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  1. I imagine if you have to color match the cables that would be another $20,000.00 JJK
  2. I looked on B & H and the prices are about double a regular TV. JJK
  3. I thought it was crawdads and possum innards. JJK
  4. The best done website I ever used was the Akron Beacon Journal online newspaper. Unbelievable in simplicity. JJK
  5. iI remember on Monday Night Football John Madden hollering at the top of his lungs "That was a bad call, that was a bad call, that was a bad call". JJK
  6. I don't need the chill index to tell me its cold when the wind blows. I learned that somewhere between 3 and 4 years old. JJK
  7. I am curious about the crossover used for the "Butt Horn". JJK
  8. JJkizak


    Put studded snow tires on t. JJK
  9. JJkizak

    What I Got Today!

    Western Electric packaging of equipment was usually almost as valuable as the product. JJK
  10. JJkizak

    crypto currency

    Well I got my first definition from the supposed most knowledgeable Wall Street fund manager from an interview with Consuelo Mac on PBS TV and it went right over my head. I got the next definition from Charles Schwab and they really didn't know either. My best advice is invest in a mutual fund that deals with it and don't try to understand it because nobody really does. They also don't really know who controls it either. The latest recommendation is to wait awhile as they will come out with one that is better than what they have now. I personally would rather hunt for the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. JJK
  11. 1.5" of snow on the ground at 28.9F in Twinsburg. JJK
  12. Gee, I think the bank accounts of Ohio State players and coaches should be checked for sudden increases. JJK
  13. That's the best song they ever did. JJK
  14. I called up my State Farm guy and asked him to cut me some slack. He said try the dinguss that you plug into your test jack to monitor your speed and it will save you 10 bucks a month. I said how much does the dingus cost? He said 10 bucks a month. End call. JJK
  15. JJkizak

    Car Thread

    I too wanted a Corvette for a utility car but the ground clearance won't let me take it on the Jeep trail in the woods. I can't justify hauling rocks or dirt with the Vette either. JJK
  16. JJkizak


    Yeah, a bunch of wild *** animals. JJK
  17. JJkizak

    Miracle whip

    My doctor would scream bloody murder if she knew I was eating Miracle Whip all the time. No white colored food period. JJK
  18. Use a Dremel tool with the plastic cutting wheels or steel cutting wheels. They both work fine. JJK
  19. Just wondering after watching the NEWS for a couple of years is there anything left in California after the fires, rains, winds, earthquakes, rock falls, oil spills, and heat waves? JJK
  20. I personally would remove the woofers and such. Stuff happens (maybe) if you don't. JJK
  21. JJkizak


    You could probably sell that rock to a landscaper for $10,000.00. JJK
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