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  1. That was my recollection and observation, and thus he wouldn't have seen the previous blips.
  2. So what amp did you use before? Or is the SET the first amp you tried it with? I see up above that you added it also did the same thing with your Mac MA6200. I think Jim's on the money with the "both speakers" question. Go to mono (if preamp has that) and see if you have it out of both left and right (one speaker at a time with balance control).
  3. Well that is the question I have been struggling with the last few weeks. It there isn't than the thread is no longer appropriate and should be closed down and people can stick to the vaccination thread that recently popped up. If there still are aspects of the virus that are not political, and people can stick to those, and it is of interest and value to the Forum Community I thought it was worthwhile to try and preserve it. However, I think the point of your post (and indirectly from BSM's post) is that this has become an exercise in futility on my part, and an easy trap for many who were never looking for trouble in the first place. It would certainly free up a lot more of the very limited time I have to be in here doing the more important things.
  4. That wasn't my question in trying to determine the poster's reasoning behind the post. I was asking for the reasoning to give them the benefit of the doubt. I always value your opinion. This particular post got 3 flags: "Overtly political", "this isn't going to end pretty" "Illegal immigrants?" Plus, Carl's public response, that the thread was in danger if there was going to be much talk "about the border." That was all before I got here to see what's going on. This particular thread, because of the intertwined issues of the disease is being looked at with hypervigilance, which I have mentioned many times in the thread to try to keep it on track and prevent the inevitable political discourse that keeps popping up.. There is no secret about that. But masks, for example, has been (at times) extremely political. @CECAA850 Carl's post about masks in Texas and MS was pretty benign and apolitical announcement of what was going to happen in those to State's on mandates. (I could have done without the "freedom" reference, but I don't want to appear to be . . . hyper-focused?). Then, while I was in here dealing with that stuff I had a poster react (as always happens when there is a post in here with even a vague reference to policy issues that are intertwined with politics (like the border and immigration) respond with a completely off-topic response dealing with border/immigration. Then we have a thread about the border and immigration. I'm only taking the time to give explanations on this as yet one more example of why posts in this threat need to be very on point, and responses need to be just just as on-point. Additionally, Carl's example giving a reminder of how people who want to participate in this thread need to stay on point or it will go away (forever) and they can get their "news" elsewhere.
  5. Glad to hear that you have been able to carry on in at least some capacity. Are your class sizes reduced? I'm sure they must be, but like 1/2 like a lot of restaurants? Or more? I'm guessing there is big "prime time" like after school until 7 or 8 p.m. or weekends and there is no way to schedule more classes, you are already max capacity for every possible slot during prime time?
  6. This seems almost purely political, but I guess I'm open to how this relates to the current treatment, vaccinations (or not getting vaccinated); gross numbers, up, down, etc. related to Covid-19.. I guess what I would want to know in determining whether this a just political "bait" or relevant information is what testing is done on people who legally enter the US by air car or boat. Are travel restricted currently in place from anywhere? If they are tested upon arrival, what, if anything is being done on rapid positive cases? I'm guessing what the answers on those will be, but pretty sure I know the answers (based on the variants that have hit the US in the last few weeks). If my assumptions are correct, than I would say the post, if unintentional, points out how difficult it is for a thread to exist because of the constant crossing into politically related issues. Of course it could be an intentional means of trying to interject immigration and border security issues into a Covid-19 thread, but I don't recall seeing any kind of history of that with you in this, or other threads. The problem with posting "news" about the disease that are intermixed with political issues like border security and immigration policy has already occured, I just deleted a response to your post talking about a completely different disease being spread.
  7. That's a pretty safe bet, and nothing even remotely related to Covid-19 will be allowed to be posted again. I have my doubts about masks, but we will see. I think it's relevant because we know the exact times things radically spiked after Memorial Day last year. It will provide more data, hopefully, one way or the other, of masks. The preliminary indexed and baselined additional related deaths data should be coming out soon according to my friend at the National Tropical Disease Center in Houston. I'm extremely interested in those numbers, which can take up to two years to finalize with a high enough CI.
  8. The last update was "Summer" of this year, there wasn't an official price released, but I believe the Heritage dealers have received pricing information.
  9. From this Forum, I think it's fair to say - the world over. Roy has overseen the installation of Professional systems on 5 Continents, and the Sub-continent of Asia.
  10. One of the best descriptions I have read. Or, after a recap, "it was like blanket had been lifted." To my ears old caps sound very similar to speaker that are out of phase.
  11. dwilawyer

    Big Cold

    Yep it's on the list, going to have my Uncle figure out the appropriate size (Aggie EE, he ran the coal mine and railroad for Texas Utilities at Martin Lake), get in ordered and installed at the end of summer.
  12. Not Gerlingen? When did they move?
  13. Hobbs meter. A joke. It's what we use on aircraft, that or cycles.
  14. Were you there when Roy discussed what he asked manufacturers to run their drivers through before they submitted the 10 or 12 for consideration? It was a certain amount of power, for a certain amount of time. They get them, and they test them at the lab and compare to spec. He said that some he received with no "break in" and didn't match up with what they were supposed to be, so he spoke to some of them and suggested a "burn in" of some sort so they would be competitive with the others was sort of the gist of what he mentioned.
  15. We need Roy and Jim Hunter to do a video on this. Hunter was originally hired by PWK specifically to be a "Transducer Engineer. Roy has discussed that he has provided suggestions for "burn in" of samples they submit for consideration to be used.It was clear there was significant changes from spec at least in the early going. They maintain laboratory "standards" for every product, all of heritage, he probably has a very, very large amount of data about changes in drivers over time, and he probably knows where it really is "break in" or poor performing drivers.
  16. The Anniversary/Special Edition series in the past have been book matched pairs. No idea what these might be.
  17. Computerized Phil? Hell in a handbasket.
  18. Yes, being on Spring What did Phil say about this?
  19. It's just an announcement, but I will make sure you all have the order information at the same time (or before) anyone else does.
  20. There will be a regular edition and a Limited Number signed edition.
  21. They are moving a little bit at a time. I am going to measure this weekend for a couple of areas and give them a go. @bhendrix got some for his place but I haven't heard if he has done anything with them yet. Travis
  22. dwilawyer

    Big Cold

    That's a great tip for in the future.
  23. Doesn't this violate US and International law? Two posts including this one. Both spam
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