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  1. If you guys want linoleum or hardwood, then I might suggest the title character of the Anne Rice book, "Queen of the Damned."
  2. There you go buddy, now stop making sense and figure it out..... This song is a percussionists dream. There is the percussive playing of the electric piano, coupled with the percussion including bongos, and eventually the percussion coming from David Byrne's mouth.
  3. you call it what it most resembles.....
  4. Scooter I agree that Gilmour is great, but you have to realize that most emotional is subjective to one's own experience. This poll was after all a British one. Give me good ole R&B from down this way, it speaks to our roots. I like them both, but I could listen to SRV for a far longer period just because of this.
  5. I really don't want to stump anyone. This band had a female bass player with the last name of a town.
  6. Cool down Stop acting crazy They're gonna leave And we'll be on our own
  7. i voted the same as CP and agree with his reasoning....except on the "samplers" issue. No matter how much you send to others of a release you are helping their marketing efforts. If the recipients enjoy it, they will buy more. Our resident lawyer will disagree on the legality, but marketing- wise the artists are served. The grateful dead always let their fans record their concerts because they understood that it would return to them many-fold in future revenue.
  8. Love is a Drug... I remember when sittin in the tub pulled out the plug the water came runnin out
  9. Cheech and Chong did Earache my eye in one of their movies, and it was from their "Wedding Album." That is the answer, don't be confused by Basketball Jones.
  10. Love Hurts. I introduce the next one with a hint, since it is off the beaten track a little. I called in sick today. Why? I got an earache that's why..... My momma talk-a-to me try to tell me how to live But I don't listen to her cause my head is like a sieve
  11. Yeah its Page, when you listen to him you are mesmerized. Yet I don't know if I could settle on just Page, I mean Robert Fripp was very innovative, creative, and a technical beast. Music is so encompassingly wide; there is room for Hendrix, Fripp, Page, Vaughn and others we love to listen to and be amazed by.
  12. Yes we all despise our customers, yet depend on them to pay the bills.
  13. No pic, but here it's hot coppacola rolled around smoked gruyere.
  14. Sputnik, is your avatar Stan from the evil parallel universe or did you make it from the "make you into a sp character" site?
  15. Jeff, what a cop out. Right when I had appointed myself dictator for life!
  16. My son is practically 19 years old. Jeff, how old are your kids? Enquiring minds want to know, just so we all know where we are coming from.
  17. LOL Jeff. Bridge of Sighs is the album, the first track is "Day of the Eagle" as nailed by thereyougobuddy. Not evil, but eagle. And it demands cranking because it kicks serious butt!
  18. Creation is greatness, imitation is technical mastery.
  19. Either that or he will pee all down the road....what the hey, life is full of surprises.
  20. I saw a light, just up ahead But I couldn't seem to rise up from my bed I'm not alone, than I am People seem to think I'm superman
  21. Agreed Jeff, but that is simply an extension of the prior statement.
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