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  1. Since when? I know it is for Covid-19 because it's under a emergency use authorization, but I think all of the standard ones are all required for basic or officer training. It is totally voluntary, and they are told it is voluntary. For the usual vaccinations, they are not voluntary, but there has always been a medical or administrative exemption. For example, if you had an allergic reaction to a previous vaccine they have to review that carefully and extensively. I remember being asked if any previous reactions, and if I was allergic to certain things like eggs, etc. . If you had a previous reaction or relevant algery, you were sent to specialist and evaluated. On Admin/Religious Exemptions, for that you had to state religious grounds, that got you an audience with the base commander and then a meeting with medical staff. Children who use DoD sponsored schools or day care are required to be immunized unless based on valid religious grounds or medically contraindicated. If a vaccine was declared "mandatory" for a field of operation (I don't think there are many currently) the only exemption is medical. If you refuse, the commander has to advise you orally and in writing that if you refuse they can force you to get it. After the warning and a refusal they would probably prosecute you for willful failure to follow a legal order under the UCMJ.
  2. As I said before, you or anyone else can post or link to any study, whether it's mainstream, contrary or otherwise.
  3. This was discussed last week, DoD says it's voluntary until full FDA approval, at which time they will re-evaluate.
  4. He's referring to the election obviously.
  5. Not going to have personal banter here, if you are hitting reply and have "you" in your response you had better check it at least 3x.
  6. I would say from the language on the first page of website the name change was to avoid running into Tradmark issues.
  7. Welcome to the Forum. You will have some quick answers. For the value you will need to post some photos and your general location.
  8. Please edit your Title and add "SOLD" Thanks
  9. Nice to see you back. It takes 5 posts (to kill spammers) in order to PM, so say something in reply to every post to get to five posts quick. Travis
  10. Most of those, a very quick look, were non-prescription supplements, like for "male enhancement." There was one drug that was pulled because the strength was mislabeled. But there is for sure some missed calls by FDA, and drugs ended up causing severe and serious problems. The mRNA delivery system has been under study and testing for several years, very limited, so that gave them a little bit of a head start.
  11. Yes, DoD said they would revaluate after it got full FDA approval. It stays voluntary until then they said. I think we had 7, anthrax, an anti-malariial, (not a vaccination), Typhoid, meningitis, Yellow Fever, and Hep A and B, plus whatever else they snuck in.
  12. Possible, but you claims will be limited to recourse in an Administrative Hearing with the vaccination recovery fund. No jury trial in the courts.
  13. The lady who wrote that is a "health and wellness" counselor not a scientist. It's clearly marked "Opinion." Is this what you mean when you refer to "other medical personnel"? Do you have an article or study by a scientist, somebody with at least some letters after their name, in the applicable field? If so I would be sincerely interested in reading it. "Scientists" and "Other medical personnel" when it comes to vaccinations, typically (when you look) are trying to sell you crystals they just happen to have, or supplements they have developed that are just as, if not more, effective and "all natural." Some, like Mercola, sell supplements and now have giant homes in Florida. They are labeled quacks because they typically are. They typically don't practice medicine. It's "alternative medicine" or "natural medicine". Their money is made on selling you "supplements" only they have. They are typically hucksters and charlatans. The supplement industry is big, big business (apparently so are crystals) and they will claim whatever the law will allow, and typically just a little bit more. They are not just "labeled" quacks, their exaggerated, false, superious claims are litigated in administrative hearings and court, and they have an opportunity to defend their claims, with science. If they can, great, if not, they are a quack - which means if you listen to this person, your health, or even life, could be in serious jeopardy. By the way, here is the rebuttal to that article, by people with letters after their name, and who have solid experience, in the field: http://www.rationalistjudaism.com/2021/01/guest-post-why-you-should-take-vaccine.html
  14. I heard the COA site went very, very well a week ago. They had doctors there on stand-by. That might be an option since you are pretty close to there.
