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  1. Those six fingers make me wonder if anyone ever had two dingusses. JJK
  2. Ginger had the "ways and means". Sorry, wrong thread. JJK
  3. I don't like peanut butter, never did and never will. JJK
  4. JJkizak

    What I Got Today!

    Nobody mentioned a chainfall. A Bobcat and forklift are a bit pricey to unload one item. JJK
  5. JJkizak

    What I Got Today!

    How are you going to get it off the truck? JJK
  6. The Communist assessment was almost correct but just a bit too early for the vast American decadence to set in. JJK
  7. That's a very interesting read. JJK
  8. I personally do not stain walnut as it makes it too dark and hides the grain. JJK
  9. I believe a Facebook account takes 30 days to delete. JJK
  10. You have to use Quantum Mechanics to make something out of nothing. JJK
  11. JJkizak

    NFL 2021

    Can you pee for 1/2 hour? JJK
  12. What a lot of people don't realize is the product they buy everyday at $5.00 gets a 20% downsizing maintaining the same configured box with the same coloring and the price goes up to $6.00. That's a 40% increase in price. Inflation 40%. JJK
  13. Prices started going up after WWII. JJK
  14. I can vouch for the longevity of redwood. The bugs avoid it like the plague. I pulled out some 4 x 4 redwood posts from my Ohio yard that were buried for almost 50 years to relocate them and they were pristine clean with no paint on them. I just stared at them in disbelief and wonderment then put them back in the ground in another spot. JJK
  15. I would like to see the man in person who can pull and push that 24 foot saw. Especially when it binds up. JJK
  16. JJkizak

    NFL 2021

    I'm happy with the way the Browns are playing. They keep slugging away play after play even if the score is not in their favor. JJK
  17. WCLV classical because of it's distortion free broadcasts and the announcer is in the dead middle speaker. JJK
  18. Well I do not agree with that list. A lot of those songs are structured poorly. JJK
  19. JJkizak

    Slow Forum

    This forum is slower than slow at this time. JJK
  20. I always wondered who is financing this stuff. They can't be making any money. JJK
  21. I thought cats were "Unherdable" JJK
  22. JJkizak

    Death Clock

    Being dead isn't the problem, getting there is. JJK
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