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  1. It's just an announcement, but I will make sure you all have the order information at the same time (or before) anyone else does.
  2. There will be a regular edition and a Limited Number signed edition.
  3. They are moving a little bit at a time. I am going to measure this weekend for a couple of areas and give them a go. @bhendrix got some for his place but I haven't heard if he has done anything with them yet. Travis
  4. dwilawyer

    Big Cold

    That's a great tip for in the future.
  5. Doesn't this violate US and International law? Two posts including this one. Both spam
  6. Locking this thread, it's a spam magnet and there hasn't been much substantive activity in awhile.. @JL Sargent If you want me me to reopen let me know and I will be happy to.
  7. They still have Russian (the best) plywood in them, and stuff from other places, that PWK and his team determined to be the best.
  8. I think that's Dutch, @Timmikid can you help him out? I have no idea what value of those would be in Holland. Travis
  9. Yes, way too late per the last two.posts Welcome to the Forum.
  10. For some reason I had in my mind you made platforms with wheels.
  11. Never get a goat. They will eat everything else too.
  12. Natalia's Silverton, CO, KHJ-LF in marine grade ply.
  13. @Bill W. can you help him out with what you did at your restaurant to be able to bring then in and outside easily?
  14. @Trey Cannon I know you posted on this in the past on best options, and I know they added several people to CS, if you email me or PM on suggestions I will try to Gliderguy. Travis
  15. I removed the URL, which model speakers do you have?
  16. Again, what you fail to grasp whats going on. You quote the WSJ on the China investigation, and then someone posts a political quote from that article, and then someone else posts from the NYT or WP, on that issue, with their associated political reporting. What difference does it make what the source is if if serves to consistently lead to political discourse? You also fail to grasp that the people in this Forum are perfectly able to gather information from reliable sources on the issues related to Covid-19. They have shown that over and over again. They just don't believe they have a monopoly on knowledge and information like others. It is indeed simpler, and it's also fair. Those who believe they have a grasp on what's really going on don't get to determine that their point of view somehow is above the rules. You were given multiple opportunities to post in a seperate thread about it to see if it were possible to keep it on the rails, but you would rather debate the Fourum rules - my take is the issue isn't that important to you, but getting your worldview out there is. Time will tell.
  17. Here is the option that was laid out for you, simple and easy.
  18. What it is a perfect example of is individuals who are aware of what a fine line this thread has been since March, continue to want to discuss China and/or the WHO despite being told repeatedly we can't go there because of where it ends up. This isn't a thread about "the issues surrounding the disease" because we have learned (now on our 4th attempt) that the issues are inextricably intertwined with politics. We also know that people here are perfectly capable on their own in researching these issues if they wish and don't need anyone to do it for them. So on this current 4th and final attempt we have sought to limit it to topics about availability of the vaccine, taking it or not, science and medical news re: the virus (i.e., issues that are not remotely political). So that leaves 3 alternatives: Delete the thread because people can't help themselves; or (as has been preciously been suggested) for those who are just dying to talk about China and the WHO start a new thread on that issue and see how long it goes before it disintegrates; or ban people from this thread who keep wanting to go where they have been asked repeatedly not to go.
  19. Those both have prevented much chaos turmoil.
  20. Gave it a whirl. Fail. Heavy autotune on every track I tried.
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