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  1. I'm going and I'm waaaaay younger than you.
  2. Oh my mistake. The context was in "waking up" i.e., waking up to the fact that Biden has us on a course for disaster, or possibly waking up to the fact that Trump was/is crazy -- which was in the context of suffering inflation on a trip to the store on a Monday, and a "cash cow" which was in the subsequent context of it will straighten itself out, but with a new skipper, all which flow back to Elden's earlier remark that he would hate to see this thread locked. I guess it must be Elden? He's always reading "political" into something that is purely nautical. Just the other day he was reminding me something about a rising something floating all boats. I'm sure none of it had to do with anything related to current events and Elden was too quick to trigger the Lock Warning. Which no one has ever said, ever.
  3. A real damm shame this thread is on the road to nowhere, fast. I was told this was the last bastion of civility and a politics free zone -- that the regulars love this thread so much that they self-police it. Apparently the new/old skipper will be back in less than two weeks, so there is nothing to worry about.
  4. Thank you for your very cool advice.
  5. I know you didn't, he slipped it into a quote area.
  6. A spammer? You slipped an essay link into someone else's post?
  7. Which book did you sign up for on notifications? You realize there are two options right? 1. Limited signed Edition for $175.00? 2. Reg. Edition for $75.00? If you signed up for No. 1 you don't have anything to worry about, it hasn't been released yet. I put an update on that 4 posts above. You don't have to rely on this thread, register for notifications on the items you want and wait for the notification.
  8. Yes they have a bunch, they doubled it from what I understand.
  9. The limited edition 75th Anniversary picture book package is still on the way and will be coming in a few weeks. The notification will come the same way as the previous items. No one who signed up for that has missed out on anything. Stay tuned.
  10. I will tell you exactly what he said. Mr. Wilson shared with Paul Klipsch how he got the speaker design and building bug. He told PWK that when he was 14 (the late 50s) he was woken up by the sound of Christmas carolers. He looked outside but there were no carolers. His neighbor played a prank on him and set up a Klipschorn to play the Christmas carolers. He wanted to get that kind of accuracy from a speaker. Mr. Wilson (RIP) wanted to tell that story to PWK personally, and he did. The wait to meet Paul was said to be 30 minutes to an hour. He and his wife were paying their respects to a man who inspired young Mr. Wilson. There are numerous parallels with PWK and Mr. Wilson, one of which was it was a second career, later in life, after a career in pharmaceutical research for Pfizer in IL, and then Cutter in Northern CA. At this same event Mr. and Mrs. Meyer of Meyer Sound also shared their story with PWK about how the Klipschorn was a pivotal role in their first date, and eventual marriage.
  11. Museum Edition La Scalas in black limba, handsigned by Roy and people who built it, hand matched drivers and networks selected by Roy.
  12. I got notice that regular edition is for sale, but not the 75th limited signed edition yet. I don't think the 75th are all signed yet. I will know more on Wed., maybe sooner.
  13. The truth of the above posted link was that if you were planning the surgery you should get vaccinated before surgery rather than after, and if you have already had the surgery you shouldn't avoid getting vaccinated, both cases were easily treated. In addition, your numbers make the point that unless a physician is telling them not to get vaccinated, they should be making that call with their specialist.
  14. Actually posting anything about Coviid or the vaccines iii is off limits,. It appeared to be, (from the first sentence) more of an anti-vaccination commentary, so it wasn't much of a PSA, and I was just going to delete it, butt then I read the "Cliniicall Significance" portion and that did have some good PSA potential. Get vaccinated before coronea transplant surgery, if you have it planned. If you have had cornea transplants in the past don't let that stop you from getting vaccinated. As always, consult your medical professional regarding implants, vaccines, and a anything else that requires an MD as opposed to a Journal article, based on two cases (temporal relationship), from England, linked in an audio/ speaker Forum. However, if your opthalmologist has a good recommendation for a good 12AX7, please share.
  15. Everything is backed up that is who's paper related, it's going to be a little while longer unfortunately. We will have a very big announcement on August 15th on another unrelated 75th Anniversary related product. Travis
  16. Great, he knows that stuff really well. He has spoken to Roy and Trey about the entire line. In addition he has intake some of the speakers in his home and helped a friend install them in a high- end home that I believe is new construction.
  17. I would be happy to if OP would like it thete.
  18. Blue Origin claims it is "greener" than VG, that it's exhaust is water vapor. VG only goes to 50 miles (80 km) which the FAA and NASA consider "space", the international standard for "space" is the Karman line (100 km). I have a business acquaintance here in Austin that paid to go to the ISS about 12 years ago (only person to have gone to space, both poles, and the deepest part of the ocean, Marianas Trench). I think he was about the 6th self-funded space tourist, and was about the last until just these upcoming paid flights. Now it has all moved from Star City to West Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico, which is a good thing. It's like Hertz and Avis of old, except . . . bigger and faster. "Light this candle!"
  19. That is very, very true - a proper Martini of course being made with Gin. Fortunately, for those with a less complex palate, or with an aversion to botanicals there are also many here that know how to mix/shake a proper vodka Martini.
  20. Never thought I would see the day you would be working down. I know you saw this but here is the section of the spec sheet on crossovers:
  21. As Bruce @Marvel said, it's all good, you asked for a drink from the knowledge fountain and they hit you with a fire hose, one of the good things about this Forum. Plus you got individual private, focused help. Sometimes it's just overwhelming and hard to keep up. Nice to see people posting examples of what you can end up with. Also, like with all things audio, there are many paths that you can take on this, and it's up to you to decide what is best for your situation/budget. Excited for you on your project.
  22. It is in the spec sheet I attached up above, I was intrigued by the different points in the 3 way vs. 4 way systems, 350 vs. 400, etc. I know you have done extensive trial and error testing on 3 vs 4 way pro Jubilee set ups and ended up with being happiest with the 4 way you ended up with.
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