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  1. One side is complete. I was working on the opposite side today, when I had time. The front will test my skills up until I am above the mantel. I've only tiled one other time, and it wasn't up a wall not cutting around things.
  2. Nothing yet. I have been working on tiling the fireplace up to the ceiling, plus the other things I've been tasked with at the house while at home. As far as the inductors, I can stand one or two of them up. I wasn't even thinking about the fields they create as they weren't right next to each other.
  3. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    That's not terrible. I just remembered looking for something that would fit what I wanted and then spent nearly $400 on it, and it was much bigger than I wanted for what it was... Although not a lot of money in the grand scheme, I expected it to not be a huge problem for me. The shelves don't support nearly any weight as they will flex and warp. The back warped so bad that the magnets did not really hold it on anymore. I will probably end up building something to get what I want. I found it extremely difficult to find something not overly HUGE AND EXPENSIVE to get something nice, with a door, and cooling.
  4. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    Honestly, not even worth that. Within a year, you'll hate it.
  5. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    If you can return that, do it. I had this... I was a total POS. It warped to crap and started falling apart. I left a review and pictures on Amazon. I ended up buying a cheap, small replacement without a door which has held up significantly better.
  6. I utilized Xsim for my crossover. I am curious to see real-world results. I got the fireplace ready for tile and mounted the mantel. I'm very excited to get this done! a widget
  7. I will be doing the black this weekend/next week. I will be using DuraTex. I am going to run some screws in flush or slightly sunk into the baffle in the same location the velcro was. I will then fill over them and finish with the DuraTex. I picked up some small magnets that will be able to use the sunken screws to hold the grill. Between these and my La Scala's (which I will also refinish this year), these will probably be the last set of real speakers I ever buy, so I want to make them like new.
  8. I am actually in the process of finishing a set of 1982 Heresy 1's. I'm looking forward to getting them done soon. I have replaced all the drivers (CT-120/A-55-G/CW-1228), recapped the crossovers and transferred everything to a smaller board, and braced the boxes. I picked up some 70th anniversary-like material for the grills and will be using magnets to hold them in place. These were in decent condition for being refinished when I bought them last year. I did have to re-glue some peeling veneer and splinters and sanding out some blemishes and such.
  9. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    While tuning my S2000 on the dyno, Edge Autosport asked me to be on one of their videos (I rolled out of bed and put a hat on and haven't had a haircut since late Feb/early Mar.)
  10. I've got the board done and everything mounted. I will solder the crossover tomorrow or Monday. Also have these to solder, too. I am rebuilding/refinishing/upgrading some 1982 Heresy's as well.
  11. Cars are kinda what I do. I play with a lot of them, just never know what I want. I have a few, but always get interested in a car like the OP just bought!
  12. Nice find. I've considered one of those, but then I find myself considering many different cars and realize I don't know what I want.
  13. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    Got my track car on the dyno today and all went well. I made exactly the power I was wanting. My track tune is 8 PSI and ~380whp. I did push it up to 10 PSI to see what it would do, but it did fall off towards the top. I might have been able to preload the IWG actuator a little more (I have 7-8mm now... the recommended 2mm has never worked for me on any car) and it could be partially due to altitude and it starting to lose some steam up there. I will have some graphs emailed to me tomorrow... They'll be my track tune, 10 PSI tune, overlaid with the NA AP1 we had on today, and overlaid my STi graph. For now, this is what I have: Log from that pull: I didn't take any video, but the shop did take video and interviewed me, so I'll have video whenever that is released. Not sure I've posted it in this thread, which is more fitting, but I was on Netflix's Fastest Car, season 2 as the tuner to the Taurus SHO I posted earlier. Now I have to sort out some other things on the car and get it all back together, then back on track.
  14. I'll take pics when I am done building it. I am curious to see how it does!
  15. @MC39693, I am building my own crossover. I am going to put one more coat of poly on crossover board today, and then build tomorrow. I know I'll need to test and probably change it up a bit, I imagine it'll be pretty good the first time. No specific plans for the cabinet as I was working to fill a space, essentially. I took some measurements, calculated volume and modeled it, picked the driver, etc, but it was basically me saying, "the fireplace is 55" wide and I want the mantel this high".
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