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  1. https://www.baronefourteen.com/about Ran into this, Patachou, Inc., based in Indy, about 5 or 6 restaurants, some with Klipsch Heritage speakers, reel to reel players, and: In normal times, Bar One Fourteen offers bespoke cocktails and elevated bar fare. Equipped with an elite audio system that features Klipsch Forte speakers, a vintage reel-to-reel tape player, and vinyl turntable, Bar One Fourteen provides guests an unparalleled listening experience in an environment like no other.
  2. Thank you for the report, and the example. Jose has about 8 different Klipsch items that you all were looking for. He has been banned.
  3. Thank you for reporting, they have been banned which should prevent any PM capability.
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    Absolutely, I have been practicing the signature my self so I can get in on the action!
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    I was able to finally figure out how to move this to Alerts per @Jeepnmon 's request. Thanks for posting it, it was interesting. The Museum looks for stuff like that all of that time. On the belt buckle I believe we have the Oval one that you alerted, and there is a square one. I'm wondering if a 75th Anniversary one that either Klipsch or the Museum did would be of much interest. Travis
  6. They aren't. Every Hospital has to provide a vaccination plan to State Health Department annually in Texas. The plan has to include which vaccines, which classes of employees, and those who have been granted privileges have to be vaccinated, by when, what proof has to be submitted, what if any medical exemptions they will allow, and if that's approved they then need to submit compliance reports. So it's a.function of what State Health Dept..approves, and when their renewal is.
  7. They sent Mary to an Island after 3 previous attempts to get her to stop cooking.
  8. They don't need a bill, the State Health Dept. Chief in New York can order a quarenteen of anyone right now, and jail them for failure to comply as long as they provide an immediate due process hearing. Been that way since 1890s. Typhoid Mary, God bless her Iriah heart, just wouldn't stop cooking and making ice cream. So I suspect the Bill isn't going to add anything new, but provide more checks and balances. Travis
  9. It's a strict requirement in most states. Vaccines required and no exemptions to get into Nursing, Dental or Medical school. Texas is that way
  10. There's the thumb's up. They have 37,000 people signed up so far for vaccinations. Williamson County votes tomorrow to turn it completely over to their private facilities, they will go from 200 inoculations a day to 2,000, you sign up on line, all from your car, you wait 15 to 20 mins, you get your vaccination card and off you go. If you are allergic to ANYTHING, they bring you inside a real accredited hospital, give you inoculation with doctors and nurses on standby, and after you clear waiting period you go to your car and leave. Everyone is given the day and time for your booster. You opt in or out for side effect reporting to CDC.
  11. Not a bad idea Jim, this whole thread and a couple of subsequent comments are a little confusing. Done, wasn't aware there was an issue until I caught it by chance. The thread in the General area has been merged into this For Sale thread here in Garage Sale. All of the photos in the General thread should have carried over to here. I have removed a couple of posts from the General thread as they would be inappropriate in a Garage Sale thread. Let me know if there is anything else.
  12. Those speakers are easily repairable and will sound good as new, however, it won't solve your problem of a 30 x 40 room. If you post photos of your room, or simple diagram you will get lot of great answers on how to fill that room with awesome Klipsch sound. If you have 2 corners, yea, Khorns or Jubilees with a Heresy to play with for 3 Ch. Stereo. If no corners, then Cornwalls or LaScala's (with a sub).
  13. Nearly everyone who got Jubilee speakers starting back in '07 were tossing out parts of their collection and in search of better recordings. Many, many went to prerecorded tapes, and the Tape Project.