  15. For [goodness] sake. I don't think you heard your friends correctly there, I think what they were trying to tell you is that they were deeply offended when a well know "third" political party tried to draw a parallel with vaccination passports and the yellow star mandates during the holocaust: https://www.forbes.com/sites/petersuciu/2021/03/30/vaccine-passport-comparison-to-holocaust-symbols-stirs-debate/?sh=576ec0da8f6b https://www.kentucky.com/news/coronavirus/article250332241.html https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/politics/2021/03/30/kentucky-libertarian-party-compares-vaccine-passports-star-david-badge/4806747001/ https://www.wkyt.com/2021/03/31/lexington-rabbi-responds-to-ky-libertarian-party-comparing-vaccine-passports-to-the-holocaust/ On this issue, you are grossly misinformed. It reads like something off of a conspiracy/antivax website. I say that because if you unpack that statement it isn't saying anything - I'm mean literally, it is saying nothing because it doesn't match up with how it is administered, or the information sheets that are given to patients before they get vaccinated. (The Moderna warning/sheet is pretty clear you don't have to take it, there are unknown risks, and it's still being studied (see below for excerpts)). Previously untested. Are you aware of any new vaccine or drug, that was previously tested before it went through clinical trials (testing). They all start out untested. They start with mice, and then non-human primates. Then Phase 1, etc. Other than the EUA, every new drug for the last 20 or 30 years (at least) starts the same way. How are the Fact Sheet/Warnings (what your refer to as "informed consent") in the package of a brand new drug any different than the Moderna Fact Sheet/Warnings everyone has to read/sign before given the vaccine? In fact, the delivery mechanism or "platform" of this vaccination (via messenger RNA) has been under study for several years already. What's you source for saying "doctors are not telling patients that "the long term ramifications . . are unknown?" It is true, absolutely true. Why is it true? It's true because generally speaking, doctors are not part of the process of administering the vaccinations. Doctors are not "telling them" because doctors are literally not there. Want to know something that is really, really scary? It can be given by an RN or a pharmacist. You don't even have to see a doctor to get it. Oh my GAWD! So I'm wondering who these doctors are that have a private supply that are giving it to their patients but not telling them "hey this is a brand new vaccine, so we don't know what the long terms effects might be"? (At my wife's County HUB they do have a doctor physically present at all times, as well as an ambulance, in the event that someone had a rare anaphylaxis reaction, they are not there to answer questions or provide information. Now that really would be a scandal? So, I guess the response would be, well "doctors" is a generic term, it includes all health professionals who administer the vaccine, nurses, pharmacists, etc. Well none of them have to be "pressed" about about anything, if someone asked "what are the long terms ramifications" of this new drug/vaccine the response would be, what's your definition of "long term"? The patient would give their definition, (1 month, one year, ten years, 30, 80 years) and the "doctor" (or pharmacist or nurse, medical assistant) would respond "it's less than a year old, beyond that no one knows, it's all right there in the information sheet I gave you. If you don't want it you are not required to take it, I can give you does to one of our waitlisted people. Here are some excerpts from the 5 page fact sheet with warnings and disclosures - It's pretty simple: What's in there? Can they track me with this stuff? Those sons of *******, i knew it. They give me cholesterol and lipids. Cholesterol is bad. I'm pretty sure there are lots of studies that say the long term effects of increased cholesterol is not good. That for sure is going to have long terms effects. A strongly worded letter of complaint is in order here. The polyethylene glycol is why you have to wait 15 minutes, and why at my wife's HUB they have a doctor on physically there on standby, with all of the equipment and drugs ready to treat such a reaction. And then this - we don't know everything yet: As to the "freedom" issue of requiring the vaccine, I don't think it is necessarily improper, political, or otherwise, but it's way, way off this topic so if you have more to say about that, you are seriously welcome to start a new thread about it, either on the Rutgers vaccination requirement (it's not a study by the way) or even something new. (I would start with Jacobson v. Massachusetts and look at the manly scholarly legal articles and discussions as to whether it was correctly decided or not, and what the court would likely do today. Quick link: https://constitutioncenter.org/blog/on-this-day-the-supreme-court-rules-on-vaccines-and-public-health).
  16. If it is an oiled finish, I use WATCO Rejuvenating Oil based on the recommendation of @HDBRbuilder who worked in the factory with oil was in it's hey day.
  17. IV's are not oiled. They don't do any oil finishes in Hope any longer. What every you do, you have to make sure that it doesn't remove the special lacquer underneath. Travis
  18. Hey Doctor, Doctor, I haven't seen him post anything on here in years, speakers, upgrades, or otherwise. Did I miss something?
  19. A couple of more weeks, then signing, and then launch. I will update as we get closer. Right now I believe there will be enough books for all those who signed up for notification on Klipsch web site. I will update as I get more I information. Travis
  20. dwilawyer

    New to forum

    Welcome to the Forum! Post some photos of your system, or, the room dememsions you want to put a.system. What aspect of audio are you looking to try out next. Travis
  21. Limited to 75 Pairs for 75th Anniversary Edition of the Jubilee. After that, it will be available in a regular edition I believe. Sold through Certified Heritage dealers.
  22. That all cases, for all ages. It will depend on a number of factors, age distribution probably most significant. A more useful number is probably death rate for 40+. Here's top until Texas and the bottom 10 (best in this case) Here is a breakdown of COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 people in all 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. The data was last updated at 7:10 a.m. CDT. Note: These are the latest numbers available. The list includes ties. New Jersey: 272 Population: 8.9 million residents New York: 252 Population: 19.4 million Massachusetts: 245 Population: 6.9 million Rhode Island: 245 Population: 1.1 million Mississippi: 234 Population: 3 million Arizona: 230 Population: 7.3 million Connecticut: 220 Population: 3.6 million South Dakota: 217 Population: 884,659 Louisiana: 215 Population: 4.6 million Alabama: 213 Population: 4.9 million North Dakota: 196 Population: 762,062 Pennsylvania: 194 Population: 12.8 million Indiana: 192 Population: 6.7 million New Mexico: 186 Population: 2.1 million Arkansas: 184 Population: 3 million Illinois: 184 Population: 12.7 million Iowa: 180 Population: 3.2 million South Carolina: 175 Population: 5.1 million Tennessee: 170 Population: 6.8 million Georgia: 169 Population: 10.6 million Michigan: 169 Population: 10 million Nevada: 168 Population: 3.1 million Kansas: 166 Population: 2.9 million Texas: 164 Population: 30 million BOTTOM 10.(Best) Idaho: 109 Population: 1.8 million Colorado: 107 Population: 5.8 million New Hampshire: 90 Population: 1.4 million Washington: 69 Population: 7.6 million Utah: 64 Population: 3.2 million Oregon: 56 Population: 4.2 million Maine: 54 Population: 1.3 million Alaska: 40 Population: 731,545 Vermont: 35 Population: 623,989 Hawaii: 32 Population: 1.4 million
  23. I'm going to move this to the General Covid thread?
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