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    They Are Coming!

    ONE OF A KIND MUSEUM EDITION-KHORNS and LA SCALAs The Klipsch Heritage Museum Association is excited to announce that Museum Edition ("ME") Heritage Speakers are coming! EXTREMELY LIMITED to only ONE Unique Pair of Each Model Museum Edition Klipschorn® Model AK6 (newly released, Summer of 2018)- S/N 001 and 002 Museum Edition La Scala Model AK5 (due to be released 12/18), S/N 001 and 002 Both pairs will have Museum Edition-only features.Including: Exclusive Museum Edition exotic "one of a kind" real wood veneer (stay tuned) Special Museum Edition grille fabric specially matched to veneer Hand selected and specially matched drivers and crossovers by Chief Engineer Museum Edition metal plaques Hand signed by the Chief Engineer responsible for each of these new models As with all speakers in the Klipsch Heritage line, these ME edition speakers will be hand-assembled and hand-finished by the Klipsch factory in Hope, AR, with pride. All proceeds from the sale of these speakers will go to the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association, Inc. (KHMA) which operates the Klipsch Museum of Audio History in Hope, Arkansas. Your purchase of these speakers directly helps us continue preserving and sharing the scientific work and cultural legacy of audio pioneer Paul. W. Klipsch. KHMA dba Klipsch Museum of Audio History is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. The Klipsch Museum of Audio History would like to specially thank Klipsch Group, Inc. for their continued support.
  2. dwilawyer

    They Are Coming!

    Well lets see what we can do about that. This is a photo of (from left to right) Ian "SETI" Moore, KHMA Trusee; Matt Sommers, Senior Creative Director, Klipsch Group Inc. and KHMA Trustee; and Jim Hunter, KHMA Curator, all reviewing sample swatchs for final selection to go with the venner sample showing the wood that will be used on the Museum Edition Khorns and Museum Edition La Scalas. Travis
  3. dwilawyer

    Facebook on PBS Frontline

    Google owns everything, even outerspace.
  4. dwilawyer

    College football 2018

    Wait till the "Committee " gets ahold of it.
  5. dwilawyer

    Vintage Equipment

    Post photos on it. Do you have any paperwork on it? If you can find a serial number on it we might be able to get you some more information. Travis
  6. dwilawyer

    1950s khorns

    Do you have some photos you can post? We.can get.the Historian to see if he has any documentation on it, you would be surprised what he can dig up. Travis
  7. dwilawyer

    Klipsch K402 like horn?

    Have you heard his stuff? I have, in a lot of different set ups. It like a lot of stuff, set up, etc The main complaint I see is using their speakers to mix sometimes doesn't "translate" to the reality of what some older systems can handle. A lot of debate about that. His Galieo system is what they have in The Stag, and that is a marketing model that for sure keeps you loyal, LOL.
  8. dwilawyer

    Klipsch K402 like horn?

    I don't know for sure,.I suspect a bit of both based on very limited observation. I do know that Meyer and George Lucas go back a long ways, back to the late 70s when they used his dual 18 powered subs for Apocalypse now (the Century Theaters in the Bay were Lucas' beta labs and so we were lucky to see all of this stuff). The original set up in the Stag were those TAD speakers you showed, but with Meyer 18" Subs. That was like a 8 or 9 channel system. The pitch then was that the TAD Speakers were developed by an in house engineer at Lucas Sound in conjunction with Pioneer/TAD and after they finished that project TAD decided to add that product to their line. The 2nd time I saw it was when ATMOS was coming on line, and the demo was a native mixed ATMOS movie. Lucas and Dolby were partnered, so there is some marketing, but ATMOS was/is the latest greatest technology. The Stag is small, about a 50 foot.screen, but they went from the 8/9 channel to 24 surround channels, 10 ceiling channels and the 5 fronts, with the Meyer tuning system. Needless to say, it was mind blowing.
  9. dwilawyer

    Klipsch K402 like horn?

