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  1. I wasn't looking ot buy anything. But just looking out for other members and for maybe a moderator to give a final say in case anyone is looking.
  2. I have the new Image headphones (my review will come shortly) Previously, wiht my old sony headphones, I would listen to my mp3 player with volume at the max (20) Now with the image, the same volume and intensity can be hadt at 14 or 15. (3/4 max) The manual states to not listen above 10 (half). Am I listening too loud? What are others listening at? Perhaps my seal isn't good enough?
  3. I ordered mine on amazon for around the same price, got elton john's goodbye yellow brick road on SACD as well, so my super savor free shipping kicked in.
  4. I am a frequent member of the AVS forum and sometimes browse their promotional sites at the top. Recently I just saw a Reference IV ad. I clicked it and it brought me to acousticsounddesign.com klipsch reference page. I always thought this site was UNAUTHORIZED, and sold many speaker bands made to look like klipsch. Has this site recently become authorized that I was unaware of?
  5. that speaker he was carrying around looked like a gigantic white quintet
  6. those other names may have been what I saw. But I still think it should've been unveiled in more of the klipsch setting, surrounded by their speakers. That "industrial" setting would've suited just fine too :-) I just felt not enough focus was paid compared to other companies and other bikes and other shows I've seen. I guess I was just expecting much more as a big fan of the show and the klipsch name. Take for instance the episode this season with the outdoor store, they went to the store, tested almost all of their products, and went really indepth into the design and integration of it into the bike. For klipsch, it's like they made a random fender cause it looked cool, and a random gas tank cause it would fit the random backbone they chose. Nothing was really integrated, except logo names you can paste anywhere. I just felt it wasn't given justice.
  7. Um...I watch OCC all the time, and love Klipsch, and i thought this episode was horrendous. I'm sorry Klipsch, but you got served. Every episode this season has dedicated 2 episodes per bike (they also did double builds), but it seems like they rushed this one right out the door. They barely went over the bike, the only thing that "really" made it klipsch, was they added the logo and threw in a speaker on it. That's IT. No mention of the history, no mention of anything else. Just painted it copper (an off looking color copper form the woofers BTW). I saw there was a PWK on the wheel, but didn't even mention who he was. The only Klipsch people we saw was the "used car salesman" type guy running around, no visit to Hope, no talking to PR, nothing. More than half the episode was dedicated to Sr. Eyes, the new shop, and the need to hire someone. Never explained WHY the horns were so essential and what made them different, just that Klipsch uses them. And at the unveiling, why were there like 10 other speaker brand names floating around if it was a Klipsch concert party? They even said they wouldn't test ride the bike, they had 2 days so they rushed through it (mostly because Jr banged out sick). I think you deserved much better. Something that really screamed Klipsch. I woulda made the wheels looking like giant copper woofers, and a giant klipsch horn as the headlight, something that really screams klipsch. Sorry, I was very disappointed.
  8. My 4308 recognized my center (RC-7) as large as well. It is sitting in a cabinet, so maybe because of the concealed porting it's seeing it as large, but I left it that way. If mostly voices are coming through the center, who's voice dips below 40 hz? or maybe even 80hz? Is that sort of thinking wrong? I don't have a sub, so I can put a crossover in and let my RF-7s handle it, i'll try a comparison tonight, but wouldn't letting the center handle the hwole spectrum of a voice be better than splititng it? especially if at the same time the fronts or sub are handling some musical score or explosion or something that actually requires low bass? i understand if the center is a small satelite or bookshelf to use a crossover, but aren't the RC-7s and RC-64s large enough to be set to large and handle voice?
  9. i think it was page 60 of the manual. Denon wrote back ot me in an e-mail i wrote to them asking for support, and I tihnk the microprocessor reset was a shot in the dark. But it worked. I've done a few firmware updates on the 4308 reciever and I think a microprocessor reset was needed. Everything works great now, just gotta re calibrate the audyssey and speaker setup now. Picked up a few LPs yesterday, Michael Jackson's 25th anniversary thriller, Prince's Purple Rain (the fold out poster included was worth the price alone!, John Coltrane's blue train, and the credence! Everything sounds great. I moved my Luxman Amp out of a clsoed cabinet since it was getting hot and got some new bettercables silver serpent interconnects with he bullet plugs, so far so good. I leave my amp on all the time so there's no more warmup, but I noticed that with everything off except the amp, I can hear a soft hum or maybe even buzz from my front speakers, is that normal? The guy at the audio shop said these old Luxman's have a bad output stage that needs replacement because it causes distortion, but listening to SACDs everything seems to sound fine, maybe that's what he was talking about and it can be even better? Anyone know about this? Tahoe was AMAZING! Sunday they had a 5 foot snow storm so I just went tot he casino and went up $400 on the blackjack table. (Lost it later at the craps table) Monday and Tuesday was clear blue skies and about 40-50 degrees on the mountain, couldn't have been more perfect. Went to Northstar and Squaw. Absolutely breathtaking.
  10. Denon suggested doing a "microprocessor reset". so i looked thorugh my manual, found the buttons to press, and did it. lost all my audyssey settings and custom settings, but turntable is working perfectly! i guess now i just have to re-run audyssey and re-customize my settings. who would've thought!
