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  1. Yes that's right, it was an A77 that's right. I will make you a copy.
  2. Yeah that's always the big problem, what's the source and who did it, so it's going to depend where the tape came from.
  3. Rincon?
  4. I hope not, it was a marketing thing, as I suspected all along. I think previous responses have discussed and/or suggested this. I think they wanted to start right off the bat with we are going to protect and preserve the original products, plus what had added while Paul still owned the company. The point is that was created after the company was sold by PWK. That line is still there after 20 years.
  5. @twistedcrankcammer Roger, I think I found something today which may partially address your original question. A Klipsch brochure from 1994 mentioned a "Heritage Line". The 1992 did not mention anything about "Heritage". I don't have a brochure from 1993. So in either 1993, but certainly by 1994 Klipsch was marketing a "Heritage Line" in their brochures. In 1994 it specifically included: Heresy II Forte II Quintet Chorus LS Belle, and Klipschorn The Heritage Line appears to have been in every brochure since then, with some products being deleted, and added back, over time. Travis
  6. Sometime between 92 and 94 the "Heritage" Line was created. It included Heresy II, Quartet, Forte II, Chorus II, LS, Belle and Klipschorn. Very interesting.
  7. I opened a still sealed Columbia 7.5 ips Kind of Blue at @LarryC house for a Klipsch get together. He played it on his Revox B77 which I don't think he had played in quite awhile. Several said it was by far the best version they had ever heard. Lots and lots of info and writeups on those 3 track master tapes. Fred Plaut was quite a man.
  8. Left or right? LOL, yeah that one on the far right threw me.
  9. They are all on cards, and for 810 there are OEM cards still is supply. Maybe he will do a sweep for you and give you the print out to see how flat it is. Another question will be will he align it, and for what tape do you want it aligned for, which would probably be Scotch 206 as that's what a lot of the 2 track prerecorded tapes were, or equivalent. Here are specs for 810 STUDER A810 Specifications Tape speeds 30 - 15 - 7.5 - 3.75 ips (76.2 - 38.1 - 19.05 - 9.525 cm/s) Equalization NAB CCIR Variable speed +/- 7 semitones from nominal Tape speed deviation +/- 0.2% max Tape slip 0.1% max Tape reels NAB CINE (EIA) DIN 11.1-inch max reel diam Tape width 1/4-inch (6.35 mm) Wow and flutter 30 ips - 0.04% max 15 ips - 0.05% max 7.5 ips - 0.07% max 3.75 ips - 0.12% max Start time 15 ips - 0.5 sec (1000m on DIN hub, 2500 ft on NAB hub) Winding time 150 sec for 1000 m tape 120 sec for 2500 ft tape Stopping time max 3 sec Tape tension (measured at left reel)1/4-inch Repro/Record 0.75 N (0.6 - 0.9 N range) 1/4-inch Winding 0.75 N (0.4 - 1.0 N range) Peak Tension - Start / Stop / Reverse 6N (3.0 - 6.0N range) Inputs (transformer) Impedance > 10 kOhm (30 - 20,000 Hz) Outputs (transformer) Impedance < 50 Ohm (30 - 20,000 Hz), Load > 200 Ohm Equalization NAB or CCIR Switch selectable Frequency Response (+/- 2 dB) 30 ips - 40 - 22,000 Hz 15 ips - 20 - 20,000 Hz 7.5 ips - 20 - 16,000 Hz 3.75 ips - 20 - 10,000 Hz Frequency Response (+/- 1 dB) 30 ips - 40 - 20,000 Hz 15 ips - 40 - 18,000 Hz 7.5 ips - 30 - 12,000 Hz 3.75 ips - 30 - 8,000 Hz Signal-to-Noise NAB (1/4-inch two-track 2.0 mm track, RMS, A-weighted) 30 ips - 74 dB 15 ips - 70 dB 7.5 ips - 72 dB 3.75 ips - 61 dB Cross-Talk (at 1 kHz) Stereo > 55 dB Two-track > 65 dB Power Consumption Stop (no load) - 80 W Record on 2 channels - 160 W Spooling - 190 W Max - 240 W Disturbed Operation 100 msec transient line voltage failure Ambient Temperature 10 - 40C (50 - 104F) Relative Humidity 20 - 90%, non-condensing Weight (Portable Version) 31 kg (68.2 lb) net Dimensions (Console Version) Depth - 642 mm Width - 600 mm Height - 1152 mm (with castors) Dimensions (Portable Version) Depth - 237 mm Width - 483 mm Height - 500 mm (without reels)
  10. There are several in Nashville for pro decks, consumer decks harder to find, but Tapeheads forum will get you there.
  11. Well it is an awesome deck, but the Tandberg 3401is very much in that same league.
  12. I really did guess at the model before I saw this, honest
  13. So it looks like we have, L to R Akai 747, RT 909, and Akai 4000 DS
  14. Looking forward to hearing how this is going.
  15. For the best, take your time finding what you want. Like @Chris A said, you have to be weary of where Pro drivers come from. Yours came with the K-691, an upgraded driver, I would get some time in with those and when you see another pair come up do like you did and get some input from here on them. Are you liking the active crossovers so far? @Chris A and others can tell you how to biamp you Khorns and add time delay on your Khorns to check that out when you have noting to do one afternoon. Have you messed around, using the switches they typically have, listening to just the HF, or LF, and adding in the other. It's pretty amazing how the whole thing has to fit together. Travis
  16. There is at least ten of them. Designed in built in USA (everything but the tubes, unless they are NOS). Start with McIntosh.
  17. That signature at the very, very bottom looks suspiciously familiar.
  18. It seems like the guy who goes in turns the plan/idea on paper into reality never gets any credit. Are you still in contact with him Andy? I sure would like to interview him for the Klipsch Museum. I am going to track down as many long time workers as I possibly can, whether they are still with the company, moved on to other pursuits, or retired. Maybe I can start with YOU?
  19. The Historian is going to write a biography, and you are right, it will take years to do it right.
  20. We have pretty similar musical tastes. The Forte III I have not heard personally, but some close friends have, they have CW3s at home. You can ask @dtel or Christy and ask what they thought. They listened to close to final prototypes of Forte III and they said they loved them However, I didn't ask them how they compared to their Cornwalls. I am sure Dtel will add what he can.
  21. Here is some Poop on the Klipsch Logo authored by The Historian. http://www.klipsch.com/blog/definition-pwk-logo/
  22. What is an annealed magnet? I know what it is in the context of glass or metal. Is there any way to test for this, other than comparing something like a reference sweep to the sweep of the driver being considered?
  23. What are the probabilities? Probably will greatly prefer Khorns over Cornwalls and will probably prefer CWS over HIIIs. You are going from very good low sensitive speakers to very good, low distortion, high sensitivity speakers. The horn loaded bass in the Khorns is what sets those apart from anything you have ever heard before. Those on your long wall will soind mightily impressive, they will look great to. What kinds of music do you generally listen to?
  24. Your telling Kerry, who worked with Paul, learned from Paul, and a (the?) top engineer at KGI, who actually designs speakers that sell, at a profit, he's lost in his argument? I guess there is a difference between doing it in the real world, and on paper.