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  1. Just happened to be flipping through this months issue and there you were... I had to hop online and officially congratulate you! ~cheers~
  2. You might not remember me as I haven't been posting much....but I was flipping through this months issue of HT Mag and what did I see? A very familiar HT setup, yes...yes it was picky's HT from the Klipsch forum. It's got such a unique look how could not recognize it as your! Congratulations... It's nice to see that others can appreciate all the hard work you put into your setup. ~cheers~
  3. LOL Seven-disc DVD-A collection? You got me beat by 3 discs...... LOL Maybe you can call me when after they call you. I voted Blue Ray however just because of Sony's backing and choice of technology with the PS3 soon to be released. That's good enough for me.
  4. It's not about quality, it's about quantity. Just kidding, but seriously, I couldn't justify NOT going 7.1. Even with 5.1 programmed material, the 7.1 benefits can be heard in my experience. I will say, however, that DD EX and DTS ES material sounds pretty darn nifty compared to non EX/ES material. ~Cheers~
  5. My daughters 10 months old now and things have started to kind of balance out and have had a chance to play catch up since it's been a while since I've checked out the setups! Nothing's changed here, I'd like to do some rewiring and better planning with less of a hack job (just wanted to hear it you know). Your guy's setups have really been an inspiration. Anyhow, Cheers and keep on rockin the Klipsch!
  6. Just wanted to say great setup guys. They continue to amaze me for sure!!! Looking forward to when I can do a projector system, but for now, I don't see any upgrades happening too soon. If anything, as my new daughter of 6 month old gets older, I might have to ceiling mount ALL the components.... ~Cheers~
  7. Again, very nice setup everyone.... If you can't get all the gear, it's always nice to look at it. Keep them pics comin'!
  8. I am also a satisfied owner of the HTS-3600. If this one blew up, I would replace it with another one.
  9. Very nice setup indeed. I've been wondering myself how framed in cavities for the TV and Speakers would work out and here you have it done in your upstairs setup. Any heat issues because of lack of air flow? Any unwanted vibrations or what did you do to minimize them? ~Cheers~
  10. I was once a part of a thread that was over 110,000 posts. The administrator finally had to close the thread and archive it as it was taking up too many system resources.... LOL
  11. ---------------- On 12/1/2004 9:52:02 PM nicholtl wrote: Halo 2 on my 51-inch ain't too bad either. =) ---------------- I hear yeah! Got my friend to pose for a anonymous shot: ~Cheers~
  12. ---------------- On 12/1/2004 5:59:31 PM nicholtl wrote: ---------------- On 12/1/2004 2:21:29 PM Pako wrote: Anyone looking for a 60" Rear Projection LCD? J/K ---------------- Yeah, me! If it's for free. ---------------- Free? yeah, almost free... LOL I still second guess my decision on the rear projection system instead of a front projection system mainly for the Computer interface compatibility. Although I have full support for Half Life 2 with my 60" so I really shouldn't be complaining.....
  13. Very nice setup guys! The only thing better than listening to your Theatre's is seeing your Theatre. Makes me want to re-tool my entire setup. Anyone looking for a 60" Rear Projection LCD? J/K ~Cheers~
  14. Here is the image of the DIY subs. I built both of these in high school wood shop, oh.... 12 years ago. I run both of these subs off of a NIKKO receiver.
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