  11. I already have nice pre-terminated cables form bettercables.com from my luxman. i wanted to still use them going out from the switch box. maybe I should just hold off and wait to get a bigger room and throw some klipschorns in the corners :-)
  12. I'm wondering, instead of connecting the turntable straight to the scott, can i connect it throught he denon, and use the zone 2 preout to the scott tube amp, that way i can directly compare the luxman and the scott by just changing zone on the denon and then changing the amp switch? also, what are the inputs on the back of the switch, is just spring loaded clips for bare speaker wire? i'd pretty much have to a run a whole lot of extra wire to do this, huh
  13. perfect. can someone link this nules box, and are there any other types of boxes that may be better or can be digitally or dc controlled? i mean, if i'm doing vinyl anyway, i'd be up there for the records, so i could manually switch it anyway.
  14. that is EXACTLY what i want to do. keep my existing setup for multichannel music / tv / movies, and jsut integrate the 2 channel tube amp for 2 channel listening and vinyl but using the same set of speakers for now. so is this switcher just conecting the post amplified speaker outputs of both amps to the switcher and then having 1 speaker output to the speakers? almost like a flux capacitor!
  15. but i want to incorproate both the tubes and the SS for different purposes, but utilizing the same speakers. Pretty much, i guess there's no way unless i get extra speakers dedicated for 2 channel. hmm
  16. I follow what your saying. But would there be a way to have like the turntable going intot he tubes, using that as a pre, then going from that to the denon as a passthrough to the luxman, so using the tubes as a pre instead of the denon. that way it's the tube pre, luxman amp, but using the denon for volume control and having the 299d as just "another input" on the denon, then further down the line jsut use the tubes as a whole preamp / amp for heritage speakers. i don't want to be using the tube in any sort of surround sound movie mode. just strictly for 2 channel when using the turntable, but my rf-7s are already connected to the luxman which i use now for 2 channel and full surround through the denon.
  17. Wasn't sure where to post this, home theater, technical, or 2 channel. But here it goes. I already have a 6.1 home theater. My surrounds, center, and rears are powered by my Denon 4308, which all my components run in to. My fronts are powered by the luxman M-117 200 watt amp from my denon 4308 pre-outs. (my local shop told me he looked at a few of those recently and the output stages needed to be fixed because they cause distortion, not sure if mine do, but if anyone knows of that issue, please let me know) I may be able to get a hold of a Scott 299d tube amp for pretty cheap, which I'd probably send to NOSvalves for restoration. My front speakers are RF7s. IDEALLY, when I eventually get a bigger place, I would use this tube amp for some 2 channel heritage speakers and have a CD player and turntable hooked directly into it, and that would be that. But for now, how do I integrate it into my system with only 1 set of front speakers (RF-7s) Do tube amps have a pre-out to essentually use them as a pre, then have it go through my denon, and then through the luxman to the RF-7s? (and wouldn't that essentially render the purpose of the tubes useless since you're only using it as a pre?) I'm not exactly sure how to get both amps integrates for different purposes using only 1 set of fronts.
  18. I turned off my amp last night (did not disconnect it), and the record player did the same thing. i also took all my wires out from under the wall boards in case any of them were being pinched or whatnot. i'm going skiing in tahoe saturday to wednesday, so i think the whole disconnect everything and start from scratch might have to wait until next thursday.
  19. I have checked all settings on the display for my phonoo input, like i siad, everything else has always worked beautifully, and still does. it's just the turntable. i went through the manual last night for protection mode, phono input,a nd troubleshooting in the back (the pages you referenced) it seems like if it really is the protection circuit, the amp would shut down and blink red. but nothing happens, sound jsut dissapears. gonna try tonight ot disconnect the external amp.
  20. My reciever does have a phono pre-amp for the phono input which I am using. I tried using a different input, and the sound is almost inaudible (since there is no pre on that input), and I can still hear the speakers cut out in the same way. I have ocntacted denon and they said they would get back to me tomorrow. Since the turntable worked beautifully at the shop when I brought it back, it canno tbe the turntable, it is my reciever, or a faulty connection, or my seperate amp causing some sort of problem. Again, this is only using the turntable, every other device works perfectly, even at loud volumes. I'm going to try tonight just disconnecting my front 2 channel amp, it's an old 1980s luxman m-117. The tech said these amps have a problem in the outboard state causing distortion too, and since it's current driven instead of voltage driven, who knows, maybe that's the culprit.
  21. I think the only thing to do now is disconnect everything from the reciever except the turntable and my front speakers directly in and see if it works, then slowly reconnect everything. But all my gear is in a corner, and heavy, and this going to be a full day project. Sheesh.
  22. the tech mentioned this feature, but said that muting thing wouldn't engage and disengage itself while playing at even intervels, and since it worked at the shop, it's definately my Denon. just now sure why, or how, or how to fix it.
  23. I brought it back to the shop today. They were the ones who installed the cardtridge, aligned everything, set the balances and weights, and everything else. He hooked it up, put in Purple Rain, and for the whole side of the record, it played and worked and sounded great. NONE of the issues I had at home. So, not the turntable. The tech said it could be that the Denon reciever is going into protect mode due to a bad connection back there, or because sometimes with turntables there's a very small frequency or reverb output that puts a huge strain on amps so I should try and hook it up far from my speakers. Well, my cords aren't long enough, i rechecked my connections, they look ok i guess. I have banana plugs and spades on everything, and they look like they're ok. I'm thinking maybe there's just something wrong with my denon phono imput and the protection mode circuit. Any ideas?
  24. connected it to a different input. sound is obviously much lower through the speakers, but i listened closely and it still cut out. so i don't think it's the amp, so definately the turntable? but why work sometimes, and cut out on even intervals?
  25. My regular Tivo, DVD player, CDs, SACDs, all work fine. I'm going to try a different input and maybe reconneccting the phono input.
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