    Yes, for the 5 across the front, the original subs were all Meyer, I can't remember what they had for surrounds. When I got a chance for a second look more recently('14?), all of the TAD was taken out and it it is all Meyer now.
  10. dwilawyer

    Klipsch K402 like horn?

    I believe you are correct that it was related to THX design. From @Chief bonehead circa 2007: "I was looking and realized that I hadn't answered your question jc. The 941 which was originally called the 9040 and had two other brothers, the 6040 and 4020 (bet you can't guess what the coverage patterns were), was our first horn used to get thx approval. Back then the network was passive and so the horns had to be a certain length. I really do not like diffraction slot horns but I needed one for the thx competition so I figured if we are going to make a diff slot horn, why not try to make the best one. After thx went to active crossovers, the slot was no longer needed and the 402 replaced it. That slot made a big difference in the sound.In Christ, because of God's grace,Roy" I believe two things were going on at the time, THX certification and a competition for the design and installation of sound systems at the two theaters/stages located at Skywalker Ranch. They of course got the THX Certification for commercial theaters, but what Roy didn't mention in his response is that Skywalker Ranch was apparently impressed as they bought two commercial systems, a KPT-941-T and a KPT-535.
  11. dwilawyer

    Klipsch K402 like horn?

    Are you all saying that the horn in photos in the original first post of this thread is an EAW horn?
  12. dwilawyer

    Klipsch K402 like horn?

    @Chief bonehead would know for sure, Sr. Delgado was involved in that entire certification process. Jim Hunter @JRH was also engaged in a "dialogue" with Holman in a national audio journal or magazine about the process during that same time period. There is also a high probability that Bill would know @bhendrix. Travis
  13. dwilawyer

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Not all Canadians are bad.
  14. dwilawyer

    Reel to Reel Question

    Replace all of the rubber, including pinch roller, re-lubricate and you should be great to go
  15. dwilawyer

    SpaceX Falcon Heavy Successful Flight

    They are getting closer https://amp.space.com/42387-spacex-falcon-9-rocket-nasa-certification.html
  16. dwilawyer

    Audiophile's "One Man Campaign" for Horn Speakers

    He has been writing about horns for over a decade, Klipsch, Magico, Western Electric vintage horns, Meyer Sound system at Lincoln Center, etc. His main focus, to me, is that you don't have to spend a ton to have good sound, sort of bang for the buck. Travis
  17. dwilawyer

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    I think the pesticides and fertilizers they can, or cannot use, is what makes them "Organically Certified" or not.
  18. dwilawyer

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    I think they charge more for organically GROWN produce
  19. dwilawyer

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    Ain't it the truth.
  20. dwilawyer

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    That's what I said, it won't explode because it is bypassed. It isn't bypassed when you have a clean filter, warm or hot oil, regardless of engine speed from everything I have read and what they say at Blackstone.
  21. dwilawyer

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    Not if the media isn't clogged, as in the case of warm or hot oil. A clogged filter would/could explode with a clogged filter or cold thick oil, in those situations the differental in pressure overcomes the force of the spring and the filter is bypassed.
  22. dwilawyer

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    Pressure differental.
  23. dwilawyer

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    Automotive filters have a bypass valve that is based on differential. It triggers when engine is cold and oil is thick or when filter is clogged. When the engine warms up the bypass closes.
  24. dwilawyer

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    I didn't think oil really has much chance of breaking down it car engines given the relatively low temps involved. It's the ability to handle contaminates from blowby, some of which form into acids (sulphuric and nitric), that determines the real life of oil, being much more limited than the oil being able to lubricate properly. There is massive amounts of testing in aviation oil that shows what oil can take, the amount of acid it can neutralize, etc. Anyone who wants to know what there oil is doing and capable of should send a sample to Blackstone labs. They will tell everything you wanted to know about your oil, life remaining, etc. Travis