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  1. Four out of Six Nominees-Not Bad

    I thought I was in the minority with that viewpoint. Who else would you like to see in from those eras?
  2. What would do...

    The direct radiating makes it possible to use passive. You don't have the time alignment issues to deal with. Fully hornloaded LF creates the time alignment issues and makes the passive options much more limited, and very expensive. @Deang can build you a set.of passives but I think he will tell you that would he in the thousands. It isn't that complex, we can get you the settings. If I can do it, anyone can (seriously).
  3. What would do...

    I agree, you would be better off hearing properly set up Jubes than trying to extrapolate what a Jube would sound like from listening to an LS with with a 402 "slapped" on top.
  4. What would do...

    Do you have 2 good corners? Just one, and thus the reason for enclosed backs? EDIT: I see from previous post you do, then you are golden. What sub(s) are you running now? That can be an issue, a good fit for subs with Jubes.
  5. What would do...

    If your main criteria is what will sound the best, as you say, there is but one choice. I'd your question is whether it is worth the extra 20 percent to go for Jubes, in my opinion they are worth more than the typical 3 or 4x what a pair of good used Khorns would run. Couple that with being able add an 1802 later on you can use it for anything. HT, 2 channel, whatever. What is it going to primarily be used form. HT, 2 ch? You won't need to worry about diminishing returns until you get to the point of upgrading drivers, center and sub options. If you have other criteria maybe looks/WAF, space concerns (which doesn't appear to be a problem) or something else I can't help you with that, it is just too subjective. I have VRDs for 402s and McIntosh solid state on LF with active crossover. I think you are operating under the mistaken assumption that a separate active crossover somehow changes the sound of your amp, adds coloration, etc. A good active crossover won't do that.
  6. What would do...

    SCHU, This is what I'm talking about, someone who has had Khorns. Bill knows his stuff. He uses those Jubes at his restaurant outdoors (made with marine grade plywood), and at home. It is very difficult to put into words what you are moving up to. The Khorn is indeed a great speaker. Let me.try it this way, in a 25 x 40 room the distance between a Khorn and Jubes is about the same as Heresey and Khorn. Jubes are not tweaked Khorns. They are two way, with a modified tractrix CD Horn. There is nothing like it in Klipsch Heritage line to compare it to.
  7. What would do...

    I ran VRDs for 402 Horn and SS for LF, in active set up. You will like that sound a lot.
  8. What would do...

    You are at a completely different level with Jubes, it doesn't matter what listening level is. If you had your top 3 listening tracks on at 90db, and listened to all 3 speakers, you are going to go with Jubes every time, especially in a 25x40 room. Jubes don't sound like Khorns or LS's, they are completely different. You are talking apples and oranges, night and day. I would talk to people who had Khorns who got Jubes and ask them their thoughts. I would venture to say if you got Jubes you would eventually take one of your LS cabinets and cut the top off to put on a 402 Horn for a center channel.
  9. Pilgrimage

    Hi Bill, Yes there will be another one in the Spring. They are working on getting some specific dates. So please stay tuned. Welcome back!!!!!!!!. There are some photos floating around back from those days. Do you happen to have any that you took? Travis
  10. Internet slowing down on several sites

    Wait, wait, wait. I am trying to figure this issue out and I am trying to understand this issue. JimJim, up until change this week, an internet service provider (Comcast, Spectrum, AT&T, Google Fiber) could not throttle selected services. For example,.Comcast could not throttle down Netflix in an effort to promote their streaming services. After this change in policy Comcast can now throttle back Netflix, or other streaming services (i.e., they don't have to be neutral). Netflix has vowed, and can afford, to fight that all the way to SCOTUS. (They have almost 2 billion in cash on hand, even after paying off a ton of debt). But as far as what an individual gets in terms of speed, that is a matter of what service and speed you choose to purchase, correct? If you are not getting the speeds you paid for from your provider, Google Megabit, Uverse megabit, 100 mips, whatever, you complain to them and come out and get you where you are supposed to be, or you switch or cancel. I'm currently getting better than advertised speeds with Uverse. That isn't going to slow down as far as I can tell. The articles I have read on who is going to be impacted are streaming services. They can slow down Netflix when they need too in order to give preference to their streaming services.
  11. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Official Thread

    You are right, I totally forgot I saw VII a couple of years ago. I need a program to follow along.
  12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Official Thread

    Help me please. I saw first three, in order, in order, when originally released, in Bay Area Century Theaters in California, in 70 MM set up with sound systems that were the "laboratory" for what would eventually become Lucas Sound. Then I saw Rogue 1 this year. How many official films are there? What is the relative time frame of these? Rogue 1 had an older Princess, and an old Luke, so obviously this is well after the " original" three(?). Did the do prequels?
  13. Forte III listening fatigue

    Shoot. I have some extra Fiberfill, cryogenicly treated, made out of a eq balanced proprietary formula that I was hoping to sell you. Well, if they ever get tiresome, let me know.
  14. Forte III listening fatigue

    Clarify Claude's erroneous assumption. Which you did. Try to keep up @Chief bonehead.
  15. Forte III listening fatigue

    Do you find them bright? Fatiguing?
  16. Forte III listening fatigue

    Mine? I have total faith in Roy viz a viz PMK. Yes today IS the day. (BOR was ratified today in 1791).
  17. Forte III listening fatigue

    I think the data and articles support your opinion that the bass has a significant impact on how people perceive the high end in the mix.
  18. Forte III listening fatigue

    I'm pretty sure you are correct. I believe EDIT Kerry Geist in Indy is in charge of coming up with Heritage products to bring back or do Anniversary/Special Editions, He was responsible for the idea of a Forte III and he tapped Roy to do it. I believe Roy was main person on HIII. He's always cookin' up sometime. Maybe @Chief bonehead will find time to clarify it. Carl @CECAA850, you got.his 396's right? He said the voicing/sound was very similar on the two.
  19. Balanced Interconnects

    I have always liked Blue Jeans Cables. @nosvalves turned me on to them 15 years ago Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  20. Balanced Interconnects

    Did y'all just wake up or something? It's been available on high-end consumer gear for over 25 years. I think the success of BAT, in large part, caused companies like McIntosh to start offering gear with balanced designs. http://balanced.com/history
  21. Elon's "BFR"

    It's awesome if you are a maniquin and need to be somewhere in a hurry.
  22. Elon's "BFR"

  23. Elon's "BFR"

    Audi is looking like the way I will be going, they are supposed to have the features I want by mid-year. There are free charging stations all over Austin, priority parking for electric cars at Whole Foods, etc. How many charging stations are there in Texarkana?
  24. The Doors pumped out another one in 1967, also a better LP. Disareli Gears Two by Jimi, Axis and Are You Experienced
  25. Forum Rules Updated

    The 9 posts previous to this one, omitting the immediately preceeding one.