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  1. JJkizak

    What I Got Today!

    My Jeep fever has been contagious since I was 7 years old. JJK
  2. That was a terrible recording of his voice. Awful. JJK
  3. My understanding is that the OSU elders think beating Michigan is more important than the national championship. JJK
  4. Did they terminate Daily yet? JJK
  5. As soon as I stop busting butt the weight goes up. Then it's coffee for the next day. I love those sugar cones but they should paint them black with skulls on them. JJK
  6. Not me. Going to relatives and they make the turkey. If I make the turkey I burn it to get a nice hard/deep crust on it. Normal people don't like that. So my normal relatives won't let me make the turkey. My oven element has been burned out for about 35 years now. No need for it. JJK
  7. I liked it a bunch. She did hit an off note (maybe just a grunt) at the end of one of the lyrics near the center which wasn't quite a note but that could be fixed in post. JJK
  8. Heritage Is mine. I particularly like the way it's formed. I particularly like the way it's formed. I particularly like the way it's formed. I particularly like the way it's formed. I do love my sound. JJK
  9. JJkizak

    Hot Hot Hot

    They showed the young girl who won the hot eating contest. Her gizzard must be in the Smithsonian. How to kill all bacteria known to man. JJK
  10. JJkizak

    What I Got Today!

    New modem, stuff in the outside box, and new password for "E" mail. What more could you want? JJK
  11. Sounds like he went to the Trump school of denial, blame flip, and subject change. JJK
  12. I use red pepper than burn each side until charred (really burned) with the inside medium. No smell. Eat with fingers and chew like a rabid dog. JJK
  13. My girlfriends weener dog.
  14. That's the best version I ever heard. JJK
  15. Looks like there is 100K worth of ebony in that guitar, even the knobs. JJK
  16. JJkizak


    I thought it was candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, potato chips, pies, spam, baloney, pizza, french fries, soft drinks, whipped cream, cereals with sugar, kool-aid, lemonade, cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers, white bread, strawberry shortcake, pudding, TV dinners, canned goods, and my favorite---sugar cones. JJK
  17. JJkizak


    Diet is both mental and physical plus I don't want to have a thigh that measures twice as much in diameter as my stomach when I was thin as I have notice in some diabetic commercials. JJK
  18. Oh he could have long hair in no time. JJK
  19. Led Zeppelin here I come. JJK
  20. Is "Fugue" a mesmionic fog? JJK
  21. The thing that bothers me is if OS is third and long everybody (including me) knows they are going to pass. Then even if the defense knows the exact play on who the prime receiver is the quarterback has to check down to the next one. The blitz will be coming anyway. Just wondering what good it does to know the signals. JJK
  22. Steeling signals has been going on for a long time. That can be thwarted by calling a double signal---signal that your going to throw the ball but what it really means is a run. Then it could be predicated on the defense that the opposing team is in to go to a third option automatically. But I don't think that football players are that cerebral. Then again a ten deck stack stopped counting cards---maybe. JJK
  23. I loved those scopes and they were built like a battleship. I would start with the power supply area. JJK
  24. JJkizak


    Your supposed to be naked when you weigh yourself. No wet hair and take a dump and a pee-pee before. JJK
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