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  1. dwilawyer

    Big Cold

    This isn't too reassuring.
  2. dwilawyer

    Big Cold

    You were never without NG even in all the Hurricanes right?
  3. dwilawyer

    Big Cold

    I was thinking Bi-fuel diesel/NG,
  4. dwilawyer

    Big Cold

    Should I go NG, or dual fuel?
  5. dwilawyer

    Big Cold

    We have had 2, 2 hour shutdowns today. On about 4a.m. and one at 1 PM.
  6. dwilawyer

    Big Cold

    Scorned? For being prepared? I have to have a Generac installed by Sept. or I'm in big trouble. Would love to hear how you are able to manage that? I need mine to run AC in summer and heat in winter.
  7. That's true, but there are some Forum friends in Euorpe with Khons @Timmikid had a very nice set up for a long time in the NL.
  8. dwilawyer

    Any Knife guys?

    Honesuki style, for poultry, pheasant and ducks
  9. Unless, people will pay a premium for something that doesn't fit a typical product pricing model, then you look at maybe history, experience of Company or design) Examples, things like Made in UK (race cars, coats) Made in USA (too many to name, McIntosh, Klipsch) Made in Japan.(knives) Made in France (wine, lighters).
  10. JEM, get to the standard, then see if you have an objective preference from there.
  11. All Heritage, top two reference, the Cinema and Permanent Installation main speaker systems and subs all made in Hope.
  12. The Museum was working on a book that is now in holding pattern(Covid) that was going to be printed in Genoa, Italy, same sort of situation. Pleased to report that the 75th Anniversary of Klipsch book that the Museum is doing was researched, produced (and will be printed) in the USA
  13. You have to have 5 posts before yo ucan send PM's.
  14. Sorry you have been limited, glad to hear you will be branching out soon.
  15. I think so, I would have to check with Christy, PM me and I can but you, or whoever is interested, in touch with the right person.
  16. @HDBRbuilder Where you been Andy? Good to see you.
  17. Check out the brain on Fragnito:) How on earth did you know that from looking at a photo and a tube? You never cease to amaze. I'm going to hold my opinion until I see what kind of knobs it comes with.
  18. Says link is beoken.
  19. That's correct, to get a handle on spammers and scammers.
  20. I love this post! Sound Bar, H4, F3, got da F4 now. Wait, did you daughter get her sound bar?
  21. Awesome video @Paducah Home Theater Cory. Artillery, @Trey Cannon if Klipsch won't get you a shirt, can we get you to wear a Museum shirt for the next one?
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