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  1. Some current vinyl news for @thebes to enjoy over the weekend. This new modular record frame allows you to display and play your vinyl http://flip.it/fAtAbs
  2. What's showing tomight? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  3. Close. It was actually Lord Kelvin who had to walk back a few different predictions.
  4. The only laws of matter are those which our minds must fabricate, and the only laws of mind are fabricated for it by matter. JAMES CLERK MAXWELL
  5. Is that the same @funkyhambone who is on here?
  6. In science there is only physics, all the rest is merely stamp-collecting.
  7. +5 points for dual cocktails
  8. How The Pretentious Jerk At Your Local Record Store Got That Way http://flip.it/FKPLGP
  9. The 10 best vinyl releases this week (20th June) http://flip.it/75tN2z
  10. http://www.dallasobserver.com/music/4-best-fort-worth-record-stores-9572990 Are Fort Worth record stores worth the drive?
  11. https://www.forbes.com/sites/bradmoon/2017/06/20/seed-turntable-review-stylish-contender-for-ultimate-all-in-one-audio-system/#556da22c33b5
  12. Numero Group unveil new yacht rock compilation Seafaring Strangers http://flip.it/xWNf0x
  13. Welcome to Jack White's Temple to Vinyl http://flip.it/rxqrM5
  14. There are remotes in the cocktail holders! That is minus 3 points.
  15. What?
  16. 117 in Las Vegaso yesterday. I think 110 is hottest I ever remember when I lived there
  17. I guess that is where I got confused, the difference between "organizing and going" and what we have been doing for the last 17 years, including this year's. It has pretty much been a collaborative effort between Forum members and KGI going back to the first one, and I was just trying to understand what was different. I guess that is why Gil put the question mark in about 2013. Forum members have been helping organize "get-togethers" in Hope and Indy since 2000 (I don't think it matters what you call them. A KGI employee named Bob came up with the Pilgrimage name back in 2001 by the way) and KGI have come up with people, time and money since 2000, I just wasn't sure if you were trying to say if that has somehow changed in any significant way and thus 2013 onward was different. Travis
  18. I think the first Forum Sponsored Pilgramage was in 2000. Here is a quote from Gil about it. "There was a pilgrimage to Hope AK in 2000 and one to Indy IN this spring. In each case, the hosts were exceptionally gracious. An understatement of great magnitude. These were initiated by members of the forum who approached the hosts with a proposal. Essentially, if you want to have us over for a meeting of the serious, we'd really like to be invited. The facility in Indy is magnificent. I'd like to think that they will set up an annual event. It is not going to be Jubilee's on the beach. Rather maybe a small expansion of this spring's event. Now, you have to understand that what KAT can do depends very much on the size of the crowd. I thought that even the 20 or so of us taxed the capability of the listening rooms. It is a good idea. However, I'm sure the people at KAT are wondering how to keep any such event organized and personal, and not a circus. Best, Gil" I believe John Albright was in on the planning as was Ian on the Hope event in 2000. Here is the thread that discusses all the various pilgrimages with some photos attached as well.
  19. As of 6:53 p.m. Central Time.on Friday, 5/12 We will hit 30K any day now, I have been watching it over the last few weeks. What does the 30,000th member get? A brand new toaster right? I wonder if @Chad has a way of telling exactly who the 30,000th is? I would have to be watching it constantly to tell, and there may be a rush at the end for the toaster. Travis
  20. Hell yes, but if it means your checking out soon than no sale.
  21. Who am I gonna talk with about Don V V and R2R now? Really bummed. This is worse than the Soprano's last episode.
  22. They should be fine sound wise. As far as finish I think @HDBRbuilder will be your best bet. Travis
  23. 29949 Today
  24. Which track or movement? Any one in particular?
  25. We can get Matt and Luther to work with what you started.