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  1. No Brac, my is same way, that's just the way the system does it in automatic monthly payments. I will go in and double check as Christy has been a bit under the weather. I will make sure you are entered in the drawing as well. Thank you so much for being a sustaining member of the Museum! Travis
  2. I will be getting with Dave on a few ideas I have for these. It looks like we will be launching a major funraising campaign next month for a new construction project, and then we have Pilgrimage next quarter, a lot going on. Travis
  3. Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He told me way back when he had selected them for both the AK6 and the AL5, but he didn't elaborate what all he was doing to get them Chief Bone-asized or the extent of the Boneazation process. He just kept mumbling stuff about "they should look and sound like they belong in a museum" and "tractrixically speaking I would say that . . . ." Mike is correct, 100% of the sales proceeds go to the Museum, less the cost of bullet proof crating, in some cases special shipping arrangements, and special insurance we purchase. We prefer checks over credit cards in order to maximize every dollar to the Museum. The wood vendor for KGI, thus far has thrown their support behind this project by donating to the cause the special wood veneers that we would normally eat into our return; and Duracrest stepped up and went out and purchased and commissioned special fabric just for the ME's specifically for that particular wood. KGI tries to save scrap plywood so that Jim Hunter can build the crates at no expense. Then there a dozen more that helped in so many way. Cory for example, said we could advertise on his social media when it was clear that "our" product was competing with his potential Heritage customers. In the last decade or so I think Capitol Records is the only other outside company that been officially co-labeled with a Klipsch Heritage speaker model. I have said it before, but it bears repeating, the Museum was truly honored to be entrusted with partnering with KGI in creating an official speaker. Roy, Jim and Matt have put a lot of time into this concept hoping for a true win-win, maximize funds for the Museum while providing the purchaser with something extra, extra special and a lot of enjoyment. I am sincerely glad you are enjoying yours Mike. Travis
  4. You can take that to the bank.
  5. You cannot, should not, must not, try to use mounting hardware on the back of a Heresy to wall mount.
  6. You obviously didn't have your camera with you. Have you picked drivers and crossovers networks for them yet? Travis
  7. The last update I have is back when we were in Hope so @Chief bonehead would be bst source on that. @MetropolisLakeOutfitters might have an update.
  8. That what it started out at, and then to 10K, according to the Historian, it was supposed to be supposed to be somewhere between 10 to 20K, but I guess it kept growing and I supposed just not deemed feasible. Those prototypes were all hand made in Hope, all wood, piano lacquer finish, some were much more Heritage looking. Travis
  9. Well that fits you to a T Deano!
  10. Now you get the secret paper on CD vs. Lp.
  11. I think warranty only applies to original buyer, and only if purchased from an authorized dealer.
  12. That is absolutely correct, you have to have the demand function in there
  13. The Dutch are well known for black licorice, Gustaf for one, and they come with different levels of salt taste.
  14. I'm in that camp, or I was until someone posted on he about a year ao try half peanuts and half candy corn, chew in mouth together. It was incredible, a completley different taste. Try it, you'll like it!
  15. Black licorice is my favorite, from all over the world.
  16. That is so awesome! I know Beale very well, was home of the SR71 and my Dad would have to go up there periodically. I always remembered Marysville to be very nice.
  17. The answer, Museum Editions, hand matched networks and drivers by Chief Bonehead. I enjoyed hearing Bonehead talk about how they break in woofers, mids and tweeters to be able to test apples to apples and oranges to oranges. How he even tells manufacturers what they need to do to samples before sending, etc.
  18. Yes, I know him, yes he worked at Klipsch, for Jim Hunter. Again, the Historian was the Product Manger (in charge of all aspects top to bottom, subject only to top management and accountants) for this product, he can tell you who got the approximately dozen (or less) protos, what proto they got, what it was meant to be originally, what it ended up being, and why it died. If someone hasn't posted in his section they should, he can answer all your questions and more. Travis
  19. dwilawyer


    @Schu or @tigerwoodKhorns They are right next door to you.
  20. dwilawyer


    Yes where you are located has a lot to do with it.
  21. Well you have come to the right place if you want Klipsch information. The Museum Curator, Jim Hunter, was the Product Manager for that unit. He knows everything about it, how many protos are out there, what's in the protos, etc. Put a question in the Ask the Historian section of this Forum and I am sure he will answer any questions he is allowed to. Should we get one of these in working condition for the Museum?
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