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  1. There was no name calling. No one here should take offense. If they do, then that's on them.
  2. Hyperbolic moronicism. That's what I am against.
  3. Easy for you to say... That's a lot of flugs und werkes.
  4. I'll tell you in person on my next trip staying at your place. For the hospitality I'll make some Texas BBQ.
  5. That's a good one. Mine was the result of a trip to Germany in the late 80s.
  6. oldtimer


    Good to see the Av's out.
  7. oldtimer


    Happy St. Patrick's Day.
  8. Raquel Welch: Actor Raquel Welch dies at 82 (msn.com)
  9. Form 1099-K Tax Return: Is there a threshold of $600 or $20,000? (msn.com) At least 1 year reprieve.
  10. If you think that doesn't really work, just watch the news.
  11. oldtimer

    Checking in

    Thanks for checking in Amy.
  12. It just doesn't matter. That said I didn't buy the forte 2's until the divorce was final.
  13. Sad no matter what.
  14. I knew the titannic existed. Classic British management project.
  15. I still have the Phillips you sold me. Want it back?
  16. Go to a title office and get the paperwork done. This is not rocket surgery.
  17. oldtimer


    That's one way to describe it.
  18. Is it a shibata? Isn't the microline also a shibata or do i have the cuts mixed up?
  19. oldtimer


    Baby, baby, baby Where did our love go?
  20. The 2 dollar for dollar will not be beat. It comes down to how much you are willing to spend.
  21. oldtimer

    What I Got Today!

    Oh I see now. For some reason I am subject to a different set of response rules as anyone else here. WTF? It isn't the first time I have ever posted either, ffs. I have also given a "like" to several of your posts too, damn I guess I should apologize?
  22. oldtimer


    When there seems to be misunderstandings here, and if those here truly value each other and the possibility of friendly interaction and understanding, then I highly recommend communicating via private messages. Why not? Preconceived notions can be confirmed or discarded and greater understanding result. Or does that just piss people off?
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