  14. Chief, you actually agreed with many of @artto sentiments when you (or someone you know) posted a digital cut from a studio in Dallas. Some similar comments were made about how this, or that, was done during mastering. Michael mentioned that the "this" and the "that" that was speculated to have occured don't happen in mastering (and they don't). You specifically mentioned that the recording needing NOTHING. Some of it is horrible recordings, some of it is terrible mixing, some of his is loudness wars and squashing (a lot of it on CD in the 90s. A massive amount of it was getting the CD catalog built up in the 80s, from any tape they had laying around, including the back up pressing plant tapes (those are the tapes taken straight from the cutting head outputs off the lathe, which means they have RIAA curve applied, they were meant to be sent to other pressing plants in the company (Capitol Mercury, Atlantic) so they could make identical lacquers at multiple plants. You can tell those CD's instantly, they just couldn't get quite enough boost on the bass (which is attenuated 20db at 20Hz, 0 at 1000hz, and they couldn't quite cut the hf which is boosted 20db at 20 khz. In the era of tape, -6 to -18 30hz high pass filters were used on nearly every output to the multitrack tape and/or from the multi-track to the 2 track mix down. Why? Because at 15 ips 30hz was about as low as they would go, you could get all through the 60s. To get the "feel" of 20 and below, So they also routinely used gating to tighten up the drums, and limiting (here's the dirty word - compression) on the bass, but during recording, and it the mix, to get low end feel even with the limits of recording on tape.. Yet there are many who insist there should be this or that on the recording, that bass was removed during mastering. It was never there to begin with, some of the recorders of the day were down 15 db at 15 ips, worse at 30 ips. So high pass filters were there to get rid of noise, hiss, etc. because they were not picking up much in the way of sound, and they it was processed back in again. Applying EQ at home is not mastering, it's not demastering. It's salt and pepper. - EQ is present in the entire recording chain, which you know, because you actually have a large amount of recording under your belt, you know what a multi-track tapes sounds like, what a 2 track mix down tape sounds like, what is done between the multi-track tape and the two track mix down tape. You have to start from the bottom up, make sure the rhythm section are not creating mud, and going from there. You could help save the entire recording industry if you would design and offer up a decent set of studio monitors, near field, and real world. There are two very famous recording trucks with Klipsch monitors, and they put out Grammy winning records for technical merit. This should give everyone a warm fuzzy feeling on who this stuff is made in the studio (it's like sausage): https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/yamaha-ns10-story One quick quote from the article: Bob Clearmountain's other significant claim to fame is probably that he was the first to use tissue paper over NS10 tweeters in an attempt to dull their over-bright balance. He resorted to tissue paper after the maintenance staff at The Power Station had refused to modify the speakers by wiring resistors in series with the tweeters (why he didn't simply put an HF shelf EQ in the monitor chain is a question for which I don't have an answer). Yamaha's second-generation NS10, the NS10M Studio, had a less bright balance, so removing the need for tissue paper. There's a technical analysis by Bob Hodas examining the effect of covering the NS10 tweeter with various types of tissue paper here: www.bobhodas.com/tissue.html A technical analysis of tissue paper over tweeters in the studio was NEVER, ever, said about Klipsch for studio monitors.
  15. I moved this to this "Talkin' Tubes" section so that the original poster might get some more responses. @stingray787 Welcome to FORUM!
  16. Anything on Moderna in this regard? My mom had it 2 weeks ago, 82, my Dad just had a rotor-rooter done, he is 89 and wants it, but his cardiologist wants him to wait a couple of weeks.
  17. I can't move this to Alerts (quirk of Forum because it is a sub-section), can OP please repost it there?
  18. @pmsummer this is a topic in a different thread, but do you still have that schematic and parts list for that PWK box for a Center channel from a stereo amp?
  19. They are partnering, in some form, with Panasonic. The announcement mentioned "OEM" several times, so my speculation is that it will be an option on some new vehicles in the future. They didn't mention anything specific but the video showed a SUV size vehicle. In the past they (Voxx) have had various contracts with various manufacturers for OEM. Not sure what time frames would be on this. I will start a thread with the video about this on a different thread.
  20. Welcome to the Forum! You will want to check out the JEM Performance capacitor replacement kits.
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