and whether you are a fan of his or not, read his book. A+
  5. Not a Springsteen Fan, never have been, even after 2 or 3 4+ hour shows at LA Forum. Nebraska lp is the only thing I could listen to. That Broadway show was incredible, that recording is truly incredible on great speakers.
  6. Welcome to the Forum by the way. And those Heresy's are just great speakers.
  7. That's @Chief bonehead, he is the Engineer that did the revision from the Mk. 2 to Mk. 3, and the very latest Mk 3 to Mk. 4 you saw and heard, along with updating the CW this year and the Khorn and La Scala last year. He worked with Paul Klipsch on his last speaker design and published an article with Paul about it. He is one cool cat Actually you can trust and believe both of them.
  8. Were they playing those H4s at all? Or just the cornwalls? What did this Rep look llke? Guy with glasses and a goatee, or bald guy that talks a mile a minute. One of those two guys you can never trust. Just in time for Christmas!
  9. He can't, @Chief bonehead is under exclusive contract to the Museum and is strictly forbidden from answering such a well formed question until AFTER the Bonehead gives his class. Kind of like baseball players only signing one brand of card. First we have to know why Paul did what he did; and then we get to learn how that leads Roy to do what he does. At least that what the Playbill says.
  10. Therein lies the problem with Hope, suites and conference rooms. I should know tonight, and then can post tonight or tomorrow morning.
  11. @Chief bonehead OVERKILLS 3 DRs with one horn loaded speaker every day. Roy's forte (see what I did there) is auditoriums in the evening, especially ginormus baseball/football stadiums in Houston where you can hear every word of the announcer with crystal clarity. I can get you a "living room" in the hotel, but I think we are going to be done and over by 9 p.m. at the latest for that. Working on the scheduling with the Chief.
  12. Great questions all. Last I checked we were at about 20, but I had 2 or 3 yesterday. Absolutely it would be. We are.going to cover history and evolution of CW, from the museum pieces and archives, but at some point would like to see how they shound. Ooooooh, cool. Absolutely, Yes, except, do 60 year old caps make a difference? I have a 400 seat Auditorium we can set that up in, or the Education Center You have a PM
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