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  1. A warm blooded mammal (human( can have a germ/virus from a cold blooded mammal (technically heterothermic). Rabies is just one of a 1,000 examples.
  2. I will get you some links to the Khorn, La Scala, Cornwall and Heresy Museum Edition speakers. @MZKITTY can tell you about the Cornwall IV Museum Edition that she purchased, and @mikebse2a3 can tell you about the La Scala Museum Edition pair he purchased. Where abouts are you located in the UK? In or near MK? Would you consider a trade for that fine looking pup? (That's rhetorical ). Travis
  3. You are loving life with that.
  4. You will want the Museum Forte IV.
  5. I remember, we had dinner the last night together. Had a lot of fun talking with you guys. You both for sure are on the list when we can start doing those again. Travis
  6. Hey @Paducah Home Theater, how do those Forte IV's sound vs. the Forte III?
  7. You have a lot of company in that regard, and more than a few were asking about a Chorus III in the Listening Lounge today. My understanding on why the Chorus got overlooked is how and where it would fit in the current line up, or rather, that it doesn't currently fit in terms of price, size, specs. Where did the Chorus II fit back in the day? Above what, below what?
  8. It was hard for me to see who all when in there because I was trying to track bids, I went back and listened and picked up a bunch more info.
  9. It was a great show, indeed. Got the Museum Edition Heresy's Sold, winner of the $1,000+ Sub will be announced tomorrow. Then are going to do Listening Lounge on the Jubilees and lots of other very, very cool stuff.
  10. Don't forget to measure all of the door widths it has to go through (twice). It won't fit through a lot of standard residential doors, even with the door removed. Many have gone through rear patio doors or french doors. Kevin has a nice video of his in his man cave, I will see if I can get a link.
  11. Ask tomorrow in Listeming Louge if they will have an upgrade kit. Some they can, some they can't I guess..
  12. A little? Not from the class I took. It's hyper complex. 3 speakers across the front, or 5. The Bonehead who taught the class was rattling of numbers and coverages and why things sounded good in the home. Everyime I think I begin to understand a concept, there is an interrelated one that makes a logical assumption completely wrong. OR, I realized that I had a lack of understanding of a fundamental concept that underlies other important concepts, and until you truly understand the underlying concept, you can't understand the important concepts that are derived from it. Why is it more complicated than that? Is it that even in a small theater you have to have 3 front speakers and The Jubilee needs corners so you cant use The Jubile as a center? They don't have the power handling to reach out and get to the magic specific spot in a theater (2/3 back center?). The issues of beaming are different? Or, "it's all about compromise?"And the compromise on The Jubilee was to maximize sound for home, not the theater? Or is it better to enjoy sausage, but not necessarily know how it's made?
  13. Why wouldn't he get the new ones? Of course he will have the new ones, he will probably be a top national seller. Right now I think he's listening to the new Forte IV's he just got.
  14. You tell it so much better. So The Jubilee that's coming isn't so suitable for Cinema would be my guess. Cinema doesn't need to go as low for "full range" but needs to be +10 db in power handling over the LCR..So output down to 25 is much more.critical than being flat to 20hz is in high end consumer..The Jubilee is still going to be an eighth space "corner speaker".according to Roy, I don't imagine cinemas has much, or any need for that. They have the room for an 1802, or several, matched with and tuned with LF, MF and HF.for.the size of the Cinema.
  15. Need to know the mass of the grape sized object
  16. It's a completely different speaker Richieb. The only thing that might remain the same is the 402 horn, but he has hinted at changing that as well. It's a completely different bass bin, different driver. different everything except it's a 2-way. I don't thing Regal use much, of any of the KPT-KHJ-LF for anything. Roy can kill 4 woofers of the competition with 1 in his 1802.
  17. Yes price matters - but where is this not true ?(answer below). I'm guessing everything in the Heritage line is a luxury good. But Khorns, and the rest of the line have always been a luxury good haven't they? The AK6 Khorn is $15K, that's the same price as a pair in 1963, in real/equivalent dollars (for oiled walnut) and you are getting a better speaker today. The new Jubilee will be over twice the AK6, I don't think there is any question that puts you in a significantly smaller market. Klipsch has many lines, and brands (realigned this summer into PAC), all run by a pretty sharp guy, separate from Voxx. Heritage is no different that the luxury brand of GM - in terms of units sold, Cadillac is less than 1% of GM's total (about 1/2%). I'm sure it's close for Lincoln, Lexus, etc. Price matters for all elastic products on the "supply demand curves." Only Inelastic products are not impacted by prices change (or are impacted buy only slightly) utilities are the best example, tobacco, Rx drugs, matches, salt are some others. Nothing to do with Voxx. His name is Rob Standley, he and Roy started with the Forte III, and then updating the remainder. Rob was promoted to another VP position, and they have a very cool guy who is the product manager on this last round of stuff. The Sr. VP of Global Brand, is a very, very sharp guy, Klipsch "lifer", 30 years and before that he worked at a Klipsch Heritage dealer in Fla. Klipsch's marketing is all in Indy, has nothing to do with Voxx, there is a guy in there Matt Sommers, also a lifer, and a creative genius. You can meet all of them, Roy, Zach, Mark and Matt tomorrow during the Listening Lounge live Youtube stream, and ask them anything.
  18. When you are in YouTube you can set.a Reminder" by clicking the bell Icon..it's going to start on time, if you get there a little early it will say "waiting on"
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