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  1. They are available for purchase NOW. I believe the announced price was around $25,000. You will want to check with your favorite Certified Heritage dealer for more information, I can get you the link for that if you need that.
  2. The Klipsch McLaren Edition NC is this one. On special for $250, they were $350 Klipsch T5 II Active Noise Cancelling ANC True Wireless Earphones McLaren Edition with AI Hands-Free Operation, Bluetooth 5.0, Best Fitting Earbuds with Patented Comfort, and a Wireless Charging Case The Sony is this one, they are on Special for $250, that's $100 less than I paid Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with Mic for Phone-Call and Alexa Voice Control, Black
  3. Gilbert: I like the Klipsch NC in ear, you can literally mow you lawn, be on tractor, and hear nothing but music. If she doesn't what in ear, than the Sony something or other 1000, They are on Amazon, way better than the Bose in both NC, and the sound.
  4. He doesn't have them at the moment, they are in New Hampshire where they apparently sound wicked good.
  5. Apparently gone, but not forgotten: Great thread @Invidiosulus and @Marvel Bruce, thank you so much for sharing this story and the photos. I bet there are a lot more stories about speakers making their way to the next generation.
  6. Thank you guys for posting these great photos. Bring that 8 year old to hope with Bruce and let Roy show him how it's done.
  7. @Marvel Hey Bruce, I did my best. I you want me to rename this thread to something else I will, just something off the top of my head to move these posts to while keeping your thread intact and in line with the general intent of your original post. Travis
  8. New post created for posts from another thread to be moved here.
  9. Dos The one major thing that's changed from preliminary descriptions is that it's 2 Twelves in the bass bin. It's a whole new ball game Doc, a whole way new ball game.
  10. Very sad news. I met Gil at the first Jubefest in Hope. He was always very, very interested in Klipsch history and technical papers. @JoeR I hope you will keep us updated. Travis
  11. Nonna yo beeswax. Sorry couldn't resist. Good advice as always Dean. Maybe @HDBRbuilder has a tip, if he is familar with the water based laquer they use.
  12. I was informed today that none of those underground listings will ever go active, they were placeholders of some type.
  13. My information was incorrect, it will be in a bundle. If you registered for the bundle you will be notified.
  14. Quote from court opinion on a speaker port infringement case: Although some courts have issued injunctions ordering the destruction of remaining infringing inventory, see Beckman Instruments, 892 F.2d at 1549, this remedy seems extraordinarily wasteful. Perhaps the parties could reach an agreement to donate any remaining infringing speakers to charities, such as schools or shelters, so that the less well-heeled segments of society might enjoy the bass sounds of Madonna's "Erotica" free of port noise.
  15. Don't forget, if you itemize, there are tax benefits in donating speakers and vintage audio to a Museum. Maybe one that specializes in PEO and Klipsch history?
  16. These are SOLD, thank you to the Buyer for the tremendous support of the Museum. These speakers are going to Rockville (I'm not kidding), couldn't be a better home for those anywhere.
  17. EDIT: My speculation has once again been confirmed to be INCORRECT. The signed limited Edition will be in a bundle for $175. If you registered to be notified for the bundle you will be notified. Edit: The $132 book is a beta listing and will get you nowhere, it will never be Based on this recent change, I would say that notice is going to be sent any day now, be ready. Travis
  18. Because they are Museum Editions, limited to just one pair for the 75th Edition Khorns. Different wood, cane grilles, and 100% of the proceeds benefit the Museum.
  19. On an annualized basis was implied. It's broken every metric that have by day, week, month, quarter. Lot's of views, not so much on comments.
  20. This is the most viewed thread in the history of the Forum, up over 800K views as of today. Travis
  21. There is a lot more information available now Mark, not sure if you have been keeping up on it. I can point you in the right direction if you haven't seen it.
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