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  1. ---------------- On 12/23/2004 11:01:35 AM Daddy Dee wrote: What Chris has posted describes my preferences pretty well. Used to DJ school dances in the 70's and early 80's which was alot of fun. I'd be cranking the tunes thinking, "Wow, I'm getting paid to do what I'd be doing anyway on Friday night... listening to really loud music." Now, I still enjoy music, but at moderate volumes. ---------------- Daddy Dee, man you guys were the best, I can still picture my self breakin to Mr. Roboto. Ahh, good ol school gyms, they would plain ROCK.
  2. ---------------- On 12/24/2004 10:06:26 AM mdeneen wrote: "Good morning Mark... btw, in case you did not realize... I'm the one in Knoxville awaiting your package." ============== Well, in that case, let me revise my comment to: The PREAMP is THE most important element - bar none - in your audio system! mdeneen ---------------- The preamp is only as good as the component you feed it with, therefore it must be the second most important component.[img src='http://forums.klipsch.com/idealbb/images/smilies/2.gif'>
  3. try a set of dedicated bi wire cables for high ef. speakers, if you dont hear a difference after the break in, then you need to find the component in the chain that is hurting your playback.
  4. ---------------- On 12/25/2004 4:35:05 PM neo33 wrote: 3 Pairs of Cornwall I. 2 Pairs of Forte I. 3 Pairs of Heresy I. In need of Belles, La Scalas and KHorns to complete my collection. I am flat broke! Donations are excepted and appreciated. Please PM me. ---------------- sell them, and go racing
  5. Im in need of a new enclosed 28ft trailer, your all welcome to look at my system profile and start making offers. Goin racing folks.
  6. Willie Nelson, Pretty Paper
  7. Bill, come on down to Rotunda/Boca Grand, I have plenty of gear for some good sessions. Colins over here too, lets set something up after the holidays. I should have my spacedeck /shelter 901 by then.
  8. Santa bought himself a new toy. 7.98@183mph, on radial tires.
  9. space deck/space arm is supposed to be great with the shelter 901, or the scoutmaster w/dynavector karet issupposed to be great for the buck. Im looking for a new setup now myself. Looking int the 4000.00 range, maybe spacedeck/901????? let you know next week..
  10. ---------------- On 12/21/2004 3:20:50 AM edwinr wrote: This forum has made me realise how much knowledge I don't have. It's also made me realise how much others know. ---------------- well put.
  11. ---------------- On 12/19/2004 11:58:11 AM 3dzapper wrote: Have you been hitting the Viagra again kuisis? The blue glow is not a problem. To a degree it is visible in most high voltage tubes especially large ST shaped triodes. Enjoy the show! These are the RCA 2A3s in my Wright amps: http://forums.klipsch.com/idealbb/files/glow1.jpg" border="0"> Rick ---------------- Rick, use a tripod, the results are much better!
  12. My experience with K-Horns, is they seem to mask flaws in the chain. They pretty much fill the house with that tight, bright, klipschorn sound. You can change things around, it will change the sound, but ther 104db 1 watt pretty much takes over on its own.
  13. You could replace it with an AT 440 ml, somewhat cheap new. Great sounding cart for the money.
  14. Second the F-70, or a cheaper canon sd 300
  15. 1988, a pair of 77 klipschorns with 2 adcom 555 amps bridged for 600 watts each, w/adcom 555 pre. I had this setup in my basement bar room witch was 11'w x 16'd with 7'ceilings, walls and ceiling was finished in knotty pine tounge and groove boards. It was the loudest thing you ever heard.
  16. ---------------- On 12/15/2004 2:25:26 PM NOSValves wrote: Yup I find power cords laughable just pull the fuse out of your piece of gear and lay it beside the garden hose cord and explain why a high rent cord makes a difference. I think I'm going to have to develop a "Audiophile Fuse" with internal gold conductor and end contacts. I bet I could get $100 a piece at the very least. Craig ---------------- I take my fuses out and wrap em in foil.
  17. kenratboy, you need a car and a chick.
  18. go to a'gon, hook him up used. He will save alot of cash.
  19. You need a Isolation transformer or voltage regulator such as a square D topaz. There is no such thing as "clean" power.Run 220 from your service to a sheilded transformer primary, then pull your 110 off that. Or just use the square D topaz.
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