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  1. As a racer and car-guy in general, who does a bunch of ECU tuning on the side, I don't particularly care to drive a manual car anymore. I currently have two 6-speed cars, which are just toys, (STi & S2000) and I don't enjoy them the way I used to compared to a DCT. Even a traditional auto these days, is pretty good. After I sell my STi soon (whenever it goes up on www.bringatrailer.com), I'll still have my S2000, which is my track car. It's got a really good shifting feel, but since I put a turbo on it, I have been considering a sequential transmission... quick shifts and never drop boost. I'll probably never buy a manual transmission car again, and I used to be a die-hard manual transmission guy.
  2. I don't even answer my phone if I don't know the number. I've even hung up on future customers for my business because of it. No time for that...
  3. I swapped the crossovers with these drivers and I love these speakers. I bought new K-33's that I plan to swap in soon.
  4. Having done this upgrade on some '78 La Scalas and purchasing from Bob, it was well worth it. Bob took care of me when I had issues, even sending me out a new driver to try without payment. I'd recommend buying from the source.
  5. I ran 3 in my theater where 2 did not cut it. Worked out amazingly.
  6. I have a pair of K-55-M's and AlNiCo K-77's from my La Scalas.
  7. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    Here are my current toys: 2005 STi: Roll racing The Blue Turd, right before he was able to get the turbo spooling and ran right past me: 2004 S2000 (track car): I do a good bit of tuning cars as well: I also used to have an SHO years ago. Vortech supercharged on E85. Right around 550whp.
  8. I've got a set of upgraded '78 La Scalas with a sub I built (cylinder sub with a 12" sub from an RW-12d) and I can't get enough of it. I'm surprised how well the smallish sub fills in the lows.
  9. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    For anyone following my previous posts on the Taurus SHO, 1320 Video posted a video on it a couple days ago. Also, you can catch it on Netflix in a week!
  10. What am I wrong about? Are you not old? Have you not lost some range in your hearing? Sound and "best" are subjective. I am more of a data guy... This conversation is absurd. What I like in sound, you may not... And vice versa.
  11. Why is this still going? Most of the people talking about sound quality and differences here are probably old and lost a significant portion of their hearing... Just saying.
  12. A little bit of column A and a little bit of column B.
  13. I saw those when I purchased a different pair out here. The appearance is what steered me away. I also prefer a more, stock-look.
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