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  1. I believe that poster of Hendrix (or similar) was on the Antiques Road Show and appraised for an extravagant amount of money. JJK
  2. Every time I buy a car I wonder how much I will be screwed. JJK
  3. iI watched the original 16mm movie hundreds of times for details. One piece of walnut with glued on guns. The flag pole has a steel drill rod inserted. JJK
  4. Art that you purchase or art that you make? JJK
  5. You mean there are more buttons than headlights, turn signals, and windshield wipers? JJK
  6. You know you have only so many feet. JJK
  7. It's 21.5" tall and one piece of walnut with brass bullets in the guns, rear gun belt, and eyes. Steel spurs later on not in the picture. JJK
  8. That's what gets a Jeep stuck---sitting on the frame instead of the wheels. You need a winch. JJK
  9. When I was in Thule Greenland for a year at -40F for six months they would put kerosene in the radiators, a plywood sheet in front of the radiator or the engine would never warm up, battery heater, head heater, plastic stick um sheets on the inside of the windows as the defrosters were useless, when parked outside never shut the engine off or it will never start again, 4 wheel drive is mandatory as the grease freezes the wheel bearings and it takes 1/4 mile to unlock them, transmission fluid into all the differentials, and chains on all four wheels. These chains would occasionally let go at 50 mph on sand covered ice roads and leave shrapnel holes in the fenders. JJK
  10. How do you guys handle radiator fluid and that kind of stuff? JJK
  11. JJkizak

    NFL 2022

    I'm thinking that Antonio Brown cost him another Super Bowl. JJK
  12. We don't have any snakes or alligators crawling around in the snow either in Ohio. JJK
  13. JJkizak

    Awesome Crosley

    Looks like more than a dime store setup to me. JJK
  14. I have had to plow the driveway three times in two weeks.
  15. I think you forgot about upgrading your speakers. With mine I have had to replace the crossovers with Deans, the tweeters with Crites, the midrange drivers with Crites, and cover the wood with veneer and grill cloth. Also thinking about adding backs. JJK
  16. JJkizak


    Yellowstone is some 40,000 years overdue to pop it's cork. JJK
  17. I just go by what Bell Labs said in the 1960's. JJK
  18. JJkizak

    NFL 2022

    The only player that doesn't hold is the kicker, maybe the quarterback. JJK
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